iPhone video format

We all are fond of images and video, and when it comes to Apple, then all of us are obsessed with apple cameras for taking videos and pictures. Anyhow, we know how good iPhone cameras are. Video helps us to capture a good memory or Moment at every instant. Apple iOS is the best software that makes its camera record high-quality videos and images. I must say IOS is one of the most powerful software in terms of mobile devices. The iPhone comes with a lot of functions related to pictures and videos. In images, you can capture them in Portrait mode, Night mode, and more. When it comes to videos, we have slow motion, time-lapse, etc. All these functions are essential in almost every iPhone version and Android phone, but the quality and assurance that Apple provides are. iPhone video format has different format, we will see some below.

A Lot of Video formats are provided by Apple on the device. You can convert the videos into mp4 and mp3. Different iPhone video format sizes are also available on the device. Mainly all the versions of the iPhone have different settings for video format. However, the iPhone only works with m4v, mp4, and MOV formats. Each Video format has video codec features like M-jpeg, vp9, H.264, and many more. Videos and images have different support versions to be accessed on the iPhone. Other models of iPhone can only open a specific type of video format, which we will see below, and this format is only supported by apple phones.

iPhone video format 

We will also see how to convert different Video formats with the help of some tools. The iPhone does have settings for video format, but few know this, and today we will discuss this as well. Now you know about the iPhone video format, and it’s time to discuss it in detail. So, Grab all the information from this article to apply it in the future. Now we will see the different aspect of iPhone video format.

File Format for iPhone videos

iPhone built-in file formats are limited, but we can download some formats also from the internet to enhance the video quality. Every video on the internet that you download is based on different formats, and if you have downloaded a video from YouTube, then its format is FLV. If we think of Apple, then only a certain number of formats are supported by iPhone devices, so first, find out what type of format Apple supports. Further, it will help you identify the video which you want to play on your iPhone. For your knowledge, I will share some formats which the iPhone supports are H.265, MPEG-4, H.265, M4V, MOV, and JPEG format. 

Recorded video Format

Have you ever found out how the iPhone records your video and in what format? I know you all were busy taking selfies and videos, But not to worry, I will explain to you about the format of the recorded video. Everyone records something on the device, either about a funny moment or a profound moment, but I wonder what when you record something then what format it supports. MOV format is the default recording supported on the iPhone, mainly for versions older than iPhone 6.

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Although you have an iPhone 7 or higher model, then you got 2-3 options of format. HEVC OR H. 264 MOV, you can decide what to use as per performance, and for an iPhone 8 and higher, the default format option is HEVC. HEVC refers to High-efficiency video coding. HEVC format is suitable for compressing video files. At last, the new versions of the iPhone, which are 13 and 13 pro or 14 and 14 pro, use SDR and HDR for video recording. Now I will tell you about the procedure for changing the video format option.

  • Open the setting of the iPhone.
  • Find the Camera option.
  • Now click on the Format button on it.

Now, You will get two options that are most compatible, and the second is High efficiency. You can decide what to use for your device.

Unsupported Format Video Converter

Apple iPhone supports limited Video format, and it makes it difficult for a user to open all the files because every file format is different, and apple does not support all. Do we have a solution to this? Yes, we have, and I will share it with you as well. Suppose you have a video file in the format as FLV, WMV, or MKV, but the problem is that Apple won’t open these files because it does not support this format. Anyhow you can convert these unsupported files to MP4 for solid compatibility. Well, you need Video converter software in order to convert this file. We have two options. First, Wondershare uniconvertor, and second are Flexclip. All of these software helps us to convert video formats. Let us understand the working of both the software. 

video convert

Wondershare uniconvertor

We need reliable tools that we can trust, and The Uniconvertor app, which supports more than 1000 plus formats, is here to help us. It is a unique software that uses high-speed conversion without troubling your system processor. This has many other tools that can help you in need. First, download and install this software from your browser. 

  • Open the app on your mac
  • Now you see the Click icon in the convertor option; just click on it
  • Import the video from your storage in the converter window by clicking on the open box icon.
  • The selected video will appear in the converter
  • Click on it to enable the setting option. Now go to the device tab and select the apple option.
  • Again click on the iPhone model which you have from the right panel.
  • After selecting, go back to the main window and define a particular path at the bottom 
  • Press on convert, and it will convert your file to MP4.

