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MagicJack Go is right now the most recent and the greatest VoIP phone device from VocalTec, LTD. When we talk about the MagicJack Go, you should know that it comes with a fully redesigned structure and it looks pretty great. Along with its amazing physical design, it also consists of a fast processor which is meant to provide clear calls, and also it is quite price-friendly as it is just for $59.95. You only need to pay this much and then enjoy its unlimited services for a year including long-distance calling. In the coming years, it is expected that the price would drop to $35 each or $99.75 for complete 5 years. 

You should know that recently MagicJack has been providing a special offering which says that you can get the MagicJack GO for just $35-$40 i.e. that you would get nearly 40% off on your purchase. If you decide to take this deal then it would include 12 months of free calling and also free use of the MagicApp Go for a regular $9.99 price. The MagicJack GO package consists of the following items as listed below:-

mjreg com register
mjreg com register
  1. MajicJackGO
  2. Power Adapter
  3. Ethernet cable
  4. USB extension cable
  5. Step by step proper guide of complete instructions.

MJREG.com Install Overview

The new MajicJack installation application, comes with problems of the MagicJack registrations which now have been eliminated as now you would have two ways available so that you could choose your desired way so as to register using which way, in order to get your MagicJack GO device operational and with good functioning. You can try avoiding hooking your device or smartphone to your PC and prefer using www.mjreg.com website as soon as possible or you can also go for the second method wherein you would need to attach your device with a USB to your computer in order to securely use the software. 

It is suggested that the MJREG website’s process should be preferred if you wish to avoid installing the MagicJack software on your PC. This entire process allows you to make your device ready for setup without the use of a computer and just by simply visiting the MJREG site in order to computer the entire process of registration and installation. In order to make it work with a computer, you will need to use the software application for the installation process.

The MagicJack GO devices’ installation is quite quick and easy. It can be carried out by you easily if you follow all the steps mentioned and explained in the method carefully. This process removes mostly all the problems that users face or have faced in the past. You do not really need anything special for carrying out this process as anyone with some basic level knowledge of computers and with a decent internet speed could do it with ease and convenience. You should know that in the past, consumers have faced a lot of problems when it came to the older versions fo MagicJack and their respective processes of installation and setup. 

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Please note that these complications and problems have now been removed to a great level with the MJREG registration site and now to our good news, MagicJack has taken things a step ahead by introducing a quick install process for the ones who cannot go through the new registration website. 

Preferred MJREG Activation Methos Without A computer

Below are the steps mentioned for you to follow in detail. Please go through them one by one:-

  1. The first step is to attach your MagicJack to the Ethernet cable to the ‘Internet’ port present on the MagicJack Go. While you are doing this, you should make sure that you hear a ‘click’ sound positively before you proceed to the second step.
  2. The second step is where you plug one end of the Ethernet cable into your modem or your router. Mostly, there are Ethernet ports in every router out there and you can comfortably choose any port that you like. You should again make sure that you hear ‘click’ again else your device would not end the setup in the correct manner. 
  3. The third step is to plug the RJ phone jack cable into the port that says ‘Phone’ on the MagicJack Go. Again! You have to make sure that you hear ‘click’ and also you need to make sure that the other end of the ethernet cable is attached to the home phone that you wish to make use of.
  4. In the fourth step, you need to plug the MagicJack Go in the included power adapter with one step only or you can also make use of the USB extension cable to do the needful.
  5. The fifth step is where you plug the power adapter into any outlet/port/plug.
  6. The final step is the sixth step and in this step you need to access any browser on your PC or MAC and then visit www.mjreg.com in order to look for the MagicJack registry site. You then need to follow the prompts as shown on the site. Please note that during this process, you need to make sure that your computer, tablet or smartphone which you are using are connected to the same internet as to which your MagicJack GO is connected. You will now be allowed to transfer your olf devices’ accounts or start a new account if you wish to. Do not worry about the difficulty of the steps and worrying whether you could do them or not as they are super easy and user-friendly. The steps are really very simple and straightforward enough but they are not included here as we are assuming that you would not want to install your device in this way.

