Magisk Modules: Best 12 Magisk Modules in 2020

What are Magisk Modules? How to install them? How to utilise them? The Best 12 Modules in 2020.

You have heard multiple sophisticated approaches to root an Android phone, Magisk is potentially the best. So you need to know everything about Magisk Modules. It’s a systemless mode, implying it doesn’t switch Android’s system partition. Due to this, one can unroot within a moment.
Magisk additionally supports Magisk modules. Certain miniature apps twitch, improve, and enhance the productivity of your equipment. Employ them for everything from enhancing battery life to introducing iOS features on the Android phone.
Gossipfunda reveals to you the best 12 Magisk modules in 2020 and how to install them. This tech blog commands some of our favorites collectively. Installation of Magisk is comparatively easy, with guidance and free downloads link.

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What is Magisk?

Magisk is popularly known as a “systemless” root strategy. In easy terms, without letting know the phone that the framework has been adjusted, it changes your framework.

Magisk has been rapidly picking up prominence as the favoured strategy for root. Android gadgets can be customised using this tool.
XDA Developer topjohnwu in 2016 created it. However, it’s substantially more than only a root technique.

Systemless Root

Magisk is a rooting technique working on the principle of “systemless”. It’s an approach to change the framework without really altering it. Changes are put away securely in the boot parcel without adjusting the genuine framework documents. This is the most significant component of this instrument. Since the first framework documents stay unaltered, adjustments can go undetected by Google SafetyNet.

Google SafetyNet a feature that hinders specific applications from working appropriately when it identifies the framework of the phone has been tampered with. Netflix, Google Pay, Pokemon GO, etc are some of the apps that won’t work due to SafetyNet feature. Magisk enables clients to have root and different adjustments while as yet utilising these well-known applications.

More than Root

Magisk opens up your gadget to a universe of alterations. Root is only one of the numerous modules you can introduce. A “Module” is an installable alteration that takes into consideration simple customisation and tinkering. These modules incorporate things like advertisement blockers, emoticon substitutions, CameraAPI2 empowering influence, etc. Mods are available that can broaden the usefulness of your Android gadget.

Continually Updated

The rapid rise of Magisk is due to its consistent updates. Magisk, then again, is continually being refreshed. SafetyNet workarounds are reflected sometimes due to latest updates provided by Google. Updates to fix these patches and issues are released by topjohnwu in order to make everything start working again as fast as possible. To have root access and still, use applications that have denied access like Netflix is a tough and everyday fight. Predictable updates are an indispensable piece of what makes Magisk so extraordinary.

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Instructions to Install Magisk

Magisk isn’t hard to introduce once you have all the necessary segments set up. Here is all that you will require:

  • A gadget running Android 5.0 or above
  • Custom Recovery
  • TWRP

Head on over to the authority Magisk XDA gathering. This string is continually refreshed with new Magisk discharges. You can monitor fixes and upgrades, which are going on always.

When you have everything, you can proceed with the establishment procedure.

Instructions to utilise Magisk Modules

Working with Magisk is nothing but using different Magisk modules and management of apps. These modules are effectively installable alterations. The Magisk Manager application incorporates a storehouse with plenty of extraordinary modules.

Something else you’ll need to do is conceal root. As we referenced previously, this is one of the critical highlights of Magisk. You can genuinely cover root from specific applications. For instance, Google Pay or Netflix doesn’t take a shot at established telephones. It can conceal root from that particular application.

Magisk Modules:

Magisk modules, these are little changes or usefulness that improves the highlights of your established gadget. There are a large number of valuable Magisk Modules accessible to download. In the Magisk Manager application and on XDA Forums modules can be found and browsed. A couple of the modules genuinely stick out and are well known in the network.

Magisk Modules are planned by designers to add greater usefulness to your rooted gadget. These highlights are for the most part which your OEM has void you of on your device regardless of whether your gadget is able and incredible enough. Vast numbers of the Magisk modules are focused on either altering your gadget or adding usefulness to the gadget. You can change the UI of your device, change emoticons on your Google keyboard application, can introduce outsider applications as framework applications on your cell phone, and so on.

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Best 5 Magisk Modules in 2020:

EdXposed: Xposed Framework for Magisk

The name “Xposed” is mainstream in the Android world. Xposed is a well known modding instrument that was made before Magisk. To be systemless and not meddle with Google SafetyNet, Xposed as a Magisk module can be enabled and used.Magisk will break applications like Google Pay when the module Xposed is employed outside of Magisk. Though this enables you to utilise the library or mods.

