Nexus 7 screen replacement

Nexus 7 screen replacement

Nexus 7 screen replacement: Want to replace the cracked screen of your nexus 7. This guide will help you to replace the display/screen of nexus 7 on your own.

Nexus 7

Nexus 7 is a tablet from the house of Asus. Asus one of the most trusted brands in the industry of android devices. The Nexus 7 tablet is one of the most excellent tablets that came into the market. This tablet has excellent specs. This tablet came into the market in June 2012. Now in 2020, this tablet is not available in the market. As of now, we can buy parts of this tablet and replace ourselves. We will see the Nexus 7 screen replacement in this article.

Now, if you are viewing this post means somehow you broke the screen of your tablet. Maybe it fell from your hand, or by mistake, you sat on the tablet. Perhaps the screen of your tablet automatically died. Well, it is an electronic product. Anything can happen. Either case, all you need is to replace the screen of your tablet. We will guide you on how to do it.

It is effortless to change the screen. All you need is some screwdriver and some picking tools. We will tell you in a bit what all thing you need. However, first of all, we will see that can you do this at home?

Yes, you can do it at home if you have basic knowledge of dissembling electronic gadgets. All you have to disassemble the tablet, put out some cables, fix the display, and then reassemble the tablet. The difficulty level is moderate. It will take you all most 20-25 minutes to replace the screen if you do the steps without any fail.

The price of the screen would cost up to $20 approx. You can find it much cheaper on some online websites.

Now let us see what things we need to replace the screen.

What are the things required for replacement?

You will need some essential tools to replace the display. Make sure that all the tools listed here are with you, and then you should start the procedure.

  • The first thing we need is a good display. Make sure the screen is original or, if not, unique it is made for nexus 7.  If you fix some other display, you will get blurry images.
  • The second thing you need is a flat workspace. If the workspace is not flat, you might end up breaking the screen.
  • The third thing we need is a Philips head screwdriver. It will we great if you find the screwdriver with a magnet. It will hold the screws while you open them. Do not use any other screw drive other than the Philips’s head, because you make end up breaking the screw.
  • You will also need a spudger, and it is a device used to pry the adhesion applied to the body of the tablet and tear them.
  • The next thing you need is gadget adhesion. It will help to stick back the device body when you finish the replacement of the screen.
  • You will also need an anti-static mat to make sure the components of the device do not get an electrostatic discharge. 
  • You will need some rubber bands to make sure that after applying the adhesive, the device holds it.
  • And last but not least, you will need a magnet to hold all the screwdriver while you work on the tablet so that none of the screws got lost.
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Once you have all the things, we mentioned you can now replace the screen by yourself. Soon we will see the steps to replace the screen. Keep reading.

How to do it?

Now I guess you have all the components we asked for, keep them handy. Before starting to take a deep breath, it will give you confidence, and you will not make any mistake. This process is straightforward; all you have to do is to focus on what you are doing. Try not to fasten up the speed; go through every step very gently. If you go fast, you might end up breaking the body or some of the cables. So, relax and keep calm and read once all the step the try.

To start the replacement of the screen first of all on the flat surface, place the anti-static mat and put your tablet over there. Now you can work on the table, follow all the steps slowly, do not rush while performing any of the steps.

Removal of back panel

Using the prying tool slowly remove the back panel of the tablet. Removing this panel is very easy; do not apply much force. Otherwise, it will break the board. Put the sharp end on the edge of the tablet back and slowly put it inside the table. It will help you to pry the back. Repeat this thing until the whole back panel gets off. Once the board gets off, place it somewhere carefully. Now we will move further.

Disconnect the battery

Now once the back panel is off, you can see the batter entirely and the motherboard partially. Now you have to disconnect the battery connector from the body. You can do this by genteelly pulling the cable from both the side using your fingers. Do not apply much force and much pressure. Also, do not use any metal tool to unplug the cable.

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Removal of black tape

Now once you have unplugged the battery, you can see a black tape. Remove this tape to make the display ribbon and data connector visible. Remove this tape, and do not throw it. You will need this tap again.

Removal of data connector

Now you have to unplug the data connector and the display ribbon. To remove the data connector, you have to pull it upwards. Pull it genteelly, and the connector will pop-up. To remove the display ribbon, turn the flap holding the ribbon, and it will pop the ribbon.

Disassemble the body

The Nexus 7 has in total 15 screws holding its body. You need to open all of them to disassemble the body from the screen panel. Use Philips screwdriver to detach them. Put them on the magnet to keep it safe. Now separate the body from the display. To separate them pull them opposite with very light force. Make sure that all the cable remains intact. A light adhesive is used to hold the body with the display, apply very little force to tear it.

Removal of display from the front panel

Now, this step is trick; now, you have to remove the display from the front panel of the tablet. A plastic bezel holds the display in its place; it also has some amount of adhesive. To remove it, use a hairdryer to heat the front panel, and the heat will lose the adhesive so that you can easily remove the bezel from the display. Do this step very slowly to make sure neither the bezel nor the front panel gets broken.

Fix the bezel

Now take the new display to align it on the front panel and fix the bezel around the screen, make sure that the adhesive holds the display properly. Apply some glue on the back of the display so that it can again keep the motherboard. Put the motherboard in place and press it firmly to make sure that it gets attached to the display. Now put all the 15 screws back in its place. Tighten them very well, so it doesn’t fall. 

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Display ribbon

Plugin the data connector in its place by putting the force. Now take the display ribbon and insert it into its place, this might be time taking, once you place the ribbon in its place, turn the flap down to make the connection secure and tight. Now paste the tape on the cables to make it secure. Plug the battery cable to the board. Do not apply much force to the body. It will damage the display.

Check final display

Before closing, the device turns on the device to make sure that the new display is working correctly. If it is not working correctly, check all the cable connections again, and if there is an issue, fix them. If doing everything you can’t solve the problem, it means that your device does not support the display. Now, if the display works fine, put some adhesive in the edge of the body and stick the back panel. Put some runner band on the tablet to make sure that it holds it. Leave it as it is for an hour. Then remove the band checks if any part fall of; if not, you have successfully changed the display by yourself.

Now you can use your device as much as you can.

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Nexus 7 screen replacement is straightforward. You just have to have all the components you need and maintain the pressure. I hope you like the post.