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Know about the world’s leading company in technologies Nvidia and get all the necessary updates and News, you need about it. Minecraft game has been played by most of us, and now it has changed! Scroll and find what’s new about your favorite game.

About Nvidia corporation

  • It is an American Technology Company that has headquarters in Santa Clara, California, United States.
  • GPU (Graphics Processing Units) designed by Nvidia is for gaming and other markets.
  • Artificial Intelligence and high computing execution have been achieved by it.
  • It has NVIDIA GeForce is the largest gaming platform in the world.

Minecraft added RTX

Minecraft is one of the best selling video game in the world and has millions of players around the globe. And now here’s exciting news for its fans!!

Minecraft has now added a very new feature of ray tracing. Ray tracing has made Minecraft look very different from what it looked before, shadowing and shading look very natural. In Minecraft, you create a world from blocks and move around with friends. DXR ray tracing has taken this global game to a new level.

Usually, a gold block in Minecraft has a yellow appearance, but with ray tracing, it looks real gold block. That block has specular highlighting. The storm, rain, and houses with ray tracing have an incredibly beneficial impact while playing. Houses are made of glasses that give real-time reflection. You would actually enjoy the game to the most!!

Minecraft has numerous mods that any game in the world could have. The caves now glow artlessly with precious stones inside them or the dangerous lava flowing through them. Ray tracing has made things visually enhanced.

Performance of Gamescom Game Ready Driver enhanced

Gamescom is the world’s largest gaming expo where you now get a 23% enhanced performance. It has been updated with exotic features of image sharpening, new ultra-low latency, and integer scaling.

The GeForce community launches Gamescom Game Ready Driver. Game Ready Driver now has enormous optimizations in software. These modifications are made based on feedback and suggestions. The company received from the community. Their engineers have been working very hard to get to this result of the game’s enhanced execution.

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Ultra-low latency feature has high framerates. These increased number of frame rates have not modified the quality of graphics. The resolution is the same as earlier. New frames for GPU may be launched shortly so to enhance responsiveness and to reduce the latency of the game. The Ultra-low latency mode has reduced 33% of latency.

When your game is bound to the GPU, the ultra-low latency mode can be enjoyed, and the range of frame rates must be 60 to 100 FPS. It is introduced in DX9 and DX11 games supported by GPU with beta.

A higher resolution display is required in Art games like Retro and Pixel. And Integer  Scaling conserves detailing of your picture even when you have increased the resolution. You can do anything you want, like optimize games, update drivers, record gameplay, capture photos during games, and much more when you have GeForce Experience.

You can personalize the sharpness between 0 % to 100 %.  The performance and quality of the image have been improved. Supported for 80- bit color, a pixel can now be built from over a billion shades in Game Ready Driver.

Nvidia stockholder meeting scheduled. 

Nvidia news: The annual meeting of stockholders of Nvidia Is scheduled for June 9, 2020, at 11 am. This meeting will have questions & answers and voting over some topics. To access this Tuesday meeting, stockholders need their control numbers along with a proxy card and join using this link:

This meeting can be accessed by Non- Stock Holders using the link and address themselves as ‘Other Attenders.’

Company’s Proxy Statement Field has set forth the matters to be voted on a meeting held on April 22, 2020. This was held in the presence of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

The privacy project got a new way

The privacy algorithm is accelerated by 100x in Finland in the first project with GPU by researchers. A big barrier is being eliminated from digital privacy, stated Finn Antti Honkela. Solutions architect of Nvidia, Honkela, and Niki Loppi, by running process on GPU, has provided everyone with an easy way to stimulate the training of differential privacy 100x.

Loppi noted that there prevails an exciting feature that expanding differential privacy to standard training had a penalty If about 2-3x. His colleagues at Nvidia are discovering ways for random subsampling to be executed with a productive GPU acceleration in AI training. Nvidia executed this work in collaboration with two powerhouse partners.

320 Nvidia V100 Tensor Core GPU, including in 2.7- petaflops system, will be run by Finland’s National Super- Computing center. The collaboration of AI researchers and GPU experts was held in Finland during January. Nvidia AI Technology Centre (NVAITC) is a global organization they joined. This collaboration can be a whirling point in this field.

