Mail.Ru Agent – A Complete guide

Hello, buddies! On the Internet, a variety of instant messengers are available to facilitate communication. Today, we’ll discuss, one of them. What precisely is a Mile-Run Agent, then? You can communicate with other people via instant messaging using this unique application (or mobile app). However, use video and voice calls to communicate with others. The agent was initially introduced to the Internet in 2003. It was created by the well-known corporation “” and it continues to run well today use of Mile ru Agents on computers, cell phones, laptops, and other technology is free.

What duties is this messenger able to complete? Let’s quickly review a few of them: quickly transmits messages.

 Of course, when you first start running Agent, you won’t have any contacts. You can send users text, video, images, and other assets as they arrive on your list over time. Make new channels and groups. This messenger offers unique options that will assist you in adding contacts as well as creating groups & channels on various topics. calls through voice and video. In this program, the communication tools function in a similar fashion to how they do on Skype. The crucial factor is that you do. possesses the capacity to locate contacts fast.

Mail.Ru Agent

Messenger offers an internal search feature that you may use to find contacts that other people have added. The key problems that Mile mile Agent resolves are those. Install this program next, then use a practical analysis of its settings.

How may Agent Mail ru be installed on a computer?

Agent Mail ru is swiftly installed by the computer.

Agent Mail ru

You must provide the data to join this messenger in order to enter it. Let’s now discuss how to install it on your PC. In your browser, use the search. Next, pick “All projects” from the “Another projects” section at the top of the site’s section panel, then choose “Mail.Ru.Agent.”


The website “” will now open. It will provide many messengers


  • For Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • Web

Following that, your computer will start installing the Mile Mile Agent installation file. Then, choose the downloaded file by right-clicking on it in the “Downloads” column. Next, select “Run as administrator” again from the menu. The Mile ru Agent installation wizard will then be displayed.

To begin installing it, click “Install.” And affirm the messenger’s regulations by clicking the “I agree” button. Installation takes only a few seconds, max. A program file that you can execute will then appear on your computer’s desktop after it has finished. Write the password you chose when registering on this mail.

Adding Agent to your browser

You can utilize the option to download through the browser to quickly launch the software Agent Mile ru. To achieve this, open the messenger’s website and choose “Web” from the boot file area. You must first enter information from your email in order to access this software, and only then will you be able to use it.

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Characteristics of Mail.Ru.Agent

  • Instant Chat,
  • A variety of amusing animated faces,
  • An easy way to find connections
  • Video chat with a webcam
  • Voice messages
  • A free SMS
  • Low-Cost Calls to Mobile Numbers
  • File Exchange
  • ICQ, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, and Google Talk integration
  • Transmitting Messages
  • Publishing Status Updates
  • (Not very effective) Spam Defense
  • Notices that New Letters have arrived in the Mail.

Advantages and disadvantages 

You may send free messages via the Agent’s web interface. To accomplish this, click the required button or choose a contact form of the list in the messenger’s main window, then check the appropriate boxes. You may send text messages, multimedia files, or intriguing animated films to your chat partners while you are engaged in a conversation. The web version allows you to speak using up to four persons at once while simultaneously opening four conversation boxes. Group chats can also be made and used for communication.

The online version supports the bulk of the features provided by the standard client. It enables you to add the individual with whom you had email correspondence to your list of contacts. Additionally, you can search for a person here by name, last name, postal address, or ICQ number. The Agent communication has the benefit that its creators were successful in getting it published to take the place of the well-liked ICQ. The program’s web version is a fantastic complement because it gives you the chance to install the program, chat with friends wherever they are, and more. The user then develops several channels for getting in touch with friends and relatives.

The user has access to a number of valuable and practical tools through the application’s main edition.. Therefore, you can call any Messenger user here through audio or video. To do this, open the contact book, choose the desired contact, and then decide whether to make a video or voice call. The user can make regular phone calls using the application. A picture of a phone handset may be seen on the control center to the right. It must be clicked on for the dialing window to appear. You must call the individual using the messenger’s phone number if the user wishes to reach them for free.

You will have to spend money on a service if you don’t. This must be done by topping off the sum from your personal account. You need to click the menu and select “Settings” to access Personal Area. You can perform a variety of tasks here, including altering call settings, interacting with tariffs, and adding money to your account. Unfortunately, the web-based version of does not support audio or video calls. a messenger agent. When a full-fledged client cannot be installed and utilized, this version of the application can be used to send text messages between users. It might be a PC or other device belonging to someone else with an old OS.

