iPhone Black Screen: Why It Happens and How to Fix It?

Most iPhone users are aware of such a problem as a black screen. What are we talking about? In practice, it looks like the smartphone is working, but the screen is black so such a problem makes the device useless. But why does it occur and how can you get rid of it? Fortunately, in some cases, you can get rid of such a problem without expert help. So, below you will discover why it happens and also get some tips to help you fix the black screen.

What Are the Reasons for an iPhone Black Screen?

So, iPhone users can face such a problem as a black screen. What is more, it doesn’t matter what the model of the device is. iPad users can face such a problem too. As for the reasons that lead to such a problem, experts identify several possible causes why this may happen.

Hardware Problem

The tech experts highlight the hardware problems as the most common reason for the black screen. When there are any malfunctions in the iPhone hardware components, it can be the reason for a black screen. When the user drops the device the most common result is a black screen too. If your iPhone is not waterproof, dropping it into the water can result in a black screen as well. Also, sometimes problems can be related to the battery of your device.

iPhone Black Screen: Why It Happens and How to Fix It?

As you understand, solving such a problem as a black screen is possible with the help of experts. You can contact online experts that can help with any troubleshooting starting from how to fix red eye on iPhone to the black screen, and we, in the meanwhile, will proceed with the next possible reasons and proven solutions.

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Software Problem

If it’s not a hardware problem, then it must be a software one. Incomplete versions of iOS can cause your iPhone to show a black screen of death. If you recently downloaded the wrong iOS update or didn’t perform a software update on your device, this might be the cause of the iPhone’s black screen.

Other possible causes for an iPhone black screen include an issue with a specific app, an unstable Internet connection, or a broken charger. Now you know about the possible causes of the iPhone’s black screen. So, it is time to find some solutions.

How to Fix the Black Screen Problem?

If you are facing such a problem as a black screen then there are several ways that can help you fix the issue.

Force Restart Your iPhone

If the iPhone does not respond to any buttons or commands and only shows a black screen, then such a procedure as a forced restart can solve the problem. A forced restart reboots the device, apps, and programs. It can fix bugs and malware issues that might be the reason for the iPhone’s black screen.

Hot tip: When the Apple logo is displayed on the screen, it is worth leaving the iPhone to boot and check if the black screen problem is resolved.

Check Out Battery Problems

When the battery power is low, the iPhone turns off and the screen turns black. You can always check the iPhone battery level in the settings. If the phone works after connecting the charger but doesn’t work without it, then the possible reason is problems with the battery. Most likely you will need to replace the battery.

Hot tip: Try to replace the charger with the new one so as to exclude the problem due to the broken charger.

Try Out iTunes to Restore an iPhone

Another way to solve the iPhone black screen issue is to restore your iOS device using iTunes. This method works to fix black screens that are caused by software issues and other malware issues. You should only use this method as the last one, because it may result in data loss.

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Hot tip: Back up your important data and files from your iPhone to iCloud before restoring your phone with iTunes.

Additional Reasons and Tips to Solve the Black Screen

There are some additional reasons that can cause a black screen. Check out them and try out the tips to solve the black screen problem.

iPhone Freezes with Black Screen

There are situations when the iPhone is working: the user hears incoming calls and notifications but the screen color is black. In this case, the phone may heat up too. What to do in such a case?

Usually, the problem goes away after you force restart your iPhone. If it didn’t lead to anything, then you should contact the service center for a complete diagnosis and subsequent repair of the smartphone.

Hot tip: An unstable internet connection can also cause such a problem. Most often this happens when watching videos from Youtube or Netflix. The only way out in this situation is to try to download the video again when the Internet connection is stable.

The App Problems or System Crashes

In the case when you launch a specific app and the screen turns black or only the Apple logo is displayed, then the problem lies precisely in this application. How to troubleshoot it? Go to the App Store and update this app to the latest version if it is possible. After that, it is recommended to restart the iPhone.

Hot Tip: If there is no update available or updating the app did not help, then you will need to update iOS. Don’t forget to back up your data before updating the system.

Wrapping Up

So, such a problem as a black screen may occur due to a software or hardware issue. Don’t worry if you will face such an issue. All you need to do is solve such a problem with the above tips. Even if you will not succeed with the above tips, you still can contact experts that will fix the problem quickly so that you will be able to use your device without any obstacles.