Motorola Migrate – an Easy Way for Switching

Motorola Migrate: The biggest problem and maybe the only problem we face during this switch between old to the new mobile device is Data Transfer. Yep, we know. We all face this. And really, transferring data from one to another, checking on to each data if it is transferred the right way or not, incorrect order it is or not. We spend hours searching for apps and applications for easy and safe transfer without any chaos of files forming at the end.

And if you are a user of Motorola mobile phones or devices. Then you are quite lucky to be one of their users as they eased your task. Motorola Migrate: Making your task of transferring your data from one to another device. No chaos. No worries about any file missing. Apps and backup data transfer are also available.  And the best part that nor I nor you can ignore is that it is compatible with IOS and Android both. So IOS users, your tasks have become easier than ever.

What is Motorola Migrate

Motorola Migrate

Motorola Migrate transfers almost all types of data and pieces of information available on your device. Which includes photos, videos, PDFs, word documents, music, voice recordings, voice notes, app and applications along with their data, and everything that a normal user of the phone may have on their device. And Also! The settings of your old device are also transferable if you choose to do so. You can transfer settings of old devices such as screen brightness, volume, call, and text histories. Transferring of contacts, calendar, and also SIM contacts. I think that counts as almost everything.

Now you may say that what is so special in Motorola Migrate, many apps can perform these tasks easily. Why choose Motorola Migrate only! Well, that would be a very common question to be asked until you know the reason. Motorola Migrate has the capacity of transferring 2 GB of data (any type mentioned above) in only 10 mins! Just 10 mins! Now can you think of any other app which has the potential of doing this, especially in such a short duration? The speed of transferring the data is one of the biggest plus points of Motorola Migrate.

Is Motorola Migrate compatible with every Android Device?

Yes! Motorola Migrate is designed in such a way that it is compatible with almost every Android device. Either transferring data from an Android device to Motorola device or Motorola Device to an Android device. It is convenient and is very easy and simple to use without any hustle of multiple files and folders. To know how to do these hustle free transfer with easy steps, keep on reading this article.

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Can you use Motorola Migrate to transfer data in iOS device?

Of course! You can! You can use Motorola Migrate to transfer any type of data (any format) and any size between the apple device and IOS device. Doesn’t matter if you are transferring data from a Motorola device to an IOS device or IOS device to any Motorola device, it is easy and user friendly with a simple outlook. You may know how to do so in detail with simple and easy steps in later on article.

Installation of Motorola Migrate

Any device you pick up from the current market has easy access to this excellent application of Motorola. Very easy to download and install in every device. Common in all devices (Android or IOS devices), you can download through the official site of Motorola. Follow these steps: Playstore or iStore → Search “Motorola Migrate → Then tap on “Install” → Wait until it is downloaded → Simply launch →  Agree to terms and condition → Accept all the access.

Or can directly go to this link of Motorola Migrate downloading.

Note that not all devices of Motorola need to have Motorola Migrate pre-installed. So don’t panic if you don’t find and migrate the app on your Motorola device. You can follow the same steps provided above to download the same. 

Important Information

Please do remember before you start the downloading process, is that the Motorola Migrate only works for mobile phone which is Android 2.2 to Android 5.1.

Steps to migrate data using Motorola Migrate

Now after knowing all the reasons why you must have this awesome transferring application on (or for) your Motorola device. You can easily install this application by following the easy steps listed above. Also, a direct link has been provided for your easy downloading.

Now without any further delay let’s see that how can we use this application for transferring data in just some really easy steps.

1.Transferring of data from an Android device to Motorola Device

Step 1: Very first thing to do is, open Motorola Migrate on the new device.

ransferring of data from an Android device to Motorola Device

Step 2: Now make sure that your old Android device has Motorola Migrate installed already. If not then please follow the procedures provided above for downloading this application.

Step 3: Press the “Start” button provided on the app of the old device from which data needs to be transferred.

Step 4: With Motorola Migrate with the version higher than 1.3, select from the options provided. Select all the options and contents that you wish to be transferred to your new device.

Select all the options and contents

Step 5: After the selection of all the options. Press “Next”.

