How to Watermark Photos on Macbook: Batch Image Processing Software

The modern world is easier to imagine with visual content. We post photos, videos, and other materials to share with friends, put up for sale, etc. The main problem with the Internet is that content is straightforward to steal and appropriate. At the same time, it is easy to protect your photos. 

One common way is to make watermark photos. Today we’ll talk about how to do this on the Macbook and look at what the sign is used for.

Why is it necessary to have a watermark on the photograph?

The main task of watermark photos is to protect their intellectual property. If you don’t have a watermark on your images, others will use them without your knowledge.

A watermark will allow you to understand what the content’s author is immediate. We suggest you not put minor marks in the corner of the photo; such protection will be effortless to remove in any graphic editor.

Another benefit of a watermark is its branding. Such a label on the photo will allow potential customers and buyers to quickly find your website or page on social networks. Creating a watermark properly could become a part of your brand.

How to Watermark Photos on Macbook

How to Watermark Photos on Macbook

There are several ways to add a watermark directly to a batch of photos. Today we discuss the most common and convenient options. 

Visual Watermark

The easiest way to add a watermark to a photo is with a Visual Watermark. It has interesting features that you may find useful when working with labels. Among the main possibilities are the following:

  • Adding a graphic, combined watermark, or logo to a photo;
  • Various settings for the label – the degree of transparency, font, color, etc.;
  • Access to ready-made templates. A wide variety of ready-made options will allow you to choose the best for your photo. Each template can also be customized;
  • Saving created watermarks. You can add the created label to templates and quickly use it for subsequent processing.
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The program is downloaded and installed on your Macbook. As a result, you can process photos even when there is no Internet connection. The originals of your photos are also protected, as nothing is uploaded to the servers.

Another feature of the software is slightly modifying the watermark on each new photo during batch processing. Due to this, attackers will be unable to remove tags from images using modern AI technologies.

The program is also available on smartphones. You can download it to your iPhone, so you don’t have to transfer your pictures to your computer for processing.

How to Add a Watermark to a Photo Batch Using a Visual Watermark

Here’s a quick guide to help you watermark photos:

  • Choose the images you want from a folder on your computer. If you need to process all the pictures, hold down the Command + A key combination.
  • Set the watermark settings. You can select the type of label, its location, slope, scale, and other parameters in the program. If you prefer not to manually create a watermark, you can select the appropriate option from the suggested templates. In order to avoid future re-configuring, please save the created label.
  • Choose an image output option. You will need to specify the folder in which the image will be saved and select the scale, format, quality, and other parameters of the finished painting.

Adobe Photoshop

An alternative way to watermark photos is with Adobe Photoshop. Unlike the previous program, you will need more time and effort to complete the processing.

So, how do you proceed to add a unique mark on a photo package through this program:

  • Add a file with your previously created symbol to the program.
  • At the bottom of the palette, you will find an icon for creating a new folder.
  • Select “Create a new action.” You can come up with any name for this action.
  • Now it’s time to go to the “File” section and select the “Place” item.
  • A dialog box will appear in front of you.
  • You can just navigate to the watermarked file you opened earlier.
  • Click “Post”
  • Check the result of filling the symbol (as a rule, it is set in the central part of the picture).
  • Now you need to go to the “File” tab again to save the image.
  • To automate an action, you should go to “File” and “Automate.” Your next step is to select the “Batch Mode” section.
  • You must select a folder containing all the photos you plan to protect with a particular sign. Click “OK” to begin batch-applying security symbols from your template.
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As you can see, the method is rather complicated. Remember that Adobe Photoshop is distributed on a paid basis. The program uses many computer resources, and the device cannot be used during processing.