iPhone 12 pro tips and tricks

There are many iPhone 12 pro tips and tricks, which will surely make you look tech-savvy. The iPhone 12 when first released has the iOS 14, which was way ahead of its previous OS. The number of models released in the iPhone 12 series is Apple iPhone 12, Apple iPhone 12 Pro, Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, and Apple iPhone 12 Mini. Along with the bundled launch, Apple also mentioned some cool features it has added to the iOS. These tips and tricks not only make things faster for you but also enhance your user experience.

Everyone who uses a mobile phone wants to take full advantage of it, especially when you are using the iPhones, which are the costliest phones. Let us try to know and unlock some iPhone 12 pro tips and tricks which make you look tech savvy and make you have a great user experience.

Multiple Face IDs

We can use the “Set up an Alternate Appearance” feature in the Face IDs section to have multiple Face IDs on your phone. By default, we have only one face to unlock the iPhone. So alternate appearance can be used by the same user to add the faces in different conditions, like in a mask, etc. This feature helps recognize your Face in conditions where you look drastically different.

So we can use this feature to add another Face ID to the device. For example, your child is using your phone and you want to monitor what he is doing, but you are unable to unlock it due to the Face ID, in such cases you can set up your face to unlock using this feature. So the steps to set up the alternate appearance are:

  • Go to the settings on your iPhone.
  • Navigate to the Face IDs and Passcode.
  • In this section, you can see “Set up an Alternate Appearance.”
  • Click on it and follow the instructions by the phone to add an alternate appearance.
iPhone 12 pro tips and tricks

LiDAR sensor in the measure app

The iPhone 12 pro has a LiDAR sensor, to the people who do not know what LiDAR is, let me brief you about it, It stands for Light Detection and Ranging. It is a method to detect the ranges using a pulsed laser, which is transparent in nature. Many people do not know about the measure app and how it works, it is used to measure objects. The LiDAR sensor is useful to take wide-angle images, portrait shots, and night photos. We can use this sensor to accurately measure the height of the person and room. This works like a measuring tape in real life, making the measure app more useful. This comes with the pre-installed app only.

Back Tap and set an action

Back tap is the best thing we are going to talk about in the article iPhone 12 pro tips and tricks. This action lets you invoke an action on your phone by just tapping on the back of your phone. You can either start your favorite app, bring up a setting, or some feature onto the screen. We can either use double tap or triple tap to do this. This feature helps you in settings a shortcut very easily. To enable this feature and choose an action:

  • Head over to the settings app on your iPhone.
  • Navigate to the Accessibility section.
  • Click on Touch in the Accessibility section.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and turn on the Back Tap feature.
  • After enabling the feature, we need to select the action and also whether you want the Double or the Triple tap.

Create shortcuts using the Shortcuts app

The iPhone has a pre-installed app called shortcuts app, with this we can set up some actions based on the features you would like and these shortcuts make it easier for users to use the phone efficiently. All we have to do is set up some instructions and actions on the shortcut app and the phone will create an action based on it. Steps to create a shortcut using the shortcut app on the iPhone:

  • Open the Shortcuts app.
  • In my shortcuts section, click on the plus (+) icon to add an action.
  • Search for the actions using the search bar, we can also add multiple actions if we want to use the same process.
  • When you are done with creating the shortcut, give it a name and click on Next to save it.
  • The shortcut is created and you can use it to perform the action you want it for.
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The shortcuts can save a lot of time along with the battery too since you are directly invoking the action rather than going to the app. Another cool thing is that we can add these shortcuts to the home screen of your phone. After creating the shortcut, click on the options to add the shortcut to the home screen, and tap done to confirm the action.

Custom app icons

How cool it would it be if you could customize the app icons on your phone. The IOS 14 lets you customize the app icons and can also add them to your home screen too. We can sue the third-party apps available on the App Store to get them done.

  • Select a third-party, that you think is best suitable for customizing the app icons.
  • Do good research before selecting the app and installing it. Make sure you are not downloading any apps which could bring external malware into your iPhone.
  • Open the app and see the icon packs present in the app.
  • Use the tools available on the app to edit the icons and personalize them according to your taste.
  • Download those files into your phone, and use the Safari browser to download since they have some protecting policies which could help detect any external malware.
  • After downloading a pop-up indicating the action will be displayed on the screen.
  • This action will download a theme onto your phone, we have to enable this theme to see the customized apps.
  • Go to the settings-> navigate to the general settings-> Click on Profile.
  • In this section, you can see the downloaded theme, and click on install to see the customized apps.

