iPhone not sending texts to android!

Users of the wildly popular iPhone wait impatiently for the release of new models of the device. However, this does not imply that the iPhone is a faultless gadget since customers have reported a number of issues with it, including the inability of the iPhone to send messages to devices other than the iPhone. Many individuals have complained bitterly about not being able to SMS persons who don’t have iOS. Users of iOS frequently experience this irritating issue. Fortunately, any issue can always be solved. We have provided numerous solutions for iPhone not sending texts to android to you to attempt in this post so that you may get rid of this bothersome issue.

It’s a regular issue, and there may be a variety of causes for the iPhone to be unable to send messages to an Android smartphone. Whatever the cause, we have gathered a list of remedies below that should easily remedy this issue. So without further ado, let’s begin.

The primary cause of the problem

Your iPhone may not be able to receive texts for a number of reasons. We’ve provided a few. Please leave.

First off, the sender can’t transmit messages since your iPhone doesn’t have a strong signal.

There is no “no service” issue affecting your device.

The wrong number could also be the blame for the iPhone not getting messages from a certain individual. A country code like “00(country code)” or “+(country code)” should not be used.

The problem might appear if iOS is not updated.

Make sure SMS is enabled

On iOS, messages may be sent via iMessage (iPhone to iPhone), SMS, or MMS (iPhone to Android). They may be easily recognized by one another based on color. SMS messages appear in green bubbles, whereas iMessages do so in blue. However, you must select the Send as SMS option in order for your Apple iPhone to send out text messages to non-Apple users.

  1. So, let’s see what can you so
  2. Launch Settings.
  3. Click Messages.
  4. Switch on Send as SMS.
  5. Make sure to activate MMS Messaging if you use MMS.

It’s done now. Go to step 3 if the problem persists and your iPhone is still unable to text your Android phone

Verify your mobile plan and SIM card.

Make sure you have enough network coverage because SMS technology relies on a cellular network to transmit text messages. You can take out and re-insert your SIM card in order to troubleshoot.

Additionally, be sure to review your cell phone plan. It’s possible that you don’t have a texting option at all. We are aware that this is a somewhat uncommon situation, however, SMS is often not free in many places throughout the world, especially with prepaid plans. Prior to doing the following action, keep it in mind.

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Setup your network again

If none of the above actions were successful, your last option is to reset the network settings on your iPhone. By carrying out this action, all network settings will be restored to their default values. According to user feedback, most people who experienced the issue were helped by this move.

The network settings on your iPhone may be reset as follows:

  1. Click on Settings.
  2. Click General.
  3. Choose Reset from the list’s bottom option.
  4. Activate Reset Network Settings.

Examine the recipient number

It’s possible that you have blacklisted the phone number where you wish to send the message. Because of this, Android cannot receive SMS from an iPhone.

  1. To start, launch the Settings app on your iPhone, then select Messages.
  2. Next, navigate to Blocked. Here, see if the phone number is in the list of blocked numbers, and if so, delete it.

Make sure to get in touch with your service provider (carrier) and ask them to verify why your iPhone is still not able to send SMS to Android smartphones.

Change 2g

The iPhone 7 (or any other model) may not be getting SMS from Android due to 3G or LTE issues. Therefore, if the issue persists, try switching to 2G.

  1. Go to “Settings” and then “Cellular.”
  2. Make sure cellular data is enabled.
  3. Select “Voice & Data” under “Cellular Data Options.”
  4. Choose “2G.”

Upgrade ios 

Have you ever been up to date with your iPhone’s iOS with the cutting-edge version? If not, it may also be the motive for this bothersome difficulty you are having. check and update the software on your iPhone to clear up the difficulty.

  1. Open the Folder on a Mac running macOS to get started. Open iTunes on a Mac or PC using macOS or an earlier version. Find out which version of macOS is installed on your Mac.
  2. Your computer and device must be connected.
  3. Follow the onscreen directions If a notice asks you to trust this computer or enter your device passcode. Get help if you’ve forgotten your passcode.
  4. When it appears on your computer Choose your device. Learn what to do if your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch isn’t responding or turning on. If your phone does not appear on your computer, seek support.
  5. Click to restore Your device. (If you are logged in to find my iPhone you must be signed out  before clicking restore)*
  6. To confirm, click Restore again. Your computer will wipe out all of your data while also updating the software on your iPod, iPad, or iOS device.
  7. Your device will reboot the moment factory settings are restored. It is now possible to set it up as a new one.

