LG Sound Bar

 Ever thought of What LG Sound Bar is? Let’s get to the definition of what a soundbar is! To illustrate, Soundbars are usually short, comprehensive, and typically slim speakers that exhibit multiple drivers. that are basically found in front of the television or sitting below. They exhibit high audio reliability, which is only possible with the help of inbuilt speakers on the TV. But there are numerous people out there who are skeptical regarding the pros of a soundbar. Most probably, they analyze that these soundbars are worth each penny. According to them, first of all, it is imperative to acknowledge what soundbars are! Soundbars are also known as speaker bars.

LG, also is known as life’s good, is a renowned Korean public type multinational company of home appliances and consumer electronics. The company was established in October 1958 by its founder Mr. Koo In Hwoi. In January 1995, it was named as LG and served across the globe. They serve worldwide on the four business units.

It is primarily the most wanted vendor of Home entertainment, Home appliances and Air solutions, Vehicle solutions, and Mobile Communication. So, the sound bars are manufactured by LG comes under the category of Home Entertainment. The parent of LG Corporation is LG, but the subsidiaries include Zenith Electronics. Today, it makes a Total Profit of 1.09 Trillion Doller USD First-Quarter 2020 in the market of electronic gadgets. If you are interested in acknowledging more about LG, then do navigate to the website.

LG Sound Bar
LG Sound Bar

Why LG Sound Bar?

Whether you are throwing a party at your home, or watching the latest blockbuster film or listening to music at a cozy comfy, these LG sound bar offers you drown yourself in rich, soothing, and detailed sound. In order to improve the sound system and add the touch of elite class home theatre experience, LG soundbars also enable you with state-of-the-art TVs and innovative video gadgets, including 3D Blue-ray players. These can aid help you in making your impression count to a stunning cinematic experience at your doorstep in just one click. Now, let’s move forward to the sound spectrum. Have you ever heard of the sound spectrum? Well! Let me introduce you to the sound spectrum.

A sound spectrum is a fragment of sound that usually exhibits individual frequencies, which is present in a line, and those sound frequencies are audible to the general public.

 The sound spectrum consists of 7 frequency bands. As you move forward in a spectrum line, the range of sound escalates. For instance, the first frequency band is sub-bass, and the last frequency band is brilliance. This bass depicts heavy vibrations. This band gives deep rumbling feelings to its listeners in their core.

Two variants of LG Soundbars

There are usually two variants of Soundbars, namely, Active and Passive Soundbars.

Passive soundbars

First, let’s know about passive soundbars. 

  • Passive Soundbars exhibit a lot of speakers that are compatible with the channels. 
  • But, they do not have power amps.
  • The only requirement of Passive Soundbars is that they need to stay connected to amplifiers and receivers.
  • For each audio channel available, Passive Soundbars possess backend connections.
  • Nevertheless, these passive soundbars produce worse audio sounds. 

Active soundbars

  • The Active soundbars function inverse to a passive soundbar. 
  • Active soundbars possess amplifiers 
  • One of the major drawbacks of Active Soundbar is that it is quite expensive. 
  • But the best thing about it is that it has all the requisite connections only with minimal setup.
  • Unlike Passive Soundbars, Active Soundbars does not need any necessary connection of amplifiers and receivers.
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Detailed Features of LG SoundBar

Dolby Atmos:

Have the aesthetic experience of cinematic sound at your own home with Dolby Atmos. It possesses the ability to move freely without any restriction in a three-dimensional space, along with the listener in the surround sound.

High-Resolution Audio:

With higher Bit depth and sampling rates of digital music for audiophiles, both of them have the ability to contribute to the accuracy and entertainment of listening to music.

Consumes less power:

The best thing about soundbar is that it consumes less power up to 0.5W

Chrome cast Compatible:

The cast of Google Chrome functions flawlessly along with popular music apps such as google play music and Pandora, which allows wireless audio with the comfort of your tablet or phone or Chrome book or laptop.

Wireless Surround Ready:

Do you that these LG Soundbars are upgradeable? I know that’s amazing. These are created to access the optional wireless surround speakers (which are sold separately), thereby adding the feature of home theater audio of the desired rear channels.

Works With Google Assistant

 To make your hectic day, a less effortless LG has introduced this feature in its Sound Bars. You can skip tracks while playing music as well as synchronize the volume on your Sound Bar just with your voice only. Yes, you read that, right! For that, you just require another gadget with Google Assistant built-in such as the LG ThinQ Speaker.

