NativeDropboxAgent: Native Dropbox Agent

We live in an era where phones have become an important part of our daily lives. People have no objections to spending money on this utility because they are assured that it is worth the purchase. However, humans are frugal by nature and it is understated that we make good use of these devices to compensate for the investment made. Yes, people spend loads on maintenance of these devices but this is done to add those extra years to their predefined life. But the question is do we really know our phones well? This article will help you answer the query by means of addressing what a NativeDropboxAgent(Native Dropbox Agent) is and what it is doing on your phone.


What is NativeDropboxAgent?

What does it mean to know your phone well? Good knowledge of your phones includes being aware of the phone specifications, potential device spyware, and app info. Here app info is not limited to the ones you install from the play store or app store. It includes the apps that come by default with your phone. There are certain apps that are preinstalled, essential for the proper functioning of your device. Of course, some apps are important for your device as stated but there are applications that are just there for no reason at all.

Bingo! One such app is the Native Dropbox Agent. Not heard of it? That is probably because it is a backend app that is associated with the Dropbox application. It is said that this app is necessary to help run certain features in Dropbox. But the question is does it really do what it claims to be doing?

Before we get into such details let us look at what a Dropbox is.

What is Dropbox?

In simple words, Dropbox is similar to that Google Drive. It is a cloud-based platform that creates a medium to share files or even store media like photos, videos, documents, and other files. Many institutions and companies claim to have benefited from this application. One of them mentioned that Dropbox helped them with file storage and sharing and that it was way more secure than Google Drive. Some stated that they did not have to worry about risking losing their data. This app is by default present in some phones, like Motorola. And the Native Dropbox Agent comes as a package with this. Since this application runs implicitly in the background you will not see it directly on your screens. But, you might find it on your google activity whenever you use Dropbox. 

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How to use dropbox?

Dropbox can be downloaded on both mobile and PCs. There is a basic plan that allows you to experience Dropbox, with limited storage space. But most of first-time users take up the advanced plan after reaching the limit and that is how useful this app is. This can benefit organizations more than individuals because it creates a single hub to be able to store and share data across various platforms securely.

Is the Native Dropbox agent necessary?

Now coming back to the question that was raised in the first section, is the Native Dropbox agent an important application? The answer is a direct “No”. Also, this app is not necessary for the functioning of certain features in Dropbox like it states. It is seen as potential bloatware that is harmful to the device’s system.

Issues with this running in the background of your phone include;

  • Reduces battery life span
  • Slows down your phone
  • Affects the functioning of other apps installed on your device
  • Takes up a significant amount of memory space 
  • Has high mobile data requirements

How to delete Native Dropbox agent?

If you find your phone frustratingly slow and think it has something to do with the Native Dropbox agent, then you are going in the right path. Disabling this app has improved the performance of phones for many and has had no effects on the Dropbox application. Practically there’s no direct way out around this agent. Since it comes by default with Dropbox you cannot separately uninstall or delete this app. But you can stop it from working in the background of your system and limit its effect on your phone. 

  • Go to settings on your mobile.
  • Tap on “Apps”
  • Search for “Native Dropbox Agent” and select it.
  • A screen with all the info on the app will open up.
  • Scroll down and press on the “Force stop” option.
  • A  prompt will open up warning you about the effect of disabling the app, click on “Ok” to disable it.
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Fixing issues using third-party apps

Alternatively, you can also fix issues with your device using third-party remover apps. Since you require access to root on your device to remove preinstalled apps, you can use apps like ADB. The process requires you to enable developer options and allow USB debugging to connect your device to the PC and delete files that you want using the command tool. 

To enable USB debugging, you need to tap on the build number of your phone seven times. Then you can enable USB debugging in Developer options by tapping on the toggle. Also, remember your phone can become dysfunctional because of various other reasons too, and finding out the root cause of it is important before going on a deletion spree.

NativeDropboxAgent Used For

It can be easily inferred from the above info that the Native Dropbox Agent is of no use to either Dropbox or your device. The purpose of its inclusion in Dropbox still remains a mystery. There seems to be no effect on the functioning of Dropbox with the agent force stopped manually, as reported by many users on the internet.

Final Words

It is always good to be aware of the pros and cons of having an app on your phone and its effects on the adjacent apps. So to conclude, NativeDropboxAgent is an unwanted app associated with Dropbox which is better off disabled on your device. If you think it is causing your phone to slow down you can follow the steps mentioned above to disable it. Hope this article helps you enrich your already existing knowledge about what works and does not work for your gadgets.


How do I delete this app?

You can delete or uninstall this app from your device since it comes as a part of Dropbox. But you can limit its effects on your device by force stopping it from working in the background of your device.

Should I uninstall Dropbox as well?

No, there is no need to uninstall Dropbox to optimize your phone’s performance. Force-stopping Native Dropbox agent is the root cause for your phone slowing down and will suffice if you disable this. If you are a frequent Dropbox user then you can still continue to use it without Native Dropbox agent running in the background of your device.

Will the Native Dropbox agent cause a problem for my device even if I am not actively using Dropbox?

Yes, this background app can cause issues on your device even if you are not actively using Dropbox. The Native Dropbox Agent is observed to run in the background even when you are not using Dropbox, interrupting the regular apps that you use.