The new update of grouping tabs in Chrome 2021

The new update of grouping tabs in Chrome 2021: The technology of today’s time has turned even the most challenging task into an easier one. Today, there is no need to walk one, two, three, or more miles to deliver a letter or a message. It can be done in a flick of our finger with the help of developed and advanced messaging services or through e-mails. Anyone can view the cricket match between two nations or the world-famous event of ‘Olympics.’ Although, thousands of miles might separate the viewer and the event’s location. The act of searching for something has faced the same condition and fate. Long ago had gone the times when thousands of books and literary works had to be studied carefully to find the meaning of a word.

The new update of grouping tabs in Chrome 2021
The new update of grouping tabs in Chrome 2021

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Someone doing this today will be known as a fool. Now, all we have to do is pick up our electronic device, load a magical thing known as “Search engine,” and submit our query. The sophisticated system and setup that humans have developed will automatically find the best solution to the query. No need to read the lengthy lines of old, wrinkled, and torn pages of those decades-old dusty books or literary works. Even this article is one of the services provided by the world of technology. You might have just typed your problem, and this article had shown up as a result.

The world of technology does not end here. Once the software and features have been released and made public, there is no limit to the advancement that is carried out from that point in time. Newer and better updates that release the more recent versions and make the software more capable and praiseworthy are the heart of this enormous world. But without a host or someone to guide through this complicated process, the world seems to be full of confusion and trouble.

Well, this is the perfect and ideal time for the “Search engines” to enter the talk. No other service is more critical than these engines. For they are the ones that support all other facilities and make their use free from any trouble and problem. But we have to understand these engines in detail after that you will understand easily about the new update of grouping tabs in Chrome on 4 Feb 2021.

What is a search engine?

We all know who or what a teacher is. He or she is a storehouse of knowledge or information. We can ask them anything related to the nature of the experience they hold, and our query will be solved. The same case is with a “Search engine.” We can get any information we desire to own from them. The unique thing is that they do not hold any specific kind of information. They hold the solutions to almost any problem or query. You might have listened to the web browsers. They connect us to the web or the internet, and then we can use the internet’s services.

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Search engines also work in the presence of an internet connection. In reality, everything we employ in the virtual world, from different websites to apps is having some type of data stored in it. This data is actually stored in big storage devices called the “Servers.” And the search engines are the things that connect the users to the server. Hence, we are able to retrieve, store and get any type of data that is stored in the servers by using the search engines.

Some instances of the search engines and web browser

There are dozens of search engines with their own unique databases or servers and can connect us to them. We can get the data by using any of the engines, for they are all having the same aim, to give data to anyone who desires it. But inevitable, some engines have amazing features that are not present in others, and those engines come to be liked by a large number of users. There are many engines like Yahoo, Bing, CC search, Google Chrome, Safari, DuckDuckGo, etc. Some are specially made for specific systems like the Safari for IOS. But out of them, the most popular one is Google chrome. It is easy-to-use and offers many exciting features.

Google Chrome: a web browser

It is an online and free-to-use service that has been developed and provided by Alphabet Inc’s company, Google. We all have used it at least once, for it is trendy. In many of the systems, this is the default browser and search engine. It keeps on rolling out new updates and improvements that keep making the service better day by day.

The new update of grouping tabs in Chrome 2021

Recently, Google has released a new update of grouping tabs in google chrome. This feature has made some changes to the way in which the system works and has also introduced some new features. There have been ample changes that the company has included in the new package. This consists of some features in the arrangement of tabs, display, display modes, and many more. This update, which has been released recently, is known as the “Chrome 88“.

Do you have the new update?

To enjoy and use the newer features, it is a must to get the update. For you cannot quench your thirst without water. So, you will have to check if your system has reached the new update. For this, first, go to Google Chrome. Then click on the “Three dotted option” on the top-right.

Do you have the new update?

Then, go to the “Help” section and go to “About chrome.” This will take you to a new page, and there, you might be able to see the version of your system below the logo of Chrome. If it is “88.0.4324.96“, then it is up-to-date.

