iPhone 12 ear speaker not working

The iPhone 12, a lead gadget from Apple, has enthralled clients overall with its state of the art includes and smooth plan. In any case, even the most cutting edge innovation can experience issues, and one issue that some iPhone 12 clients have encountered is the ear speaker not working. This specific issue can be baffling as it upsets the capacity to settle on or get decisions, pay attention to voice messages, and take part in clear discussions.

We will investigate both programming and equipment factors that could add to the issue. By adhering to the bit by bit directions illustrated in this article, you can dispense with normal programming errors, guarantee legitimate settings, and decide if an equipment fix or substitution is vital. With this information, you’ll be prepared to handle the ear speaker issue on your iPhone 12 and reestablish its usefulness, permitting you to appreciate clear and continuous sound during calls and different exercises.

iPhone 12 ear speaker not working

Reasons for iPhone 12 Ear Speaker Not Working:

  • Programming Errors: Programming errors are in many cases the guilty party behind the ear speaker issue. These errors can happen because of different factors like obsolete programming, clashes with specific applications, or defiled framework documents.
  • Volume Settings: Once in a while, the ear speaker might give off an impression of being not working when the volume settings are excessively low or muffled.
  • Earphone or Bluetooth Availability: In the event that your iPhone 12 is associated with earphones or a Bluetooth gadget, the sound result may be diverted to them, making the ear speaker seem non-practical.
  • Obstructed or Messy Speaker Barbecue: The ear speaker barbecue on the highest point of your iPhone might collect soil, residue, or flotsam and jetsam over the long haul, obstructing sound result.
  • Equipment Harm: Actual harm to the ear speaker or other inside parts can make it breakdown. Potential purposes behind equipment harm incorporate drops, water openness, or assembling surrenders.
  • Sound Result Steering: The iPhone 12 has different sound result choices, and erroneous steering settings might make the ear speaker quit working.
  • Outsider Applications or Call Settings: Certain outsider applications or modified call settings could impede the ear speaker’s usefulness. Investigate by:
  • Reestablish or Processing plant Reset: When in doubt, reestablishing your iPhone or playing out a production line reset can be a final hotel.
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How to fix the error

Restart your iPhone:

Restarting your iPhone is a basic yet powerful method for settling transitory programming errors that might be causing the ear speaker issue. To restart, press and hold the Power button until the slider shows up. Slide the slider to drive off your iPhone. When it’s off, press and hold the Power button again until the Apple logo shows up, demonstrating that your gadget is restarting.

Update iOS:

Keeping your iPhone’s working framework exceptional is critical for ideal execution and bug fixes. To refresh your iOS, go to Settings > General > Programming Update. On the off chance that an update is accessible, you’ll see a brief to download and introduce it. Adhere to the on-screen directions to refresh your iPhone. This interaction requires a steady web association and adequate battery duration.

Really take a look at volume settings:

Guarantee that the volume level on your iPhone isn’t set excessively low or muffled, as it might give the feeling that the ear speaker isn’t working. Utilize the volume buttons on your iPhone to build the volume. Furthermore, swipe down from the upper right corner of the screen to get to the Control Place. Check the volume slider and ensure it isn’t in the muffled position.

Debilitate Bluetooth:

On the off chance that your iPhone is associated with a Bluetooth gadget, the sound result may be diverted to that gadget, making the ear speaker appear to be non-utilitarian. To cripple Bluetooth, go to Settings > Bluetooth and flip the change to switch it off. In the wake of crippling Bluetooth, check assuming the ear speaker begins working appropriately.

Disengage earphones or sound adornments:

Guarantee that no earphones or sound embellishments are associated with your iPhone’s earphone jack or Lightning port. Some of the time, the sound result gets diverted to these outside gadgets, causing it to seem like the ear speaker isn’t working. Eliminate any associated earphones or sound frill and check assuming the ear speaker works regularly.

Clean the speaker barbecue:

After some time, the ear speaker barbecue on top of your iPhone might amass soil, residue, or flotsam and jetsam, which can impede the sound result. Utilize a delicate, dry brush or a spotless, dry toothbrush to tenderly eliminate any soil or flotsam and jetsam from the speaker barbecue. Be mindful not to apply unreasonable power or add anything into the speaker barbecue that could cause harm.

Contact Apple Backing:

Assuming you suspect that the ear speaker issue is because of equipment harm or nothing from what was just mentioned, arrangements work, looking for proficient assistance is suggested. Contact Apple Backing or visit an approved help community to have your iPhone inspected via prepared specialists who can analyze the issue and give proper fix or substitution choices.

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Check sound result steering:

The iPhone 12 offers different sound result choices, and inaccurate steering settings might influence the ear speaker’s usefulness. To check and change sound result directing, swipe down from the upper right corner of the screen to get to the Control Place. Find the sound result button, which seems to be a triangle inside concentric circles, and tap on it. From the rundown of accessible choices, select “iPhone” or “Speaker” to guarantee sound is steered accurately to the ear speaker.

Test in Protected Mode:

Protected Mode permits you to recognize if an outsider application is causing clashes with the ear speaker. Restart your iPhone and hold the volume up button until the lock screen shows up. In Experimental Mode, just underlying applications are open, and all outsider applications are briefly debilitated. Assuming the ear speaker works appropriately in Experimental Mode, it recommends that an as of late introduced application is causing the issue. Uninstall any as of late introduced applications that might be connected with sound or correspondence.

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Restore or Factory Reset:

Reestablishing your iPhone from a reinforcement or playing out an industrial facility reset can be a final hotel on the off chance that any remaining investigating steps neglect to determine the ear speaker issue. Notwithstanding, it is critical to take note that this step will eradicate all information on your iPhone, so having a reinforcement prior to proceeding is vital. To reestablish your iPhone from a reinforcement, interface it to a PC with iTunes or Locater. Select your gadget and pick the choice to reestablish from a reinforcement. Adhere to the on-screen guidelines to choose the latest reinforcement and start the reclamation cycle.


Encountering issues with the ear speaker on your iPhone 12 can be baffling, however by following the investigating guide framed in this article, you can actually resolve the issue. From checking programming settings and refreshing iOS to cleaning the speaker barbecue and confirming sound directing, these means cover both programming and equipment perspectives to distinguish and determine the fundamental causes. Make sure to practice wariness and look for proficient help if necessary. By doing whatever it takes, you can reestablish the usefulness of the ear speaker on your iPhone 12, guaranteeing clear and continuous sound during calls and different exercises.


Might a product at any point refresh fix the iPhone 12 ear speaker issue?

Indeed, refreshing your iPhone 12 to the most recent programming variant might possibly determine programming related misfires that might be influencing the ear speaker’s usefulness. Make a point to routinely check for refreshes and introduce them in a like manner.

I hear misshaped or muted sounds from the ear speaker. How would it be advisable for me to respond?

Twisted or stifled sound can be brought about by trash or soil impeding the speaker’s barbecue. Cautiously perfect the speaker barbecue utilizing a delicate brush or toothbrush. Assuming the issue continues, contact Apple Backing or an approved help place for additional help.

My iPhone 12 ear speaker isn’t working during calls, however it works with other applications. Why?

This issue could be connected with the call settings or an explicit application issue. Check your call sound steering settings in the Availability menu. On the off chance that the issue continues to happen, it could be brought about by a clashing application. Have a go at uninstalling as of late introduced applications to check whether the ear speaker begins working during calls.