I hope you have understood the method to convert your unsupported video into a supported iPhone video format. However, we will see one more app working in the next paragraph.

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Many apps available worldwide for converting video formats. One of the best benefits is we can use it online on its website. It also does the same thing as uniconvertor does, which is that it can convert files like WMV, FLV, or MKV to MP4, which Apple supports. It converts the videos to high quality, and the process is quick as well. Let’s see how to convert an unsupported video format to a supported one.

  • Go to the Flexclip website and open the video converter
  • Drop the video which you want to convert.
  • Put the format as MP4 and use 1080p resolution.
  • Click on Start; now it will convert the video
  • It will automatically download the video to your system

Many other tools are also available on this flex clip website, like, text added in the video, trimming, and much more. I hope you have understood about video format converters.

Convert your videos to mp3

I know it’s strange, but you can convert your videos to mp3 on your iPhone, and also, it is too easy to convert to mp3. The good news is that in the Apple store, numerous apps are available that can help you with it. We will go through all the methods. iTunes feature allows you to convert videos to mp3. However, a Video converter can also be used to convert it into mp3. However, Siri shortcuts can also be used on mac for a better option.

  • Click on the iTunes window and open it
  • Find menu bar at right, click on edit > preference > general > import
  • Select audio format to convert video.
  • Again select mp3
  • Save the setting while closing the preference tab
  • Open the video file on the mac and change its extension to M4A and drag it to iTunes
  • Again, open the iTunes window and go to the library 
  • Find the M4A video file, select the file and click on convert
  • Now it will create an MP3 version. Automatically iTunes will extract the file. 

The downloaded mp3 file will appear in the iTunes library. You can also find many online audio converters that provide free service. Online converters are suitable because they do not require any installation.  


All of you are now aware of the iPhone video format and how to convert the video, as I have covered every possible solution to it. All the methods which I have explained are better and more suitable; try any of the above techniques, and you will not regret it till the end. An iPhone video converter is necessary when your device has an unsupported video file and it is necessary to open the file, so in that case, you have to use any of the above methods or an online video converter to convert your file. A big thanks to Apple and its iPhone for providing high-quality video format and pictures. Moreover, your iPhone has an inbuilt setting for video format to get high-quality videos with high resolution

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Numerous other methods and apps available online but which we have talked about are widely used for daily purposes. The iPhone has its own limitations on various things. Like we can not share images or files through a sharing app, but besides all of these, iPhone devices are top-rated and comfortable to use. 

Is this method or tools free?

No, all the methods are not free. The apps which I have recommended are subscription based. However, you can use some functions for free on the app. There are some online converters available online for free, but I won’t recommend that at all because there is no such thing as free in this world. They will get access to your data and can sell it to 3rd parties for their profit. Paid tools are more trustworthy and reliable. So, I will suggest that you use paid tools only to ensure your privacy. 

Is it possible to save videos as MP4 on an iPhone?

You can save it with the help of a tool called spotlight search. This is an inbuilt app provided by Apple on the iPhone. You can find it on the home screen or app library. After that, scroll down and press on the camera option. Now, choose the format option at the top of the menu. So, the iPhone would use MP4 or JPEG format as the compatible one. Many other formats are also available on the iPhone, but as per my knowledge, JPEG and MP4 are the most used. We can save the video in any format by changing the setting as per your need. iPhone video quality is topmost if we compare it with other smartphones, and this makes it unique from others. Apple always tries to focus on quality over quantity for its users. 

What is the better video format?

If we are talking about the iPhone, then HEVC is considered to be the best format. Still, in general, Microsoft-developed technology AVI is said to offer the best higher quality. Still, its files are large compared to others. AVI files are supported by almost every company like YouTube, google, and Microsoft. Today everyone requires high-quality images and video, and Apple provides that for the user. 

Which is a Better resolution for the video?

Resolutions are pixels. So, higher the pixel > higher image and video quality. Basic resolutions are 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2040p etc. Generally, 720p and 1080p are more than enough for good-quality images and videos. If you want more resolution, then go for 2040 or even higher. As I said, your higher resolutions are for publishing videos online on different websites. The iPhone provides good resolution for its video and image. Pixels are used with a resolution to identify the quality.