iPhone 15 pro best Specifications Rumors

We live in an era where we are excited about things that aren’t available or haven’t been decided yet. Yes, we are talking about iPhone 15 Pro model as some assumptions have been made by analyst jeff up, that stated that Cupertino is testing prototypes and components samples of 5* telephoto lens in the all-new model. When iPhone 14 is yet to launch in 2022, Why are people so excited about the iPhone model that is yet to release in 2023? People are excited as they are very eager for the new telephoto lens, and through some research, we’ve found out that the maker of this lens would be late optics that will be making 100 million units just for Apple solely, but it is not the first time that Apple iPhone is rumored to have a periscope lens.  

iPhone 15 pro best Specifications Rumors

Why are people excited about the new periscope lens?

A report published by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated. Apple was working on including a periscope lens for improved optical zoom. In some simple words basically, a periscope lens is a type of lens that permits the lens to be much longer than a telephoto lens, resulting in improved optical zoom. But we should also note that Periscope lenses aren’t new and are already available on a handful of Android smartphones, but Apple is traditionally trying to perfect a feature before implementing it. So Apple is trying very hard for the new periscope lens as the new lens will completely change the game for the new iPhone 15 Pro camera.

Various specifications

Let us look at the predicted specifications of the iPhone 15 pro model:

Key specifications

ProcessorA15 Bionic
Ram8 GB
DisplayOled Immersive Display


KeysLeft: volume key, other: Right lock, unlock
MaterialsBack: Glass, Frame: Stainless steel
ResistanceWater, Splash, Dust, IP68


Internal Memory128GB,256GB,512GBVariants
Expandable memoryNO


Socket typeType-c
Type of chargingFast charging


BackGlass back with Matt finish
ColorRed, Black, Sierra Blue, Yellow


The iPhone15 provides us with a 6.53” super retina Oled display with a screen resolution of 390*844 and a native resolution of 1170*2532 that is built with an Xcode of 12.1 so that our apps will be correctly sized in the new device. The best thing in the pro model is that the area inset at the top of the device is slightly larger than the height of the status bar. So it does not leave the point gap between the bottom of the status bar and the top of the safe area. The pixels per inch in the pro model are 560. So we can also get to see more clear and valuable images on the new iPhone.


The height that is being provided in the iPhone 15 pro model is 146.7mm and has a width of 71.5mm. The mobile became sleeker with 6.8mm because of the periscopic lens. The phone is built with a Gorilla glass back. Also, the phone is water-resistant(up to 45 minutes in a depth of 6 meters)IP68 with dust-proof qualities. The phone feels very superior and tough in hand, and the company is also claiming that the glass back they are using is one of the toughest glass in the mobile phone industry.


The primary camera would be 12MP with an aperture of f/1.6 that provides us with a wide-angle lens and the secondary camera would be 12MP with an aperture of f/2.4 that gives us image and video in ultra-wide-angle. The sensor on the back of the lens helps us with image stabilization. Phase detection autofocus with triple autofocus is also provided. The image resolution this year is 4500*3500 Pixels. New camera modes are also provided this year, like iso control, High dynamic range mode, and burst mode. The video recording is also provided to us at 3840*2160@60fps.


  There is only a single camera provided in front with 12MP and an aperture of f/2.2 that provides us with ultra-wide-angle photos. Front-facing flash is also provided and the video recording through the front camera is at 3840*2160@24fps. Apple has stated this year that due to the new Bionic chip they are providing this year, the selfies would be more clear and crisp in the iPhone 15 pro model. The quality of low-light selfies could also improve due to the front-facing flash that is being provided this year.

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What are the changes made to the camera?

So as we know, Apple is providing us with a periscope lens. In addition to this feature, they have provided us with a front-facing flash so it can level up our selfie game and we can take it much clearer and more vibrant selfies even in the dark. In the rear, they have provided three cameras that include digital zoom, face recognition, auto flash, touch to focus with continuous panorama mode selection. This year Apple provided us with larger sensors that allow it to perform better in low light despite the lower resolution. This year Apple also provided us with optical image stabilization which will. Let us shoot crisp photos even at low shutter speeds—the lens has a better array of Depth-Map that will calculate the distance of the subject from the background.

Performance of iPhone 15 pro

It has Apple newest A17 Bionic chip with Hexa core (3.23 GHz, Dual-core processor Avalanche+1.82GHz, Quad-core, Blizzard) with a 64-bit processor and have a fabrication of 4nm and have an apple GPU(four-core graphics) and a RAM OF 10Gb and the Ram type is LPDDR4X. So in my opinion, this phone would be very great in the area of performance as it has all the necessary features and specs to be a great phone.