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Declared openly about quarterly cash

On May 22, 2020, Nvidia proclaimed that the next quarterly cash dividend would be paid. The quarterly cash dividend is $ 0.16 per share. Nvidia will spend it on June 26, 2020.

On the record of June 5, 2020, Nvidia will play to all shareholders. This is the latest Nvidia news about quarterly cash.

Financial results of first-quarter fiscal 2021 announced by Nvidia

The revenue for the first quarter of  3.80 Billion ended on April 26, 2020. It is 39% more than a year earlier. GAAP earnings per diluted share were $ 1.47 for the quarter, 130% higher than a year earlier. $1.80 is Non- GAAP earnings per diluted share; it is higher than a year later by 108%.

Nvidia completed the acquisition of Mellanox Technology Ltd. on April 27, 2020, of a $ 7 billion transition value. The acquisition of Mellanox expanded cloud and data center opportunities. The digital GTC conference attracted numerous developers. This brightened the adoption of Nvidia GPU computing by more people. Nvidia delivered $ 97 million in the first quarter of fiscal 2021. Based on market conditions, Nvidia will remain active and is analyzing the timing of reviving share purchases. By December 2022, Nvidia is approved to repurchase up to $ 7.24 billion in shares. Moreover, the impact of the acquisition of Mellanox is the opinion by Nvidia for the second-quarter outlook.

NVIDIA Quarterly revenue news
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Following is the Collective second-quarter outlook :

  • Excepted revenue is $ 3.65 billion. However, the low-teens percentage is excluded from being contributed by Mellanox.
  • 58.6% and 66.0% are the expected GAAP and Non- GAAP gross margins, respectively.
  • An expense of nearly $50 million and $ 45 million is expected GAAP and Non- GAAP other income and expenditure, respectively.
  • Nearly $ 1.52 billion and $ 1.04 billion are expected GAAP and Non- GAAP operating expenses, respectively.
  • Tax rated of GAAP and Non- GAAP is expected to be 9% both.
Nvidia has achieved progress in: 
  • $134 Billion was the first-quarter revenue in games.
  • Recently, launched Minecraft with RTX has real-time ray tracing.
  • More than 100 new laptop models are to be launched by it having NVIDIA GeForce® GPUs. With them, it will launch a low priced RTX 2060 laptop at $999.
  • New GeForce RTX SUPER GPU powered laptops are to be launched by Acer, Gigabyte, MSI, and Razer.
  • Second generation DLSS 2.0 is launched by Nvidia. It is an intense learning neural system.
  • NVIDIA GeForce NOW™ has been broadened, which will furnish access to more than 650 games.
  • $1.14 billion was the first-quarter revenue in the data center.
  • NVIDIA A100™ data center GPU has been introduced.
  • NVIDIA DGX A100™ has been launched. It is an AI system of 5- petaflops.
  • For the NVIDIA EGX™ Edge AI platform, it has launched two products, namely  EGX Jetson Xavier NX and the EGX A100.
  • NVIDIA Jarvis™ has been broadcasted. This application enables the company to deliver real-time language based on AI system services.
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Nvidia Xavier has now become a safety processor for driving.

  • The highest level of safety can now be achieved by using a single system-on-a-chip by autonomous vehicle developers.
  • After several assessments, one of the most knowledgeable assessment bodies in industry TÜV SÜD has approved Nvidia Xavier SoC as a safety product.
  • ISO 26262 has the quality of two spontaneous hardware integrity of ASIL C.
  • The systematic capability of ASIL D has been there in ISO 26262.
  • With this Nvidia Xavier, is the outstanding processor for autonomous driving in the world been ever built?
  • TÜV SÜD assessed the developing process of Xavier and the architecture of SoC.
  • To process an enormous amount of data and various safety techniques, Xavier consists of 9 billion transistors in it.
  • Xavier has the most extensive collection of lidar, radar, and camera sensors ever built in a chip.


Nvidia news: To sum up this, we can say that Nvidia is doing a great job of providing the latest technologies and giving a massive competition to its contenders. Stay connected to know more.