You should know that some users would always have issues and problems with using MJREG website to know their GO device better. Such users would need to follow some alternate ways and guides that would help them to carry out the process with easy or by using their USB drive on their PC or MAC. 

Alternative installation method with the help of a computer

You need to follow the following steps in order to carry out the process of installation with the help of a computer. Please follow the steps given below carefully:-

  1. You need to first plug your MagicJack device into the USB port present on your PC or MAC.
  2. Then you would see a driver installation dialog box present in the lower right of your display window. You can safely ignore this because it is said to be an automatic install of the software application.
  3. You would not see an auto-play dialog box with a button that says “Start magicJack”. Just go ahead with it and then click on that button to get started with the installation process with ease.
  4. The MagicJack logo would not pop up on your display screen and it may take several minutes or maybe even more time to wait for the application to load completely from here. 
  5. The MJREG software application would now be installed on your respective device and it will open on its own and you would not need to do anything. 
  6. The MagicJack software interface should be equipped with a dial pad and with a lot of changing texts. When the dial pad would appear then we could begin the registration of your phone or PC.
  7. Now, if you look at the lower pane of the MagicJack software application window then you would notice that a blue and a purple area would be present there. Please note that the blue area which is present on the left side provides you with 30 minutes or 48 hours, depending upon which one comes first in order to test the outgoing calls of the respective device.
  8. The purple area is secured and you should definitely go ahead with it. You will notice that the purple area would say ‘Or click here to register now and get a phone number’.
  9. You will now see a page in front of you that says that the software application along with an offer to start a new account or even use your MagicJack login to obtain access and to merge your already existing account. In case, you have an existing account then it is more likely that you would want to move ahead with the MagicJack login option. For now, let us stick with the process only considering the new users who are currently reading this article.
  10. In order to create your new MagicJack VoIP account, you can click on ‘create my account’ option.
  11. Your window would not change to a new one once you are done filling your name, address, etc. You need to make sure that it shows in the right corner of the displayed window. After then just click on ‘create my account’ and press enter.
  12. The next page would not appear before you, where you would have to name your device. This step does not hold much importance as you are allowed to name your device literally anything!
  13. Click on ‘Send my code’ and then MagicJack would send an activation code to the entered email address.
  14. Now, you need to copy that code and paste it on the box in the new screen before you. Now, click on ‘Activate my device’ and then Magic Jack would be uploaded on a new page then. 

Final steps for setup and use

We have successfully understood all the steps to register the MagicJack GO device with the help of the installation software and get it going without any need for your computer. The steps are pretty simple and very user-friendly, to be honest. The steps are mentioned as below:-

  1. You need to first connect your MagicJack GO to the power adapter using the USB port present in your respective device. Connect your USB cable to your USB port. 
  2. Now, you need to connect the Internet modem that you are using or the router to the MagicJack GO device with the help of the Ethernet cable. You can do it by plugging it in each end of the cable to the two devices. 
  3. Now, plug in the desired telephone to the MagicJack GO device with the help of the RJ11 jack port. Plug in the adapter to the power source now.
  4. Please make sure that the blue light is quite solid and that the whole white light is blinking enough.
  5. Your hardware is not all set and ready to use. You can safely make calls over the Internet not.

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In this article, we learned about MagicJack GO and discussed various methods to install it. After you follow any of the mentioned methods, you are good to go and are ready with an entire functioning MagicJack GO. You might think that these are a lot of steps but if you do not carry out this process in detail then you would end up making errors and mistakes which would prove to be disadvantageous for you and your device. Also, the steps mentioned in this article are very easy and user-friendly so it would be easy for you to follow them and carry out the process with ease. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which method from all the mentioned methods should I use?

You can go ahead with any of the methods mentioned in this article depending upon the compatibility and suitability of the method with your respective device. The only suggestion is that whichever method you use, follow the steps carefully in order to avoid any errors.

How to carry out the final setup steps?

We have discussed the final steps for setup and installation in this article towards the end. You can go through that in order to make sure you are following the right steps.

What is MagicJack GO?

MagicJack Go is right now the most recent and the greatest VoIP phone device from VocalTec, LTD. You can read more about it in detail in this article and also check out various methods to install it with ease.