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The new features and some changes in Chrome

The new version of grouping tabs in Chrome brought by the update has mostly introduced newer features and has also made some slight changes. All of them have been explained and talked about in the rest of the article.

1.) The flash player

Many of us had been using the flash player on google chrome for a very long time. It is a fantastic service that many users enjoyed. It provided an excellent experience to the people. The flash player is the “Adobe flash player.” It is a service that is capable of viewing multimedia content such as internet applications and could also stream audios, videos, and much more. The remarkable thing about this was that it could also be used through a web browser. Thus, there was no need to download. But as it may sound displeasing for some people, this service has been removed from google chrome by the chrome 88 update. So, the users can no longer use the adobe flash player via google chrome. You may get the app, but it will not run on the newer version.

2.) The FTP services

While using the internet, a tremendous amount of data is shared among the immense network of systems. This data is usually transferred by encrypting it, that is, by locking it to secure the data. If this is not done, then some other person such as a hacker might be able to modify the content of the data that is flowing without any protection. This can result in ransomware attacks, hacked systems, and our data might also get vulnerable to that unauthorized person.

So, it is imperative to encrypt that data. With much more complicated and smart malware being developed out there by hackers, the cases of malware attacks have increased dramatically. Users are facing a lot of problems. They are losing their data to these hackers, and more importantly, the web browsers are suffering a more significant loss. The users have stopped using them due to increased risk as they do not want to lose their precious data. Thus, web browsers are taking a lot of steps to make their services safer and more reliable.

This step of removing the sites with the format of FTP is one of them. FTP stands for ‘file transfer protocol.’ These files are transferred without any good if any, encryption. Thus, there is a greater threat of malware. So, by removing these files and keeping only secured files like “HTTPS” and “FTPS,” there is an adequate level of protection provided. So from now onwards, there will be no files with extension FTP on google chrome.

3.) Arrangement of tabs

We can open different tabs on google chrome at the same time. This allows us to keep working on various tasks together. But most of the time, we forget to close the background tabs that keep running and drain out our devices’ batteries. This can be due to a long list of tabs or trouble in sorting out which is useful and which is not. Well, the new update has made it easier to sort out and classify the tabs. You might be able to see a new sign on the upper-slightly right side of the screen. It will be a circular symbol, and after clicking on it, the tabs will be shown in a list’s form. This will show all the tabs and in a cleaner way.

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4.) Dark mode

Finally, there is an interesting feature that has been introduced. It is of the “Dark mode.” The system will use black color for positive space and white color for negative space by enabling this. This will consume less energy or battery, and thus, you will be able to use the browser for a more extended period of time. Moreover, the essential topics and names of sites will be previewed in white color.

What to do if Chrome is not updated?

In most cases, the system o chrome will be automatically updated without any user interference. Thus, you do not have to worry about it. But in some cases, Chrome might not get updated itself, and you might have to do it yourself. You can update Chrome by following the following steps.

  • Go to Google Chrome.
  • Go to more at the top-right. It is the three-dotted symbol.
  • Click on it and find the option of “Update chrome.”
  • If it is not there, then your system is already updated.
What to do if Chrome is not updated?
  • Else if the option is in red, then the update was released a week ago. If yellow, then four to five days ago. Else if green, then just two days ago. Now you have the brand new update of grouping tabs in Chrome.

How to disable the features

Some users might not be familiar with the new features and might find it difficult to use them. So, the older Chrome might be better for them. In this case, it is certainly possible for them to disable the update and remove the features. This will make working on Chrome easier for them. For this, there might be different steps for different systems. So, it would help if you tried checking out the one that suits your system.


In the conclusion of the article, “The new update of grouping tabs in Chrome 2021” Google chrome is an amazing web browser. It gives different features to the users that can be easily understood and used. The regular and good updates that are released by it make it more advanced and developed. Its recent update, known as the chrome 88, has added some new and exciting features to the Chrome. It would be best if you tried it once. Even if you do not like it, then you can easily disable it.