The new iPhone will have a dual sim slot and that will provide us with nano sim, yes dual sim slots, you heard it right. The thing we’ve all been waiting for is now being provided to us at last. The device would be 5G supported and both the sim slots would have 5G connectivity. The SAR value of the head is 1.18W/KG and for the body, it would be1.19W/KG.The wifi connectivity would be 802.11, a/ac/ax/b/g/n/n with nano connectivity.The GPS this year is A-GPS, Glonass. This year NFC is also provided in this phone.


So, Apple has done something very unexpected in the iPhone 15 Pro models. Apple will be now selling parts of this phone for the customers to repair at home, can you believe it! Neither have I believed that when I first heard about the statement released by the Apple company. The company will now sell parts, tools, and instructions on how to repair Apple products at home and it will be the first product to get DIY repairs at home.

Apple is calling this service a “Repair at home” service. Apple will be providing this feature only in the US for the current time and as per the scenario, they will be expanding this do-at-home (DIY) program in the other country. 


So, Apple ran a hell of a lot of tests on this model. The company has stated that for the new 15 pro model, they have run some new kinds of industry-leading strength tests that will be the new benchmark for the mobile phone sector.

  • Apple ran tests like AnTuTu:794348(V12) and Geek bench:4348(v5.3) for the performance.
  • For display contrast ratio was infinite(excellent) that was beyond expectations as per company officials also.
  • For the speaker, the LUFS rating was also -46.8, which was very good.

So Apple ran a whole lot of tests for the iPhone model 15 pro that made this phone a great choice as per the industry qualities.

New Siri features 

So Siri plays a very vital role in every iPhone user’s life as the AI is gracing the small part of the phone.

Siri helps the iPhone user to do the following things:

  • Make calls
  • Schedule appointments 
  • Set alarms 
  • Making a reservation in your favorites restaurant 
  • Solve math equations
  • Providing sports score
  • Sending money via apple pay
  • Checking for movie timing and ratings
  • Increase /decrease brightness 
  • Check the weather and many other features.

One new feature that is being provided in the iPhone 15 is that we can split a check or calculate the tip in a restaurant. Imagine how helpful it would be for us to split a bill or just calculate the tip in a restaurant. We could be saved from much of the hustle while we are trying to enjoy the food in the restaurant. One new feature that is also in the new iPhone 15 is that we can assign relationship statuses to our contacts.

New iOS 17 Features

The new feature brings out new features for FaceTime, Safari, weather, maps and many more web browsing apps. In the new iOS, Apple has also tried to reduce distractions that are caused by notifications. Also, In the new iOS upgrade, Siri is given just a whole new design and now Siri is also available in 15 different languages.

In the new upgrade, the voice of Siri can be changed to voices of celebrities like rock, Ryan Reynolds and many more celebrities. Maps are also given a new touch, as in the latest upgrade. We can see the maps with 3D modeling that show buildings, sidewalks, houses and many other aspects of the road. The weather app has also been redesigned that shows more accurate weather displayed dynamic layouts based on the weather conditions in that area.

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So Apple is also providing us with a new feature that is being called live text. As the name suggests, the live text is a feature that allows the user to use on-device intelligence to recognize text in a photo or a video. Imagine how helpful it would be for us to just click on the text in a photo and we get the information at the same time within seconds.

The spotlight feature has also been given an upgrade in the iPhone 15 pro model as users are complaining about glitches from the spotlight that have been occurring in the older iPhone models. So Apple has upgraded the spotlight feature that allows the users to not search for texts that are even stored in the videos or photos. Imagine how easy it would be for us if the new spotlight feature worked correctly in the upcoming model.


Having a bigger screen means more space for watching films, getting bigger resolutions in gaming for finding enemies, having more pictures, and having greater resolution and many different benefits will come from having a bigger screen. So yes, the iPhone 15 Pro has the biggest screen in all of the iPhone models till now. So within 

the price limit of $900, having a screen that is 6.83 inches, we get a lot of value for the money that we are giving in the phone. So we can say that it has one of the biggest screens that Apple has provided. But one question also arises to the mind of the people that having a bigger screen will reduce the life of the battery of our phone. So, the next topic would be.


Yes, having a big screen will genuinely affect the battery life, but a big thing that Apple has changed this year is increasing the battery capacity. Apple has provided us with a battery of 5000mAH that has introduced its battery life and it made the iPhone 15 Pro way ahead of its rivals.

The company officials have also said that having a bigger screen will not affect that much of battery life as they have used a new super hybrid liquid cooling technology for the screen that will make the screen cool faster and that will have a great impact on the battery as if the phone will become hotter then the battery will drain rapidly and vice-versa. So having a super hybrid liquid cooling technology is a great move by the company.