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4K Pass-Through

A Glance at the yet the best quality 4K resolution is that your video quality standard for TVs and Projectors. It offers you the full 4K home theater experience while streaming, disc, and beyond. LG Sound bar has a requirement that needs to be fulfilled, and that is, LG Soundbars must be able to receive and transfer the 4K signal without losing the picture quality.

Curved Sound Bar

The LG Soundbars have been specially fabricated with elite, the decent and graceful curve that suits elegantly with your home décor and curved screen television. With the help of multiple speakers strategically positioned within its stylish and thin cabinet, this curved soundbar delivers you the outstanding audio quality for streaming movies and much more just at your doorstep.

4.1 Channel Audio

Make your blockbuster movies and roaring music come active like never before with the one and only the 4.1-channel sound. It is an ideal solution for premium audio to fit into the corners of your house’s compact spaces. Moreover, it includes four specially designed engineered speakers along with a subwoofer for a thrilling experience of virtual surround effect.

Smart Hi-Fi

The best thing about LG Soundbars is that you can stream your music and rock the party with your LG Music Flow speaker by connecting it through Wi-Fi from the comfort of your mobile or NAS drives or PCs or Youtube. Once connected, all of your content will be at your fingertips and easy to control through the Music Flow Player app

Mesh Network

The Music Flow in the soundbars is fabricated to minimize the pesky drops in your connection that interrupt your jam while playing music. The new, advanced, and innovative Mesh Network of LG combined with Dual Band Wi-Fi technology, enables you to take pleasure of high-definition digital music on a seamless and stable connection.

Home Cinema Mode

I know you have always wanted a home theatre at your doorstep. If you buy this LG Soundbars, you can simply plug in your LG Music Flow soundbar to your house network and adjust it with your LG Music Flow speakers to stream a multichannel home theater experience. Not only that, if you love mixing and matching songs while you stream, then this is it. Yes! You can avail of the opportunity to customize and synchronize the music flow via LG Soundbars with just one click.

HD Audio Playback

If you think the features mentioned above are awesome, then you can’t skip this one as well. You can now playback of high-quality, lossless compacted files with your LG Soundbars like WAV and FLAC are the hallmarks of a serious audiophile gadget. This LG sound system conveniently stands for playing compressed digital audio files without any loss of audible sound quality.

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If you love the product then never ever wait for a discount, but still, you want to purchase at a cheap price then add the item in your cart and regularly view it for the lightning deal or the price drop.

All the best for this method which always works.

Best LG Soundbar

LG SK9Y 5.1.2 ch High Res Audio Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos

Brand NameLG
Item Weight29.2 pounds
Product Dimensions47.2 x 5.7 x 2.3 inches
Item model numberSK9Y
Batteries2 AAA batteries included
Output Wattage500 watts
Speaker TypeSoundbar
Purchase LinkClick Here

LG Electronics LAS855M Curved Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

Brand NameLG
Item Weight17.9 pounds
Product Dimensions48 x 3.2 x 1.7 inches
Item model numberLAS855M
Batteries2 AAA batteries included
Speaker TypeSoundbar
Purchase LinkClick Here

LG 320W 4.1ch Slim Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer and Bluetooth

Product Dimensions3.2 x 33.1 x 1.4 inches
Item Weight27.1 pounds
Item model numberNB5453
Purchase LinkClick Here

LG Electronics SP-5200 Surround Home Speakers Set of 2 Black

Brand NameLG
Included ComponentsSpeakers
Item Weight2.35 pounds
Model NumberSP-5200
Power Source TypeCorded Electric
Purchase LinkClick Here

LG SL8YG High Res Audio Sound Bar

  • 3. 1. 2 Channel with 440W total power
  • Dolby Atmos & DTS: x
  • Google Assistant built-in
  • The Customer rating is 3.5 stars out of 5
  • Chromecast built-in
  • High-Resolution Audio (24bit/96kHz)
  • Wattage: 440.0 W
  • Included Components: Sound Bar; Sub Woofer; Remote Control; 2 Aaa Batteries; Optical Cable

Reviews of LG Sound Bar

A Sound Bar is just for a high-end all in one home theater solution. The soundbar is equipped with Dolby Atmos of three-dimensional surround added with High-Resolution music playback. It is also a smartly crafted, home ready designed to work proficiently with Google Assistant voice control as well as the ease of inbuilt Chromecast. One of the best things the case of soundbars is that their drivers are targeted towards the listener, and this is something which is very beneficial as compared to the audio of the television.

