Video games have become a lifestyle these days, be it for a teenager or an adult. Specially PUBG has created the maximum buzz among the population all over the world. But many among you may have storage problems and hence, need to play the mobile version on your smartphone itself. But here’s the solution to your problem known as LDPlayer. Read the full article to know how you can play PUBG Mobile on your personal computer.

Ldplayer Introduction

Older video games are real gold, and today’s games can’t be compared to their craze. However, many of those games may not be available except for the older consoles. But with the help of emulators, it is possible to play all those old games on your mobile phone. Yes, You heard it right! Apart from the old console games, you can also play games like PUBG mobile, GamerBraves, Brawl stars, Garena free fire Indonesia and many more.

Well, I know you all must be quite excited to know what is this LDPlayer and how it can be used to play the PUBG Mobile version on your personal computer.

 So, LDPlayer is explained as a software that will enable your Android operating system on your laptop or computer. In simple words, LDPlayer is an Android Emulator that will allow your personal computer to accept the mobile version of apps. Therefore, after using an Emulator, you can access all the features of an android app on your personal computer. These features include playing the mobile version games on your PC, enable rotation, set your device location. Along with all these, you can even access the Google play store. So using an Emulator can really help you play the PUBG mobile on your computer. You may also feel some sort of fastness in the functioning of the game through the emulator and may find it more comfortable. Let us learn some features of using the emulator for gaming. 


The emulator is one of the best options available these days to play some old consoles or mobile games on your laptop. It has numerous features like:

  • While using the emulator, you can quickly get rid of the mobile network issues that occur continuously with mobile phones.
  • Secondly, you will not have battery problems while playing any game, unlike the situation while playing on smartphones.
  • The screen size gets extra outstanding, while you play on the computer and who doesn’t like to play games on a big screen. This will, in return, also reduce your eye strain problems if you play any longer.
  • With LDPlayer, you may not face lagging issues, unlike other emulators. Your audio will not get delayed with a comparison to the video.
  • You can also play numerous games, all open at the same time, with the use of the emulator. If your hardware supports it, unlimited instances can be created in LDPlayer.
  • LDPlayer will not entertain any kind of ads during its usage or even after it. It is totally ad-free. 
  • And lastly, you will surely have a reliable and cool mobile phone because of the use of an emulator.
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Now you may ask that it is an obvious thing, then what about the safety? So to clarify, LDPlayer is a really secure software for windows. It does not have any spyware. If you compare it with other emulators, you will not only get safety but a fantastic performance in terms of speed as well. Hence, LDPlayer is a safe Emulator for your devices.

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How to install

The LDPlayer is very easy to install on your windows personal computer. Just follow the steps below:

Step 1- Download an ‘EXE’ file on your windows computer. If you don’t know how to do this, you may look for various videos that are available online.

Step 2 – Once you are done with the download, double click on the EXE file to open it.

Step 3- Now, you may see a confirmation regarding the installation. But this may also lead to installations of some extra unreliable things. Therefore, to avoid it, press the reject option in the ‘next window.’

Step 4- Now, you need to wait for a while until the necessary libraries and components get downloaded. As soon as it is done, you may see the download bar totally full.

Step 5- After all this, you need to do nothing as the LDPlayer software will start automatically.

Step 6- When it is ready, you will see the LDPlayer on the screen, and your desktop will get converted into an android device. Also, in the bottom right corner, you may find tools for the operating system.

How to uninstall

Now if you are unhappy with the service or want to uninstall the LDPlayer Emulator, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1- open your windows start menu and look out for the configuration option. After that, click on it.

Step 2- Now, inside the configurations, look out for the ‘applications’ option. Then click on it.

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Step 3- After that, find the LDPlayer app on that list. Select it and then choose to uninstall the app.

Step 4- Now, you will get a confirmation to uninstall the app. Continue with that and then wait for a while.

Step 5- As soon as the uninstall is done, you’ll be notified. And you are done!

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How to play PUBG using LDPlayer

  • Step 1- Firstly, you need to install LDPlayer, and once you are done with this, you will have to download the APK file of PUBG mobile. You can find this APK from anywhere on the internet.
  • Step 2- Next, you will have to bring the APK file to the LDPlayer by dragging it. Then you need to follow the installation process. Also, there is an LDstore from where you can easily download the APK for PUBG. If you download from there, it will automatically guide you to the installation process, which is almost similar. 
  • Step 3- After the installation is done, click on it to open it. Then, it will ask you to enter as a guest or Twitter or a Facebook user. You can choose anyone.
  • Step 4- Now, after these mandatory steps, when you open the game, it will ask you to set the location. This will help you to connect to the nearest server from you.
  • Step 5- Finally, you are ready to start the game and connect with other gamers as well.


The LDPlayer is an Emulator that is specifically designed for only Windows and Mac does not support it. Surely you may find some Emulator, which works for both, but this got to be the best for Windows. Another amazing emulator, you guys must have heard about is the BlueStacks. So you may ask how is LDPlayer different and better from it. Let’s know that too.

So basically, both of them are obviously softwares that tend to act as an alternative operating system of your device. Also, both of them allow downloading APKs, just by dragging them in the interface or to download the apps directly from the program. But for few, BlueStacks may appear to have more features as it works on the latest version. This will allow you access to many more games to play. Also, even if your mobile phone does not have the latest Android version, you could still play the latest games through BlueStacks on your PC.

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Along with that, it is available in more number of languages as compared to LDPlayer. But at the same time, BlueStacks may give many issues regarding the downloading of apps. Sometimes, it may abruptly stop working. However, we have another alternative for LDPlayer, known as NOX.

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NOX is an Emulator that is available for Windows and Mac both. Though, it is not available for Linux. Hence, using this emulator, you can even get the apps of Apple. Well, to be honest, it may not be as good as the BlueStacks, but it’s still one of the best emulators. But as like everything has two sides, NOX has too. It has been reported that while multitasking, the performance of NOX degraded. However, this is a fast Emulator and has numerous features with a neat interface to work on.

There are multiple other Emulators as well, like Remix OS player and AmiDuOS. Genymotion is another emulator that is particularly available for Linux.


The LDPlayer is an Android Emulator that is typically designed, keeping the gamers in mind. This emulator only focuses on Windows users and cannot be used in Mac. It is a fast software. This will give you the freedom to download all the Android APKs on your personal computer. The best advantage is for PUBG players, who play on mobile phones can play the same thing on their laptops. You could easily play any old game or download any Android app on your laptop as well. Even if your mobile phone is not having the latest Android, you could get the latest apps with you. We discussed all the features of an emulator as well. You also came across multiple alternatives for LDPlayer, even those which are compatible with Mac and Linux. For any new update regarding the LDPlayer, stay in touch with gossipfunda.