Lenovo Thinkbook Plus

Lenovo released the new ThinkBook plus planned for workers of the next decade. ThinkBook Plus offers a revolutionary e-Ink cover monitor that lets multitasking users be more successful by promoting concentration, teamwork, and imagination. Featuring a 13.3-inch FHD main monitor and a 10.8-inch e-ink monitor on the cover, it enables consumers to make drawings and diagrams using an embedded Lenovo Precision Pen and provide vital alerts while the lid is closed and enable them and stay concentrated at meetings.

Lenovo Thinkbook Plus Overview

The ThinkBook Plus was one of the impressive items Lenovo launched at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Lenovo ThinkBook Plus, a dual-screen laptop, includes a second panel crafted from electronic ink (e-ink).

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I have seen screens put just about everywhere throughout my career at this stage. Yet this is the first time I see one installed in a laptop’s cover. Although the rest of the ThinkBook Plus is constructed of anodized aluminum from Mineral Gray, much of the cover on this laptop consists of a 10.8-inch matte glass e-Ink plate. The whole body consists mostly of metal and there is a Lenovo mark at the bottom left corner as usual. The rounded hinges permit the laptop to lie flat for some joint effort.

When you get used to the black-and-white display’s novelty, you’ll be able to discover the interior of the journal. It is not as thrilling as its outside, unfortunately. The display is full aluminum which comes with a maximum-sized keyboard. Lenovo logos are also around the screen.


The Lenovo think book plus is launched with a price of $1,999. This price is justified due to its high processor quality, design, better user interface, and lots of eye-catchy features. The RAM and storage may be increased at an unspecified sum.


The ThinkBook Plus provides a decent amount of protection tools, straddling the gap between the enterprise and used laptops. To provide some extra security, Lenovo has added a fingerprint sensor to the power button and a physical camera shutter for some privacy.


The ThinkBook Plus has a good combination of ports on the right side, including a pair of USB 3.0 Type-A Gen. 1 ports. To the left is a USB 3.1 Type-C Gen. 2 sockets, an HDMI 1.4b connector, and headphone jacks and control supply.

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Because you’ll do much of the research on the laptop’s interior, Lenovo has placed in a 13.3-inch, 1920 x 1080, anti-glare screen. To be honest it is not as strong as MacBook pro for obvious reasons such as the budget. But it won’t compromise your binge-watching experience because it comes with a low light that comes with eye protection. The bezel is smooth and thin, encouraging audiences to play with a bit more real estate. Surprisingly enough, while the notebook has pen capability, it only seems to stretch to the e-Ink pad.

Talking of the top-mounted screen, it is just like other screens on the e-Ink. All other shades are available except for black and white. The exterior panel can be used with the packaged Lenovo Precision Pen to take notes, read documents or review calendar updates. And if you feel particularly adventurous, then you may create your own screensaver.


The ThinkBook Plus takes everything I’ve heard from the first YogaBook — the chance to take handwritten notes on my phone — and to refine the concept. Rather than depending on a hands-on journal. The external e link is very helpful in a meeting when you want to copy notes without moving your eye contact to anyone in the meeting. My corresponding notes can be coordinated with Microsoft OneNote, but I would recommend Google Documents.

I noticed the stylus included delivered simple, sensitive pen strokes, easily matching my floral cursive. For the ink to be tightly attached to the notebook I prefer to keep the think book to my right.

Reading emails from a widescreen without even opening the computer is one of my favorite things to do. And the best part is we can perform all of this functionality even when the computer is in sleep mode. Isn’t that life-changing?

Although I’m not a lot of a digital assistant person, I like the thought of getting Alexa on my beck for a Laptop and calling if I’m too lazy to open my notebook. The time when you call Alexa is when all the related apps will start responding to your voice with a beep sound.

The e link also works as an e book just like kindle. When you are in the mood to read there is no better option than this.

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While the Precision Pen comes with the ThinkBook Plus, Lenovo has many optional accessories designed to improve the laptop’s output and hold it in tip-top shape. The $39.99 ThinkBook Bluetooth Quiet Mouse connects to the ThinkBook wirelessly, without using dongles, which makes DPI changes accessible on-the-fly.

Then there’s the $49.99 ThinkBook 13.3-inch Plus Sleeve, to cover the e-Ink show. Sporting sturdy foam padding throughout, the cover is a smart way to ensure that no unforeseen injuries arise while the e-Ink show does.


Lenovo says the 45 watt-hour battery of the ThinkBook Plus can last 10 hours on one charge. Also one as low-energy as e-Ink will be an amazing battery life for two screens. Now, we’re going to have to wait until March to try out the specific argument.

Features that will attract the users

  • Collaborate best by keeping centered during meetings and just getting vital updates such as calendar events, text messages or relevant emails on the cover show. Take notes directly with the built-in Precision Pen and can be integrated with Microsoft OneNote. Power VoIP calls easily with Skype hotkeys and the Harman speakers and mics enjoy improved audio clarity.
  • Build and turn the concept of real-time into diagrams and annotations by using the Precision Pen to draw on the cover pad. You may also tailor the desktop to the window cover with a special screensaver. Enjoy the laptop experience with a thin bezel FHD IPS monitor with Dolby Vision support
  • Quickly check documentation with no disruptions on the cover show that endorse annotations. Open the laptop for more nuanced updates that utilize 10th Gen Intel ® CoreTM CPUs, Windows 10, regular solid-state storage (SSD) and Intel ® OptaneTM capacity enabled.
  • React quickly thanks to Modern Standby which ensures the reception of emails and alerts, even when the lid is closed. With the fingerprint built into the control switch, Smart Control On simplifies Windows Hello authentication.

Built for the Generation

Nearly 60 percent of today’s population are millennials and Gen Z, and these groups of digital natives are also multitasking through various platforms. Nevertheless, proven research1 shows that we are still ineffective at multitasking, with the typical worker wasting 2.1 hours a day due to time needed to re-focus on assignments. We recognize that multitasking is unavoidable in today’s work climate, but this doesn’t imply companies will have to profit from the adverse consequences of multitasking, such as lack of profitability and reduced employee interaction. We agree that smarter technologies can be built to improve concentration and efficiency, no matter what the position, no matter what the mission.

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What makes it different?

Lenovo has a dual-screen which is high end. The secondary screen would be able to view calendar, weather, email and other details. This also allows custom wallpapers that can be used to boost the laptop’s visual appeal.

The e-ink screen isn’t even the laptop’s high-end feature. You can use the e-ink display and stylus to take notes which match with Microsoft OneNote.

The primary monitor is a 13.3-inch panel with 1920 ambient resolution and a top brightness of 300 nits. The monitor also embraces the color gamut of 100 percent sRGB and has an ultra-thin 5.5 mm bezel. The chassis is 17.4 mm thin while the machine weighs 1.5 kilograms.

For the best experience in terms of performance, it hasn’t compromised in the processor as discussed earlier. The computer includes 16 GB RAM and 512 GB solid-state drive. It also supports Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, offering quicker and more secure communication.


Lenovo has never been a corporation reluctant to implement potentially wacky ideas in the pursuit of convenience for customers. The business took what it has learned from previous laptops, improved it and produced a dual-screen laptop which is both remarkably inexpensive and useful. When it comes out I’m eager to have my hands on the ThinkBook Plus.