LG Stylo 3

LG Stylo 3

LG Stylo 3, a 5.7 inch phone that weighs about 5.3 ounces, is something that will fit your budget and quench your thirst for a good smartphone. After the Stylo 2, LG has taken another run at making a low tier phone accommodating some features out of its league. But this time with greater success. 

It would be a perfect phone for someone who doesn’t want to burn a hole in his pocket. So, if phone shopping has led you to this phone and you want to know more about it, this is the right place.


Nothing to complain in here. It is no secret that LG is well versed when it comes to sleek designs. Though the product as a whole is not too different from Stylo 2. However, in the Stylo 2, the volume buttons have been moved to the left edge. But the power button is left untouched. The circular home button also functions as a fingerprint scanner. And over at the back, there is a camera, LED flash and speaker. While the off-screen area in the front harbors a LED flash, front-facing camera, ambient light sensor, and earpiece. 

The entire body is made up of polycarbonate with a touch of a silver finish frame that leaves you with a rich sensation. The stylus, when laid in the upper opening, integrates seamlessly with the device. Not to forget, the device actually belongs to a generation in which you can take of the back and see the battery compartment and sim card and memory card slots. Furthermore, there is are navigation keys on the bottom. 


LG didn’t hold back with the display. The 5.7-inch screen has a resolution of 720 x 128 pixels along with a pixel density of 258PPI. And if you don’t know what that exactly means then just understand that it will give you HD display and allow you to play videos of 1080 p. Though the large display does mean that you will need both your hands to properly use it. But there are a lot of people out there who just like to use one hand. Thankfully, LG has introduced a mini-screen option that will shrink the screen down to a size you can handle. 

Most devices in this class would likely leave you a little disappointed when it comes to outside use but LG has got your back there. It has incorporated IPS LCD tech that will increase visibility. Furthermore, the auto-light adjuster makes sure that you don’t have to tend to it personally. 

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These days, a phone’s camera means a lot. There are even companies with entire ad campaigns based on this single feature. Coming back to the phone at hand. Saying that Stylo 3 has decent cameras will be quite an understatement. To begin with, there is a 13 MP camera in the back and 5MP selfie camera in the front. And to put selfie-taking to at ease, the is a quick launch action via which double-clicking the volume down button will get you the pic. 

All the options are placed on the left side of the camera screen leaving a well-built interface. When it comes to the picture itself, they are surely of great quality. And you can zoom up to 4 times and use the aid of the Flash as well. Moreover, the autofocus feature will help you out if you are an amateur photographer and let you take the click faster. In the case of videos, the front camera aids videos up to 1080p quality while the back compromises at 720p. 

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Storage is not ‘the’ feature when it comes to a smartphone but it always pays off to have a couple of extra GBs to spare. So always keep this one feature in mind while you are phone shopping. It can make quite an impact in the long term. 

Speaking of storage, the LG Stylo 3 has 16 GBs of internal storage and after all of the system files and stuff, you will be left with about 10 Gb. This is not bad but if you are going to take high-quality photos and videos, you are gonna need a lot more. Not to mention, you will be watching a lot of HD movies surely be using that display to good use. 

Considering such practicalities, the Stylo 3 comes with a micro SD slot that will help you get aid from a memory card that can carry up to 256 GBs of stuff. That should be more than enough for any sort of intend you have for your phone. 


Under its hood, the Sylo 3 carries a Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.4GHz octa-core processor with a helping hand from a 2GB RAM. Though the RAM is a step below what other phones in the market offer, it is fair for its price tag. And the processor is quite an upgrade from the quad-core processor from Stylo 2. The phone can pull you through some decent amount of work. 

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As far as the software is concerned, it runs on Android 7.0 Nougat. The octa-core processor can handle it pretty well. And since LG’s user interface skin does not need much juice, there is no lag. Furthermore, 7.0 nougat aids very much in multi-tasking. But running the two apps side by side may not be possible some times due to the amount of background activity. This is due to the low 2 GB RAM. But if you know your way around the app manager, you can adjust quite well. Just stop all the apps you don’t need and multi-tasking won’t be so hard afterward. 

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LG takes quite a pride in the aspect of batteries as well. And they certainly deserve it. Stylo 3 comes with a 3200mAh battery, a little but significant 200mAh greater than Stylo. The company promises a 13-day life when the device is on standby mode and when it comes to talk time, you get 20 hours of it. But that is no way of using a phone. Considering a more practical case, after a day of average use the phone will still have about 30-35% charge at the end of the day. Even if you put the phone through a hefty load of punishment, it will still get you through the day. 

A removable battery may sound a bit old fashioned. But you will definitely have the last laugh when your friends see you switching to a fully charged battery on a long trip. Though with the power saving feature you might not have to do that after all. 


Wanna get in touch with that inner Da Vinci in you? Well, even if you are not up to par with Da Vinci or a talented grade-schooler for that fact, you can still do some cool things with the stylus. It allows to you take down notes, play some games, move around stuff and sketch of course. 

The phone will put itself in the stylus mode when you pull it out from its chamber. There are some apps on board that you can only tinker with using the stylus but you will find more of those in the play store. 

While the stylus length and storage aspects are fine, the fact that it has a plastic tip does put it off a little. The touch will be less satisfactory than compared to that with a rubber tip. 

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Network and Connectivity

LG Stylo 3 phone sure comes in with a dual sim feature as most of the devices today. Furthermore, it will change between 4G LTE and faster LTE plus according to the situation in hand. Other communication channels include a Bluetooth 43 and a 2.4 GHz band Wi-Fi. And the GPS chip will ensure that you don’t get lost. You can also tune in to the radio while you find your way back home with Google Maps. Even NFC is available on the phone. 

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Sound and speakers

The speakers work fine. It has a loudspeaker on its back which works well but isn’t anything fancy. The phone also houses a 3.5mm jack that will let you connect it to suitable earphone jacks. Though the loudspeaker is a bit of a letdown, you can hear your calls decently. No problems there. Though you can always use a Bluetooth speaker to deal with the issue. 


You are aware of the Fingerprint scanner on the rear side of the device, but it is the only sensor that it houses. Apart from the scanner, it has a proximity sensor and accelerometer that will help you out in exercise and other stuff. It also has a gyro sensor and compass to help you guide the way. Hence, the phone is equipped with everything that it needs to interact with the surroundings and help you out with everyday tasks. 


LG Stylo 3: You now know everything about you need to know about the Stylo 3. It is a good deal at its price point. So, consider all things and decide if you want to seal the deal. Good luck.