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On my phone, how can I install the app?

You can download Agent to your phone as well. The following is how it is accomplished. Visit the agent’s official webpage at “” After that, select “Android” from the list. After that, this program will launch on Google Play. Your Android phone will be installed with Agent once you click the “Install” button. Additionally, you can enter it utilizing the information from your Email service.

A brief explanation of Agent Mail’s settings

So we discovered what Mile ru Agents is and how to set it up on a phone and computer. Let’s now briefly discuss Agent’s settings. First, let’s open them. The messenger’s “Settings” button can be found there. After that, we would be able to view a list of options for configuring Agent.

  • Setting’s main section. You can set up the application there to launch, display it on the taskbar, or run it in the system tray.
  •  Notifications are the next set of options. You can configure sound alerts for incoming mail and notifications from in them. employing privacy.
  •  You may maintain your anonymity in this messenger and put unneeded connections to the ignore list by using the “Privacy” setting. “Design” mode.
  •  You can alter the font size, themes, and chat backdrop in this setting for “Stickers” is a settings item. 
  • Users can get a variety of images in the format of stickers in addition to the message’s text. video and voice.
  • You may set up the camera and microphone for speech or video communication using these options. Create hotkeys.
  •  You can utilize the hotkeys that are configured in this messenger’s settings for easy management. Setting the language. 
  • You may change the language in this section by choosing a different one through, for example, Russian, English, Ukrainian, French, Portuguese, and others.

Additionally, there is a “Message to us” feature where any users of this communicator can contact technical help. asking them different questions regarding any emerging technical issues. “About the software” is located at the bottom of Agent It gives some quick facts regarding this product.

Why do individuals typically uninstall Mail.Ru.Agent?

It appears that many users struggle to completely remove applications like Mail.Ru.Agent from their computers. Some people have problems during removal, while others do so after the program has been uninstalled.

The following are the primary explanations given by users for uninstalling Mail.Ru.Agent:

  • Other installed apps cannot run the program.
  • The program frequently/periodically crashes or hangs.
  • The user didn’t expect the program to be as good as it is.
  • Reinstalling the software is being done (uninstalled and installed again afterward).
  • The user and some websites think the software might be dangerous.
  • There isn’t a listing for such a program inside the Control Panel or Windows Settings.
  • Even though the procedure has been removed, some of its related processes are still running.
  • On the computer, there are still some remnants of the software.
  • Removing processes takes a very long time and is not finished.

Potential issues that could occur during the removal of the Mail.Ru.Agent

  • The program’s built-in uninstaller either fails to launch or performs improperly.
  • The uninstallation could not be completed because a file was needed for it.
  • Some of the files could be removed because of a mistake.
  • The program is being kept from being removed by another process.
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We discussed the issue of what is and the reasons users require it in the article. Of course, each individual will determine for themselves which messenger they require in order to communicate and conduct business online. Make sure to download the messenger from the official site when you do so on your PC. You can protect your computer’s security by doing this. Mile nium Agent is very simple to use, making it appropriate for everyone as well as those who are just beginning to use computers and the Internet.


How can I delete the local Endpoint database?

The applied configuration may be erroneous at times, causing the agents to gather excessive amounts of unimportant data that cannot be analyzed. Here goes the procedure;
Visit Admin and choose the Control panel tab
Navigate to Computer configurations and then Your configuration 
Open Data collection to remove the data that has been gathered on users’ workstations.
All stored information on the person’s local workstations will be removed after implementing this setup to the agent, and all new events will be properly communicated to the server.

How can I remove websites from my monitoring list?

You should prevent the substitution of the certificate on the targeted resources if you experience issues with public procurement websites, automated trading platforms, bank websites, etc. following agent installation. To accomplish this, go to the Control panel and then Computer configuration, choose your setup, and then enter the websites wherein you do not need to change the certification in the “Disallow” area.

What distinguishes Agent’s 64-bit and 32-bit versions?

The Agent 64-bit edition worked significantly better on 64-bit Windows computers because it was created specifically for these. Although it is capable of operating on 64-bit Versions Of Windows, the Agent 32-bit edition was originally created for the 32-bit Windows Platform.

What purpose does downloading the most recent Agent version serve?

We advise installing Agent’s newest current edition because it includes the most recent improvements, which raise the application’s functionality.

Is Agent cost-free?

If not, what does the cost of downloading this program look like? Entirely free! Any more information regarding the license may be discovered on the host’s domains. This page provides links to official places where you may get the program for free.