Cool Control Center

The control center in the IOS 14 is equipped with many other features other than the basic settings. let us see some of them.

  1. Different brightnesses for the flashlight, we can set up different brightnesses for the flashlight, open the control center, and long press on the flashlight to see a bar where you could change the brightness.
  2. TV remote feature to control the Apple TV, all we need to do is connect it to the TV, and can be used anytime.
  3. We can access the calculator from the control center.
  4. Some other features include the dark/ light mode, timer, announced messages with Siri, low power mode, creating a new note, screen recording, microphone settings, etc.
  5. Another thing while writing notes, we can change the text size directly from the control center.

Camera Tips and Tricks

The new iPhone is not only equipped with great sensors but also has many unknown features to enhance your photo and video-taking skills. The iPhone 12 pro tricks and tips. Let us know some of the features that are inbuilt into the camera.

Basic Camera settings:

  1. Hold the camera button to convert the photo-taking mode into video mode. We can also lock it by dragging the button to the right and leaving it there until the duration of the video.
  2. If you want to take photos in between the video recording, tap on the lock to click the instant pictures.
  3. To get the Photo burst, drag the camera button to the left and hold it there to click a bunch of photos.
  4. Switch on the grid in the camera settings to place the camera better while taking photos.
  5. Use the Mirror Front Camera to get the actual photos, rather than a flipped photo.
  6. We can capture the pictures in night mode from the iPhone 11 series itself. But the new version lets the users capture night photos with the Ultra-Wide lens. The new feature can capture 27% more light than the previous one.

Video settings:

  1. In the video mode, we can change the different settings like frame rate per second, they are available in two modes, 30 fps, and 60 fps. We can change the video quality also, the available ranges are from 240 to 2K pixels.
  2. We also have different video modes like portrait, slow motion, instant zoom options, etc.
  3. We can adjust the zoom using a scale, which appears when we click on the zoom options.
  4. The video editing options include the “Quick Take”, this feature is helpful in taking short videos. We can do it in video mode by using the shutter icon. Just press it whenever you want and take a quick take and release the shutter button to resume the normal video taking.
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Additional Camera features for Photos and Videos:

  1. You can preserve the settings in the camera, let’s just say you have used some modes to take a video or a photo and you want them to stay on the phone whenever you want to use the camera. The preserved settings will do that, if not enabled, the app will open with the default modes.
  2. We can take the videos in 10-bit HDR mode in the iPhone 12 Pro Max, this feature is only available in this model only. This gives access to Dolby Vision for the video mode.
  3. To enable this go to the settings, navigate to the record video and scroll down and choose the HDR mode. The Pro Max also has the sensor shifting mode, which makes like 5000 micro adjustments per second while recording the videos.
  4. We can do facetime calls at 1080p on the iPhone 12 using the 5G. To enable Facetime at 1080p, go to the settings, navigate to the cellular settings and grant permission to your phone to use more data while using facetime at 1080p. You can anyhow make 5G calls using the Wi-Fi


The new IOS has some really cool gestures which make it easy and less time-consuming.

  1. Instead of scrolling through your phone to access all the apps on the home screen, we can just click on the dots to rotate between the screen or just hold the buttons and swipe your finger to change between the different slides.
  2. If we just drag the screen from the bottom until the middle of the screen, the recent apps will pop up. So instead of removing them one by one, we can remove three of them at once using the three fingers, adjust the recent apps and put our fingers on the screen, and swipe them up.
  3. Converting your keyboard into a cursor, when you are typing and you are unable to change to the desired place using the finger, just hold the keyboard and it will automatically turn into the cursor. Move it anywhere on the paragraph to the desired place.


Apple’s privacy protection policy is one of the best things about the IOS. Apple has enhanced this thing by adding the app privacy and data-linked details. These iPhone 12 pro tips and tricks will blow your mind.

Data Apps collect on your phone

Just open the App Store and select the app you want to see and the details about all the personal information these apps will collect from you will be notified to you. This feature helps you in tracking all information you are giving to the third-party apps and the information they are taking without your consent. For example, META (previously Facebook), scroll down in the App Store to see the details, you can see all the tracking information like purchases, financial info, contacts, search history, browse the history, usage data, sensitive info, location, diagnostics, etc.

You can check these details for all the apps like Instagram, Tiktok, etc. These apps do collect more information than required, so be aware of these things using this feature before giving permissions to such apps.