Some decent soundbars are also available in the market, which comes with tweeters and separate woofers, including the capability to handle high sounds and low sounds, respectively. In brief, there are usually two essential kinds of soundbars that are available mainly; they are active and passive soundbars. The active soundbars possess inbuilt amplifiers, and therefore you just need to be plug into the television, and that’s all. Now you can fetch the roaring sound. Some of the active soundbar models also feature modernized and advanced surround processing.

Passive soundbars are just a replica of vintage speakers. A spate receiver is the only requirement you need, but in contrast, it is a bit expensive. Therefore, it serves as the center of attraction for the whole audio and video system of the soundbar. Both the versions of the soundbars are have already stormed the market at exclusively different prices and best performance qualities. Most of the soundbars come with subwoofers, which are usually wireless.

Bluetooth Streaming:

This unique feature enables you to connect/ plug in your soundbar to a wide range of portable devices. For instance, laptops and MP3 players. Unleash the party animal in you and go with the flow of music as it includes all other digital assessment content required for full and rich sound.

Wireless Subwoofer: Have a blast of music during your house parties with a deep roaring bass sound in any location across your home. The active wireless subwoofers can be moved, mounted, and placed everywhere around the corners of the room.

These LG soundbars are available in selected and optimized Blue-ray soundbars. If you want to dive into the ocean of LG Soundbars, you can navigate to Sound Gallery, enabling you to choose from a wide range of seven sound genres for an absolutely perfect acoustic experience.

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Smart TV Access:

Glance at the best LG soundbars, which enables you with accessible push buttons to the unlimited ultimate Smart TV content, including streaming video services and extraordinary complete range applications by LG.

  • Affordable pricing
  • Easy installation
  • Ability to mimic surround sound


The soundbars manufactured by LG feature a matte finish, luminously sculptured, ultra-slim designs to fit in any décor that comes with protective bezels. Besides, the soundbars have the privilege of an array of various options that offer and allow you not only to maximize the abundant space but also to enhances your system’s entertainment configuration.

Wireless Technology:

 With the wireless technology of the soundbars manufactured by LG, you can conveniently, and elegantly, place your soundbar wherever and whenever required. This is something you need in your vacations to chill out and relax. Whether it is mounted on a wall or placed on a shelf or kept on the floor beside the TV, high or low, it does not matter. These wireless soundbars offer the ultimate flexibility, whether you party with your friend or get together with your family.

3D Surround Processor:

Have an opportunity to select the soundbars that feature 3D surround processors. These 3D surround processors have the ability to offer immersive, roaring, full, sound technology to accompany you to stream your favorite 3D entertainment program. 

  • Wireless and BT options
  • Decent and powerful 3.1.2 channel sound
  • Wireless subwoofer
  • Has an option to add wireless rear speakers
  • Multiple audio format support


  • Slim Design
  • Active Wireless Subwoofer – Superb Bass Without Connecting Wires
  • 3D Surround Sound
  • Connections via Optical Audio Lead
  • Headphone Socket or Bluetooth and USB
  • Easy setup, Google Assistant on board


  • There are generally two main cons of a soundbar. The first and foremost primary issue with a soundbar is its huge sturdy monster bulky size. I am sure you cannot say no to that. Usually, soundbars are not very tall or thin, but they still possess width, which certainly might give rise to placement issues around the corners of the house for soundbars. On the contrary, almost all the soundbars can be conveniently wall mounted as per requirement. It is a fact that they always require enough space to be mounted or to be placed around the corners of the house.
  • The second issue regarding a soundbar is the sound quality of the soundbar. There are variants of soundbars available in the market that can exhibit an outstanding quality of sound. Moreover, there is absolutely no doubt about the fact when it comes to sound quality that they are always better in sound as compared to television. But the bitter truth about soundbars is that there are soundbars and do not possess the ability to sound as good as speakers.
  • Might be quite expensive for some to afford it
  • Generally weaker bass
  • Does not fit the sweetest spots
  • Low impact in larger rooms


Want your parties to fill the adrenaline rush in you? If yes, you need to buy an LG soundbar. Have a blast with the roar of music with the best LG soundbars. Every electronic gadget has its pros and cons. So it definitely depends upon the user which soundbar to go for. Users have a better experience in context to it. Let us know if you liked reading this article by sharing, liking, and downloading our app Gossipfunda from the play store. To get one of these LG soundbar models into your house, navigate to links till then keep reading our articles and bye for now.