Motorola edge plus

As the Motorola Edge’s more luxurious smartphone sister, the Edge Plus is the first significant move the company has taken into flagship territories in years – and it is also 5G-capable.

Motorola edge plus Overview

Motorola has jettisoned several classic Moto apps to get there – so, actually, that means the Edge Plus isn’t compatible with Moto Mods. The manufacturer is uncertain on how this indicates the end for the devices, and it’s likely that an as-yet unconfirmed Moto Z5 will eventually come out that embraces the beloved add-ons; but, considering how Modifications compatibility hamstrung Motorola phone production, we’re not hopeful, as the Edge Plus has marked a drastic shift of direction for top-tier Motorola phones production ethic.

 Even then, with its strong hardware, beautiful monitor and 5 G networking (both mmWave and sub-, it’s hard to break the impression that a Motorola phone can be cutting-edge.

This isn’t a slam at the business in any way – the Z-series was loved to offer excellent results at a lower cost than other leading products. The corollary here is that the Edge Plus is competitive with premium products, not as high as such rivals are paying.

Our short experience with the Edge Plus showed a handset that can keep up with the competition – but because it can’t out-muscle the existing companies who control the industry with phones which usually carry identical specifications, it might result in Motorola needing the right unique features to catch the spotlight.

And can using only a 3.5 mm jack is going to be enough.

Pricing and release dates

Like other phones launched this year, the Motorola Edge Plus was expected to launch at MWC 2020. In the early days of the coronavirus epidemic, as the display was shut down, Motorola put off officially unveiling the phone until April 22.

Yeah, specifically – meaning a Motorola Edge Plus would not be activated in the US. It is to be offered by Rogers, Bell, and Telus in Canada.

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In May it will be eligible at a starting price of €1,199 in a number of EU countries like Italy and several Scandinavian nations. It will go live at the same time in India, at Etisalat and du in the UAE and at STC in KSA.

The handset comes in two colours: Thunder Gray and Smoky Sangria, a pinkish version.


In turning away from the Z-series style, Motorola has furnished the Edge Plus with several elements from leading flagships. Taking in particular a few leaves from Samsung’s book – the glass curving across the sides looks unmistakably like the Samsung Galaxy S20’s ‘waterfall’ edges and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 phone row.

It’s not shocking that Motorola has taken concept cues from other Android flagships . Considering that their Z-series phones’ architecture was limited by the requirement for such handsets to be compliant with Moto Mods, the manufacturer has some catch-up to do. The consequence is that the Edge Plus is a beautiful product that has a flagship shine that we haven’t seen from the company before.

The aforementioned curved glass edges allow the phone a little simpler to navigate than its 6.7-inch screen might imply, particularly considering the outsized 9.6 mm width of the handset – and yes, you’ll note that, when most phones hang around the 8 mm level, such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 at 7.9 mm or, at most, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra at 8.8 mm.

Audio manufacturer waves perfectly calibrate speakers. The speaker is aligned to the right of the handset. The secondary speaker is at the top of the handset.  

More to add

The Edge Plus isn’t so much more challenging to manage, but the smooth top and bottom of the handset make the thickness noticeable.

If something is inconvenient, it’s putting the volume rocker and power button high up on the right side of the screen. Here we’re going to wait until we’ve used this for a while during our thorough testing phase to see whether that is a major concern.

The weight of 203 g is about normal, and although the phone felt dense, it didn’t feel overly strong. It has no water and dust resistance IP scores, so we’re going to have to believe the statements of Motorola regarding its “water repellent nature.”


The 6.7-inch Complete HD+ OLED monitor complements the high-design polish: it’s big, bright and it’s really enticing on the ‘Endless Bottom’ side. They even curl like a semi-circular arc, which ensures the sides don’t flatten at all. It’s a book if it looks and sounds a little weird – so if you don’t like it, you can set the applications loop around the edges, and which don’t.

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The 21:9 aspect ratio of the monitor allows this phone seems thin, suggesting it may be difficult for certain users to use one-handed.

The 90Hz max refresh rate of the Edge Plus display is a welcome function, and although it is augmented by some 120Hz displays on flagships such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 and OnePlus 8 Pro, the average consumer would not find much difference between those numbers, particularly those used on most smartphones at the 60Hz refresh rate – what they will note is that switching between apps or browsing the internet is smooth

The Edge Plus monitor offers one functionality that is very uncommon in other smartphones: it will produce two virtual ‘shoulder buttons’ on the top edge of the device when you are keeping it sideways to play games. We have not had a chance to check this out, but we’ve seen gaming-tuned phones like the Nubia Red Magic 3 test it out.

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The Motorola Edge Plus carries a conventional triple camera system on the top. The show’s star is the 108MP main shooter, which can use ‘pixel binning’ tech which reduces the count of megapixels while essentially increasing the size of each pixel to allow in more light, but at the cost of less detailed pictures.

Sadly, we didn’t get a lot of chance to check out the features of the device, but the collection here is as extensive as those on any other flagships of today.

Furthermore, the key shooter will record footage in 6 K UHD – an unusual gap we haven’t seen too much between the standard 4 K and the 8 K resolution the Samsung Galaxy S20 phones have reached. Given the low prevalence of TVs and displays above 4K in user households, it won’t matter that much, but there’s a pleasant benefit of shooting in 6 K: avoid a video shot at that quality, says Motorola, So you’re going to be forced to catch still photographs 24MP.

Performance and battery

The Motorola Edge Plus’ advanced architecture isn’t the only ‘flagship’ in it. The specifications of the phone are top-tier, spanning from its 865 Snapdragon chipset to RAM 12 GB and storage 256 GB, which can be extended up to 1 TB via microSD.

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Unsurprisingly, the Android 10 Edge Plus plays, shipping with the new edition carrying Dark Mode and other upgrades.

The Edge Plus is capable of 5 G, as stated, and operates on both sub-6 and mm Wave frequencies.

Unfortunately, the Edge Plus, as was the case for prior Motorola products, maxes out at 15W streaming. The firm says there will be no further wattage involving a thicker unit, so it is likely that the price will, therefore, go up. But it does support wireless charging and may use reverse wireless charging to transfer its own electricity to other users.

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Table of Specification

BodyGorilla glass 5
Display6.7 inches
ProcessorQualcomm snapdragon 765G
Memory128 GB
Camera (back)64 MP, 8MP, 16 MP
Camera (front)25 MP
BatteryNon-removable Li-Po 4500 mAh battery
Motorola edge plus


Motorola is rolling with its best release to date and almost everyone will agree to this. Just a negative fast that price would be twice as of a Z series phone which will obviously not make the users happy. I assure you that it can be compared with other beast phones of the same range as well.

Specs, aesthetics, screens, 5G…, the Edge Plus checks other boxes for flagships. However, it is also releasing at the worst moment since the Great Recession for premium phones – and with all the other pricey flagships coming out this year .Motorola’s top-of-the-line deal does not have sufficiently standout features to differentiate it from the rest of the group.

And that’s not a good thing to hear as edge plus is a strong and good-looking headset. It is powerful, and we are glad to see that it is improving each time it releases a new model, and we hope that it will do wonders in the global market.

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