Reset network configuration

Resetting your iPhone’s network settings is a different solution you can try if your iPhone won’t send texts to non-iPhone devices. If there is a network issue, this will resolve the issue.

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone, then select “General.”
  2. Next, select “Reset Network Settings” under the “Reset” menu.
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Deregister iMessage.

Shifted to a non-iPhone smartphone from an iPhone? It’s possible that you can’t receive text messages from your iPhone since they are transmitted as iMessages. This happens when you insert your sim card on other non-iPhone devices from your iPhone if you don’t turn off your iMessage.The only course of action in this circumstance is to deregister iMessage.. Using your iPhone or online, you can:

On an iPhone, unregister iMessage:

  1. Put the SIM card from your old iPhone that you’ve moved to an Android device into your current iPhone to unregister iMessage.
  2. Make sure you are linked to the cellular data network.
  3. Next, choose “Settings” and then “Messages,” where “iMessage” should be turned off.

          I hope your issue has been resolved by all these options.

But still failed to work,Steps to Take

It’s time to consult the specialists if you’ve tried all of the aforementioned solutions and your iPhone is still unable to send text messages. Make a tech assistance appointment at the Apple Store.

Here are a few more methods for resolving the problem.

android can assist you if you wish to easily transfer text messages from an iPhone to an Android device. This fantastic program was created by iMobie to make it so simple to transfer text messages from an iPhone to a device that isn’t an iPhone. You may use the computer to very wisely control all of the material on your Android phone.

Android Messages Management with android

Want to move your old iPhone’s text messages or iMessages to your new Android phone? This article will demonstrate how to move text messages and iMessages from an iPhone to an Android device. No cost Download

These are the primary characteristics:

  1. Text messages may be quickly transferred from an iPhone to an Android or other non-Apple smartphone.
  2. There won’t be any data loss throughout the transfer process, so you may transfer data without worrying that you’ll lose the data already on your device.
  3. In addition to texts, it can move images, contacts, movies, and many other sorts of files from an iPhone to an Android device.
  4. Data transmission between Android and Mac or PC is also possible, in addition to iPhone to Android.
  5. It works with a variety of Android devices, including those made by Google, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and many more.

Here is a guide on how to move text messages out of an apple to an Android phone using android:

Step 1: Access the official AnyDroid website and download the application to your PC. Next, use digital cords to connect your iPhone and Android phones to the PC. Choose Android Mover next, then choose iOS to Android.

Step 2: Next, click the “Next” button to start the process of transferring data from an iPhone to an Android device. Here, pick the Messages option from the interface of managing files by category.

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Gratitude for reading We hope that using this guide’s remedies will enable you to fix your iPhone. problems with not sending a text to Android Please get in touch with us if you have any more inquiries or need help We would be delighted to assist and also Your Android phone can be the source of the problem. In that instance, formatting your Android smartphone will be necessary to ensure its error-free operation.


iPhone unable to receive a text from android

Android text messages to iPhones are not being received. 1 1. Turn on group messaging and MMS. Sending and receiving SMS Text Messages on your iPhone that is supported by your carrier requires that MMS messaging be enabled. Check Blocked Numbers in Step 2. Verify Send/Receive Settings in step three. Reset your network settings. Old message threads should be deleted.

Is it possible to SMS my Android phone from my iPhone?

Use a different messaging app that you may download on both phones if you wish to send messages over WiFi from an iPhone to an Android phone. Normal messages will be sent via the cellular network until you have this system configured and use this software to send and receive messages from the Android phone.

Why can’t my iPhone send messages?

Ensure that you are linked to a Wi-Fi or cellular data network. Depending on the method you’re trying to use, check that iMessage, Send as SMS, or MMS Messaging is enabled under Settings > Messages. Learn about the many communication formats available.

Why am I unable to SMS a non-Apple phone?

Try these troubleshooting procedures if you are unable to send SMS messages to a non-Apple phone: Ensure that you are linked to a Wi-Fi or cellular data network. Depending on the method you’re trying to use, check that iMessage, Send as SMS, or MMS Messaging is enabled under Settings > Messages.

Why can’t I receive group messages on my iPhone?

Your smartphone will send a group text as a group iMessage, a group MMS, or a group SMS message depending on your settings, the kind of network connection, and your carrier plan. There are several causes for your inability to receive group texts on your iPhone.

iPhone text to android not delivered

Please verify the iMessage status to ensure they are functioning correctly if the iPhone message is not sent to the Android device. To view iMessages current status: Verify the iMessage symbol is green by selecting iMessage Status and clicking on it. 6. Switch back on iMessage.