The past technique through which you can run the modules on your gadget was through Xposed Framework. This framework was one of the primary motivations to root the device. It lets you run the GravityBox mod that has many changes and mods. Luckily, with the Magisk Manager, you can have the highlights of the Xposed Framework, most likely superior to the first one. Besides, it doesn’t prevent you from downloading Android refreshes just as doesn’t contain any issues and issues. Furthermore, with the assistance of this module, you can get all the customisation and mod highlights of a custom ROM on your Stock ROM.

Camera 2API enabler

The Camera 2API empowering agent is an outstanding Magisk Module accessible for the Android gadgets is amongst others. The explanation for its prevalence is because of the way that Google Modded camera port or GCam applications can be introduced distinctly on the devices that have Camera 2API empowered. Additionally, there are a few gadgets in the market that passes up this component and requires arduous work. GCam is the best camera mod APK that upgrades the picture quality as well as gives you includes like Night mode, HDR+, and consistent Portrait mode.

OEMs like Xiaomi, Huawei limit outsider applications to utilise the camera equipment. This cripples GCam from working on the gadget. To use GCam or outsider camera modules, you have to empower Camera2API. It can be possible manually by adjusting the “build.prop” framework document. You can introduce the Camera2API Enabler module from Magisk. The module does all the mind-boggling work for you and empowers Camera2API.

App Systemizer

Application Systemizer, as the name suggests, it is a Magisk module to customize apps into a systematic way. It enables you to systemise specific client applications. App Systemizer lets you transform client introduced applications into framework applications.

The more typical ones are absolute battery savers or comparable applications that need to run out of sight continually perform better as framework applications. Besides, framework applications can’t be uninstalled as effectively as different apps.

The module has two variants, one of which is a GUI adaptation while other works by employing a Terminal application. The one with an interface should be introduced. Application Systemizer can be effectively downloaded through the Magisk Manager application and is available on Magisk store.

Viper4Android FX: Audio Mod Magisk Module

Viper4Android FX works on all Android gadget with version of Android 4.2 or more. Using this eXtra loud toggle switch can be empowered. Which lets you to boost the volume of your speakers to its extreme. It additionally has another choice called Speaker streamlining, which ensures the lift in volume without harming your speaker.

Viper4Android holds vast numbers of changes, sliders, and dials inside that will let you calibrate your sound to a degree no other sound mod permits.
There are three unique variants of Viper4Android, found in the Magisk store. Always ensure to introduce Viper4Android FX only, even though the others fill in also. This is a standout amongst other Magisk modules for audiophiles.

Pixel Experience with Magisk Module

The Pixel Experience Magisk module brings each brings the launcher, Camera2API, framework sound, look and feel, topics, Google text styles, and so forth to your non-Pixel gadget. This one may not take a shot at your Samsungs or LGs or some other intensely cleaned Android gadgets. Pixel Experience is an outstanding module when compared to all the other Magisk modules. It works well if you have an Android device running stock, or a near-stock encounter,

The particular variant and version of Pixel Launcher you need to introduce should be selected at the time of installation of the module among the many available. This module is likewise accessible in the Magisk repositories and can be effectively presented utilising Magisk Manager.

Other 7 Top Magisk Modules are:

ART Optimization

ART (Android Runtime) supplanted Dalvik as the new virtual machine when it was presented in Android Lollipop. It performs far superior applications. This module fundamentally designs ART Optimization to lessen the irritating “Advancing Apps” screen.


Blob emoticons: these most-loved emoticons were supplanted and overhauled in Android Oreo. Through the enchantment of Magisk, you can recover the mass emoticon with this basic module. The module is refreshed as often as possible to change over new emoticon to the mass style.

CrossBreeder Lite

CrossBreeder Lite is a gathering of enhancements to improve execution and battery life. It can lessen stammer and slack on specific gadgets, increment entropy levels, and crush new additional battery life out.

Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos innovation has been coordinated into a couple of gadgets, yet not about enough. The Dolby Atmos sound improvements to pretty much any device can be added using this module.


Greenify is an extremely mainstream application for sparing battery life. This module includes significantly more apparatuses, and it transforms Greenify into a ROM-coordinated form so you can improve resting execution.

Tethering Enabler

Tethering Enabler as the name infers permits gadgets that have had tying debilitated by the maker to tie. Connection between USB and WiFi is required for working of this module.

WiFi Bonding

This module endeavours to utilise multiple Wi-Fi channels without a moment’s delay to get higher information move speeds. Every Wi-Fi recurrence has a lot of various channels, yet your switch associates with one. WiFi Bonding extends the scope of a pathway to improve your association.

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