No internet secured

In today’s world, the internet is a need, but No internet secured. We know the internet helps us in almost everything but do you know people can do harm to you using the internet. In this article, we will learn about that why No internet is secured, how to deal with this issue, and what are the risks of using the internet.

What is the internet?

So, what is the internet? Why do people use it?  And why did anyone invent this? On the 1st January of 1983, the internet was invented or we would say the internet came into this world on 1st January 1983. 1st January is the birthday of the internet. When the internet came into this world people didn’t care about this. They didn’t know the amazing thing this is and when people started to use this with the help of their computers and another device it created literally chaos. Think every question’s answer is written in one book and this book is in your hand. What will you feel? That they feel in 1983. Your every question’s answer doesn’t care if it is meaningful or not in front of you. The government also uses this internet for its defense and many other operations.

No internet secured
No internet secured

Present scenario

In today’s world, you can do anything government paperwork using the internet, you don’t have to wait in any queue for your chance to come. The Government uses it to store their data and information on the internet. The Internet is now a part of our daily life. We can’t do anything without it. Like schooling because now student’s homework and the results are also declared on the internet. Today if you don’t know how to use the internet then you will face a lot of problems with doing anything technical and nontechnical. 

There should be at least one person around you who knows how to use the internet because No internet secured. If not then my friend you will face a lot of problems in your daily work. We are using the internet for almost everything, even for friendship and marriage. The Internet made everything easy. There are a lot of things you can do with the internet like find a GF, find a wife to marry, to make any school project, to read any book, to make friends, for talking/meeting with strangers, for watching any movie, listening songs, watching a tutorial, download & play games, watch any movie, etc.

You can do shopping on the internet too. You don’t have to go outside to buy any clothes, medicines, food products, furniture, etc. Also, You can book any hotel room or movie ticket without going there using the internet. If we are shopping on the internet the delivery man will deliver our products to our home. We don’t have to go anywhere. When we order food using the internet then the delivery man will deliver our order within 30 minutes. We don’t have to go outside in the cold or hot weather. Now if we don’t have cash, we can do payments or bank transfers easily with the help of the internet. The Internet saves a lot of time and money. Believe it or not, the internet is a need for this world. 

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How to access and the benefit of the internet

Now we know the internet is very important to us but the question is how to access and use it. To use the internet, we need an internet package on our network provider’s sim or Wi-Fi. After you are connected to the internet you can use any browser to browse anything. You can write any question and your answer will come in front of your screen. For there are a lot of search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. If you want to shop then there are a lot of websites to do that. You can search Amazon or Flipkart on your search engine and their official website will come in front of you. Just on that website and shop anything you want. You can download their software also for shopping.

There are a lot of shopping companies other than Amazon and Flipkart where you can shop for anything you want from clothes to shoes, from bedsheets to blankets, from buckets to bottles, from bags to books, etc. If you want to open any bank account you can go to your bank’s official website and make a bank account from there. If you want to watch online movies or web series you can use Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney +, and many more.  You have to purchase their plan before using this streaming software. Don’t worry, their monthly price is lower than your movie ticket price.  If you want to make payments without cash and want to pay from your bank account without withdrawing money from an ATM you can use Google pay, PayPal, etc. you don’t have to go anywhere with cash because now everyone accepts payments by these online payments methods. But take care of doing all the activity due to No internet secured.

You can check your school result or your progress report on your school website. If you want to fill the form of a job or to apply for admission to any school or college you can do it too by visiting their official website. There are a lot of websites/software in which you can video call your friends/relatives and talk to them face to face. If you are living far from your family for study or job purposes and want to see your family and friends you can video call them. There is a lot of software that provides you to do free video calling like WhatsApp, Google duo, etc.

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In 2020 when the world was facing the situation of the pandemic because of Covid-19 internet helped a lot. School, College, and offices were closed because of lockdowns in countries. Now we can’t stop schooling studies or office work for a long time. The internet helps us by providing online group video call software such as Google meet, Microsoft Team, etc. With the help of these software students and the office, work was done from home and a new word came into the society “Work From Home”.  If we hadn’t had this technology in this pandemic time then it would have affected the economy very badly. 

The bad side of the internet

We learned now that the internet helps us a lot in every work. Without the internet, we will face a lot of issues. But there is a bad side of the internet i.e No internet secured. Social media software like Facebook, Instagram, etc. is the most affected platform by the bad society. People upload their pictures on this social media platform to recognize everyone if they ever meet. Profile Picture is a need for this social platform. But some bad people save these pictures and use them for their own benefit. They even blackmail people and ask them for money. If they didn’t give money they edit these pictures and upload them on adult sites which create a lot of problems for the victim. Today we are using the internet a lot, we are uploading or showing everything that we are doing. Bad people use this personal information to blackmail us.

There are a lot of hackers who hack your account by hacking your user id and password and using them for their own benefits. They can also blackmail you by changing your account password and asking money to give back your account.  Hackers can hack government data, defense system information, etc., and sell them to their rival countries. This makes using the internet very risky for anyone.

The Internet is very huge. You won’t believe we only talk about the 4% of the internet here.   Almost everyone only uses 4% of this internet. Now the question is what about the other 96% part. Well, most people don’t even don’t know about it. The internet almost everyone uses is called the surface web and 96% of the internet is called the deep and the dark web. This deep and dark web is not accessed by everyone. We have to use a special search engine to access this type of web. You can’t trace anyone on this internet. That’s why this internet is used by the government and hackers. All companies store their data on the deep web for safety. Most of the time this web is the use of illegal work and this is the dark side of the internet.  

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Is the internet safe?

Now the question is internet safety. There is No internet which we called as secured, it totally depends on the user. The Internet is like a coin. It has both sides, good and bad. We should carefully use the internet. Follow these steps to use the internet safely.

  • Don’t give your username password to anyone. 
  • Don’t share your bank account details, UPI, or your UPI pin, OTP with anyone.
  • Plz Don’t click on any unknown link.
  • Don’t trust any stranger on social media sites. 
  • Don’t trust ads.
  • Make privacy settings to show only friends your picture

There are a lot more things you should remember while using the internet. But these are the most important ones. Use the internet with open eyes and you will be safe for everything. 


The Internet is very useful for our generation. It makes our life easy but it can also make our life worse. It all depends on how you use it. Government should make people aware of how they can safely use the internet. In this article, we learn about the internet and is it safe? Hopefully, this article “No internet secured” increases your knowledge. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel Gossipfunda for more amazing tips and tricks. 


Q1. What are the risks of using the internet?

Solution: There are a lot of risks while using the internet. Like privacy theft, cyberbullying, seeing offensive things on the internet, hacking your bank account and social media accounts, and many more.

Q2. Should I use public Wi-Fi?

Solution: You can use public Wi-Fi. Just don’t make payments or login into your bank account or social media account. If you are watching any movie or listening to songs or playing online games you can use public Wi-Fi. 

Q3. Should I quit using the internet?

Solution: In this generation, we can’t quit the internet because we can’t do anything without the internet. Use the internet wisely and it will make your experience good. Remember there is always a bad side to everything which we can’t ignore.