Camera and Microphone Access

The other privacy tool is the green dot and the orange dot, whenever you are using the camera a green dot will appear on the top right corner of the screen, and similarly, whenever the microphone is in use the orange dot appears. This helps you in knowing which apps are using the camera and the microphone. If you are doubtful about any app, you can restrict access to those apps using the settings. If you see the dots without using any app, that could mean some app is using your microphone or camera without your permission.

Hiding the Hidden Album

Hiding personal photos is another thing Apple IOS 14 has, in the previous models we can hide photos using the hidden album feature in the Photos app. To hide particular photos, open the photos app, use the “select” feature and mark all the photos you wish to hide, and click on the share button at the bottom of the screen.

After this action, you will see different sharing options, in those tap on “hide” to move to the hidden album. This feature exists in the previous versions also, the difference is we can see the hidden album at the bottom of the home page on the photos app.

In the new version, we can hide the hidden album too. This increases your privacy, since your phone is your personal thing and you want it to yourself, the photos are also something people wish to hide from others. To hide the hidden album, go to the settings on the phone, navigate to the photos section and turn off the toggle beside the hidden album to make it disappear from the photos app.

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Magsafe Accessories for iPhone 12

Magsafe is a new method of charging the iPhones, it is a process of wireless charging for the new iPhone 12 series. We need to connect the charger to a magnet-like thing at the back of the phone to charge it. The iPhone 12 series has a bunch of Magsafe accessories like Magsafe wallets, Magsafe chargers, Magsafe cases, and more, which we can use at the back of the phone to make the iPhone more useful.

All we need to do is stick these at the back to work, the charger starts the charging without any cable, we can use a MagSafe case and charge it from above the case.

Purchase a 20W power adapter to charge the iPhone 12 phones

From the iPhone 12 series, Apple won’t be supplying the chargers with the phone. Apple has stated that it is due to environmental reasons but they are doing this to earn extra money by selling those products separately at higher prices. To solve this or rather than spending extra money on the adapters we can use the old chargers of 20W since they use a USB-C cable for fast charging and they charge at almost 4x speed as the 5-10W chargers. The price is very low when compared to the Apple ones, but gives you almost the same experience. Buy devices online rather than spend huge money on Apple chargers for fast charging.

Streaming Content and Playing XBOX using iPhone


Airplay is a tool that lets you stream HDR content on the Apple Tv. We need to connect our devices using Bluetooth. We have to connect and play the video on our phone and this action plays the same video on the TV, also known as Screen Mirroring. The control panel has an overlapping rectangles icon to enable the screen mirroring.


The Apple Arcade is a unique feature launched by Apple to foray into the gaming space, which is on the boom. This iPhone 12 pro tips and tricks let you unlock the gaming experience by allowing the users to connect to the PlayStation and XBOX.

  • Go to the settings.
  • Navigate to the Bluetooth settings.
  • Connect your device to the phone using Bluetooth, and press and hold it on both the PlayStation and on the device to share the screen.
  • Look for “Dual Shock 4 Wireless Controller” under Bluetooth settings.

New Features on iPhone 12 pro

Some other perks that could be handy in the IOS 14 are discussed below:

Reachability: The large screen phones have changed the way we use our phones, we need to use both hands to reach every corner of the screen. To make it easier for people to use with only one hand the app has brought the reachability mode. This feature brings the items from the tap of the screen to the middle so that the user can access those services using a single hand. We need to set up this function using the settings on your iPhone 12.

  • Go to the settings on the iPhone.
  • Navigate to the Accessibility.
  • Click on the Touch.
  • Turn On the toggle button beside Reachability.

The opaque mode in dark mode: The dark mode was already present in the iPhone 11, but the 12 comes with the opaque mode, this mode is compatible with the Super Retina XDR OLED display. We can access this setting under “Display and Brightness.”

Sound Recognition: This is another interesting accessibility feature on iPhone 12. We can set up the device to identify unique sounds like fire, running water, door knocks, birds, and people too. We can use this feature to identify low sounds or as an alarm while sleeping, etc.

These are some of the iPhone 12 pro tips and tricks, which are available on the iPhone 12 series. There are many more cool features included in the IOS 14, you can check up online and try them too. If you found this article useful, share this with your friends and family, so that they can also be tech-savvy. For more iPhone 12 pro tips and tricks, Visit TrickyFreaky.

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