HP Elite Dragonfly

Drones at the corporate office require good machines too. For so long they had to put up with soulless mechanical devices that were not really promoting joy or imagination while being very practical. HP’s new EliteBook, its range of high-end enterprise notebooks that are more likely than a rank and file worker’s to wind up on a CEO’s desk, breaks the phenomenon. The Dragonfly is a 2-in-1 hybrid that is as cool as it should be to look at. In reality, I will contend that this is the most aesthetically appealing computer in the range, company, or customer of all HP.

HP Elite Dragonfly

Although it is not just made for eyes. It has the specifications and functionality that corporate customers require, such as an outstanding keyboard, reliability of mil-spec, and a compact and robust frame that is simple to get on the road 


The Dragonfly’s base model costs $1,549 and includes a 1.6-GHz Intel Core i5-8265U processor with 8 GB Memory, 256 GB SSD, and Intel UHD 620 Graphics. The mid-tier variant costs you $1849 which comes with loads of spectacular features jam-packed.

The model which I am using is for $2169 and it has features better than the model mentioned in the line above. It also comes with some jaw-dropping specifications which will attract many audiences.


The frame attached to the laptop looks like a midnight sky and the HP logo a shining star in that sky. The device is too good to be called a consumer laptop.

The keyboard deck is constructed entirely of the same alluring blue-colored silicon. The keyboard is also blue with vivid backlighting outlined in white lettering. A pair of top-firing speakers that feature a quirky graphic design flank the keys. The main speaker box is constructed of 15 percent ocean-bound fiber, rendering the Dragonfly the first laptop in the world to use the content in the actual construction, rendering it stunning and environmentally conscious.

HP has provided the device an oleophobic coating to ensure the laptop still looks this beautiful, which allows the screen stain-resistant and simple to clean.

But the show’s stars are the two hinges in 360-degree. The laptop can be converted into a tablet very easily, thanks to the chrome hinges. It is very useful while giving presentations and watching a video.

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Durability and Security

This laptop is a gem but in terms of endurance, it is a beast. The dragonfly has gone through many ruthless checks such as fall, shock, shaking, high temperatures, and altitudes. This ensures that there is nothing to worry about using this sleek laptop.

The Dragonfly is relaxed and elegant. Not only is there a fingerprint reader situated on the right side of the rest of the hand, but you do have an IR camera that can be combined with Windows Hello logins to check the nose. Concerned over Toms taking up future computer peeping? To close the shutter simply push the physical button above the camera.

Our laptop also includes Intel’s vPro technology that enables the IT team to view upgrading or erasing data remotely from the device. And in case an infection attacks the Dragonfly the machine is fitted with a self-healing BIOS.


The Dragonfly is 16 mm long, just below an inch. It provides more port choices than a thin-and-light convertible is usually seen on.This laptop has USB C port, HDMI port as well as 3.5mm audio socket. It also contains USB A port and a sim card slot for LTE models.

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Watching a movie in that touch screen wil surely bring you joy.

The panel of the Dragonfly represented 117 percent of the gamut of sRGB colors. It is only a few points shy of the typical luxury laptop. It was ahead of its time, however. The MacBook Weather was just 100 percent stronger while the Latitude and Yoga were 103 and 106 percent respectively.

The Dragonfly is pretty brilliant with an average of 373 nits, comfortably overtaking the 362-nit maximum and the 317 and 343 nits the Latitude and the Air brought up. But at 402 nits the Yoga was the most vivid. You may even upgrade the notebook for an extra $73, though, with a 1,000-nit screen built-in with HP’s privacy-protecting SureView technology. Or, for an additional $197, you can allow the leap to 4K.


The Dragonfly is quieter, though not by much than its counterpart. My tiny space only loaded up with top-mounted speakers and knowledgeable amplifiers. They turned the bombastic trash-talking song of the City Girls “You Tried It” into a noisy whispered gossip session. I think the part where it lacked was the bass. You need external applications to bring the best out of the bass.

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Although the audio isn’t the strongest, I appreciate that you can monitor the noise-canceling microphones installed in the device with the B & O program. That will make it simpler for a daily call or conference call to drown out the background noise.

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Keyboard and touchpad

The stylish keyboard introduced in the dragonfly is easy to use and will surely give you some amount of satisfaction. There are very slim chances of you to miss a key as the keys are placed at the perfect distance from each other. Heck, even the keys to the arrows are massive. The backlight is strong enough to be able to easily type into a tiny space.

I hit 72 words per minute when I tackled the typing task on the 10fastfingers. That’s only marginally above my usual 70 wpm. All in all, it’s a really comfortable keyboard which made this review far easier to compose.

The 2.5 x 4.3-inch glass touchpad features Windows Precision drivers and allows Windows 10 movements including 2-finger scrolling, 3-finger, and 4-finger tap a brise. The glass touchpad is effortlessly smooth. I bet you will like gliding your fingers across it.


The HP Elite Dragonfly is fitted with a 1.6-GHz Intel Core i7-8665U processor with 16 GB of Memory, able to tackle the regular multitasking with elegant aplomb. Despite opening several applications at once there was no sign of lag which ensures that the processor can be trusted. Still, I’d love to see this sleek workhorse with a 10th Gen Intel CPU boost instead of its 8th Gen slot. I don’t need vPro in the big scheme of things but I want as much control of success as possible.

The integrated Intel UHD 620 GPU of the Dragonfly is not built for gaming but it is good for efficiency and some mild picture or video editing. The HP and the Yoga all hit 31 frames per second despite given the same conditions. The Latitude, which had its own UHD 620 GPU, provided a solid 53 fps. The 59-fps average somehow ignored all of the notebooks.

Battery life

True dragonflies have a relatively limited life cycle at 6 months. With Elite Dragonfly you won’t have to think about that. Packed with a 4-cell, 56-watt hour pack, the Laptop Mag pack check lasted 12 hours and 25 minutes, consisting of uninterrupted web browsing at 150 nits of brightness.

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The battery life of a dragon was slightly better than that of Air, Latitude, and Yoga. When the Dragonfly is finally recharged, you will get 50 percent power after 30 minutes of charging thanks to the quick charging technology

Does it heat?

A load of work can heat any laptop. We measured strategic points on the laptop, after 15 minutes of streaming a fullscreen 1080p video. The touchpad measured 82 ° Fahrenheit while the core touched 93 °. The bottom registered 100 degrees that are above our comfort level of 95 degrees. Even, I spent more than two hours using the laptop in my lap with no ill effects.


He continues to look for a genuinely great webcam inside. The IR camera of the Dragonfly can be perfect for facial recognition but visible visual noise would certainly allow you to hit an external webcam.

Even, as well as the knit design, the camera seemed to catch much of the various blues in my sweater.

Short Specification:

Operating systemWindows 10
ProcessorIntel i7 8th Gen
Size 13.3 inches
Ram16 GB
Display1920 X 1080
GraphicsIntel UHD Graphics 620
Weight0.99 kg
Camera720p HD webcam
HP Elite Dragonfly


HP Elite Dragonfly: I can’t imagine it’s a laptop for company. The machine is practically perfect because of that. With a vivid monitor and convenient keyboard, it’s beautiful and robust and gets almost 13 hours of battery life. The audio certainly needs to work, but as I said: almost perfect.

I think the given information is enough to help you to make your decision. If you read this before buying, you are probably more than smart.