So, you may have heard many things about the new facial recognition technology that Apple is using in the new iPhone.Basically, the new facial recognition technology has three main uses that are:

  1. It will recognize the mobile owner even in a dark atmosphere where there is a lack of light, so the flash will automatically be opened so the owner’s face can be seen correctly.
  2. Imagine someone is trying to sneak into your phone, but he/she doesn’t know your password. If that person enters your password incorrectly two times, then the AI will automatically sense that and will click the image of the intruder who is trying to sneak into your phone and will automatically send that image to the owner’s Gmail account and will send the image directly to the owner’s apple watch.
  3. Imagine a situation where you see a beautiful flower or have seen something or something architecturally very marvelous, or you couldn’t remember your relative name. You have to do just one thing in that situation, just take your phone out and click the image of that flower of your relative(be sneaky while doing that) and the AI will automatically search for that flowers name and will tell about its history or the AI in the new face recognition technology look for that person in you camera reel and will also search for that person in your social media and will inform you about his/her name.


We all know that charging our phone the whole night before going to work will drastically affect our battery life and will damage our battery very much. So Apple has introduced a new battery optimization feature in the new iPhone 15 pro that will help us to maintain our battery life. We can lock our phone charging capacity to 80% and 100%as per our need, and the phone will stop charging at that percentage and will stay at that battery percentage when we take the charger out. So now you can safely charge your phone the whole night without affecting battery health.


Sleep deprivation is one of the major problems a lot of people are facing these days. Many people get less efficient due to lack of sleep, and long-time sleep deprivation may cause many sleeping problems. One simple cure to this problem is basically just getting a good amount of sleep. So Apple, in the new iPhone, has come up with a feature that is called a Bedtime feature or, said by many peoples, a way to get a good sleep. So by using this new feature, we can set a timer of specific hours for a specific time and a bedtime app that will be connected to our apple watch.

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We see our sleeping pattern, and it will wake us up after that amount of time. Think of it as if you want to get eight hours of sleep, so you select that amount of time in some period, and by processing this information, the app will wake you up after the set time limit, that is, in this case, is eight hours. This feature can be helpful to a lot of people and could work miraculously for some people who are trying to just get a night of better sleep.

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Think of this new feature as a translator who stays in your pocket anytime, every time, anywhere. The new translator feature in the new iPhone 15 Pro will work effortlessly and will become your translator on the go. I know what you all are thinking is that we can do the same thing on the web browser. But just remember all the hassle we have to go through to do that. Firstly we have to copy that sentence, then paste it into the box shown there, after that selecting the language and then waiting for an answer.

So long a process, Apple has reduced all the hassle as we now have to just basically select the text which we want to convert and to which language we want to convert. Our task is over, and we will get the translated language within the blink of an eye. This feature would be great for a person who is trying to learn a new language and will come up with new words every day.


There is a very famous quote we hear all the time is “health is wealth,” and that is indeed true. Without health, we cannot enjoy anything in our life as one of the best and most important things that have been provided to us in our health and life. Without having a healthy and happy life, one cannot enjoy the other aspects of his/her life. Apple has done some very tremendous work on its health app as in the health app there comes to a new feature that will track our health 24*7 and will look for our heart rate and oxygen level and tell us if we want to suffer a fall.

This app will also remind us to participate in activities around us that are beneficial for our health and will help to book appointments to the hospitals for regular checkups. These are some of the very important iPhone 15 pro specifications.


It will have a bigger display and battery than its other predators. We get to shift the sensor stabilization for the front-rear camera, and Apple has also increased the quality and pixels of the photos. Apple has introduced a new camera mode that will allow us to make videos out of photos in the panorama mode. Beyond that, the new Industry-leading Bionic chip Wii delivers excellent performance. One backdrop that I could see in the iPhone 15 is that Apple provides us with storage of only 512 Gb. With 10Gb of RAM in this phone and the new bionic chip, it will be very much for the users to get immersive gameplay.

My Views

Apple has been working day and night on this phone to make it one of the best phones to be ever produced in their mobile lineup history. They have included many new specs and features in the phone like the new periscope camera, the new rear camera, flashlight on the front of the camera for providing brighter and crisp pictures in the dark. They have also worked on providing new specs and dimensions for their new users.

Apple has done some tremendous upgrades on the new iOS that they are providing in the new model. Apple officials have also stated that the new A17 Bionic chip that is being used in the phone is by far the best chipset ever made for a phone. So, if you are looking for a new premium flagship phone should be on your list.

Why iPhone 15 Pro could be a Game changer

It could be a game-changer in this league as it is one of the few iPhone models that are available within the price range of $899 and have these many outstanding qualities. Apple is planning to bring a new periscope lens this year, which will help its users in taking immersive pictures. Apple has also set the bar as they are planning on launching this phone at a very competitive price of $899, which is very rarely seen from a company like Apple as they are a type of company that doesn’t sell its product for Cheap rates. So we all should be excited for the new Apple iPhone 15 pro that is going to be launched in 2023.