Step 6: After that, you will be provided with a QR Scanner on your old Android device.

QR Scanner

Step 7: Now open the Motorola Migrate on your new Motorola Device. And then scan this QR code from the new device of the old ones. This will establish a connection between these two devices of yours.

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Step 8: Once this connection has been established your sharing of data from old Android to new Motorola will automatically start. In ten minutes or so, all the selected data will be transferred.

Step 9: After all the required data is transferred, press on the “Exit” button to quit the connection between two devices.

NOTE: Please remember before proceeding with these steps. Make sure that your old device has Android 2.2 (Froyo) or above version on. And the new Motorola device on which you wish to transfer these must at least be running on Android 4.2 or above version than that.

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Important information

Please do take care of the version of Motorola Migrate you have installed on both of your devices. As there are some different updates on the latest version which might affect the data transfer. For the Motorola Migrate version 1.3 and higher version, there you won’t need to manually import information from SIM. Data of your SIM will be imported automatically in Migrate 1.3

For the Motorola Migrate versions below the 1.3 version have a little different type of function. In this version, you will have to manually import all the information on SIM. First, transfer them on the device and then import them on the contact list in your SIM.

For versions below 1.3, you will need to import SIM contacts to your contact list after migrating them over.

If your version of Motorola Migrate is 1.3 or lover that then your Migrate will have the potential to detect the insufficiency of storage on your device. And just in case if your device has insufficient space then the items selected will be transferred in the order of the importance of these items.

Remember to make sure that both devices you are using while this transfer process is active on the internet (connected to the net). And also Motorola Migrate apps must be active for issueless transferring of data.

2. Transferring of data from an iPhone device to Motorola Device

  • Step 1: Very first thing to do is, open Motorola Migrate on the new device.
  • Step 2: Now make sure that your old IOS device has Motorola Migrate installed already. If not then please follow the procedures provided above for downloading Motorola Migrate.
  • Step 3: Now after installing Motorola Migrate on an old iOS phone, choose an option of “Source Device”.
  • Step 4: Then tap on the “Next” Button,
  • Step 5: Now you will be provided with the options of data and information you wish to transfer to a new device. Select all options that you require to transfer.
  • Step 6: After the selection of all the options. Press the “Next” button.
  • Step 7: Now on your iPhone device, you just need to have been already logged onto your iCloud with your regular Could Id and password.
  • Step 8: Now tap on the option “Next”.
  • Step 9: And then tap on “Begin Transfer”.
  • Step 10: Now go back to your Motorola Device. Sign on to your Google Account for your Motorola Device. Using Google ID and password.
  • Step 11: After these all, your data transferring will be started automatically.
  • Step 12: Data transferring might take a while, wait patiently till then.
  • Step 13: Once all the data has been transferred successfully. Press on “Finish” to end the connectivity between these two devices.
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3. Transferring files from old Motorola Device to new Motorola Device using Motorola Migrate

  1. The very first step is to Download the Motorola Migrate application on both the Motorola devices. It may be possible that you might already have this application pre-installed on your device. If you already have this then you may skip this step.
  2. Open your Motorola, choose an option of “Source Device”.
  3. Tap on the “Next” Button,
  4. Now you will be provided with the options of data and information you wish to transfer to a new Motorola device. Select all options that you require to transfer.
  5. Then tap on the “Start” option. This will start the transferringg signal of data selected.
  6. Now open Motororla Migrate app on your old Mototrola device. And tap on the “Start” option.
  7. Now scan the QR Code provided on the old Motorola Device from the new Motororla Device.
  8. Now the transferring process will start between the two devices. Wait till the transfer process is finished.
  9. Once all the data is been transferred, tap on the “Finish” button to end the connection between the two device.
  10. Transfering from old Motorola Device to new Motorola Device using Motorola Migrate is completed.


At the end, the application is a great plus point for Motorola Device users. Either they are new users or old users. Motorola never stays behind to give their coustomers the best platform in every field. Easy, Simple and Creative solutions they bring together to be one of the best Phone Company in market. So that is all we have for you about Motorola Migrate. And all the steps provided on how to install and use this easily for every device. Hoping this article would have helped you find the information which you where looking for.