How To Use SEMrush?

SEMrush: Learn to Rule Search Engines

SEMrush is a crucial component of your arsenal for preparing and acting based on your newly discovered data for your strategic basis, your keyword investigation, and your overall knowledge of who rankings.

For many, it remains mysterious to govern their online industry by optimizing search engines without the need for an SEO business. Could Post-Penguin still be done? Post-Boozzle? If so, what are the SEO experts doing at this modern age?

You are just as strong as the tools you’re using as a real guy. Depending on the project, an accomplished SEO marketer has a few resources at his fingertips.

I’ll point out here how SEMrush can be used to deliver serious ROI can search engine supremacy.
The name of the game is long-lasting success and that’s the blueprint.


What is SEMrush?

SEMrush should be an a-have element in the SEO suite of tools if you really are concerned regarding organic traffic for the website.

What started as a basic keyword analysis tool is now the world’s favorite internet marketing tool.

SEMrush is your ultimate SEO platform for detailed study into your business, classification of top organic keywords and payment of keywords, backlinks evaluation.

For several, it remains mysterious to conquer their online industries without the use of an SEO company through search engine optimization. Will Post-Penguin already be done? Post-Bobsleeps? If so, how can that be achieved by the SEO specialists of this modern age?

You’re just as big as the instruments you use, just like a handy guy. A successful SEO marketer has a range of tools available, depending on the mission. SEMrush is a crucial piece of software in your arsenal to plan and take action based on newly discovered data in order to construct your approach, keyword analysis, and overall awareness of who ranks.

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How To Use SEMrush?

Above I had explained that what is SEMrush but now its time to use this tool but how.

Here, I will explain by points and try to make it easy for you all to understand.

Competitive Research

Whenever you want to launch something in the market you should know who are your top rivals in the market. This Competitive Research is designed in such a way that you can find out your rival’s traffic generator strategy, and how they can affect your companies traffic.

You can simply say that Competitive Research is a collection of data of rivals and analyzing those data gives the idea of how to bring more organic traffic then competitors and rule in the SEO market.

Here are some of the points to note during Competitive Research:

Domain Overview

How To Use SEMrush: Domain Overview

This helps you to view all the details of any domains available with just a single click on SEMrush. This feature of SEMrush will give you details like organic and paid traffic, backlinks, top keywords. It helps you to view their ranking and also helps you to beat them on the google search engine. It enables a feature like instant keyword analysis which helps to figure out top keywords that the competitors are using to rank their website on a search engine, the ads link, and more. This feature enables you to compare 5 websites at a single time.

Why you should use this feature of SEMrush? Because with just a single click after entering the URL link of any website will give you complete insights of a website either it’s their strength or their weakness. It also enables the user to reset its preference accordingly like area, time, and all.

It gives you Top 5 metrics on domain overview:

  • Authority Score shows how much google search score trust on that website and how much is their SEO score.
  • Organic Search will give you an idea of how much is the organic traffic they are having every month.
  • Paid Search will give an idea of the traffic that the website is creating from the pay-per-click medium.
  • Backlinks will show the number of backlinks the website is using.
  • Display Advertising shows the data of google Adsense that the website runs on its site.

Traffic Analytics

How To Use SEMrush: Traffic Analytics

This is the best and most effective part of competitive research. Because in this we have to find out where the rivals are more Concentrated for their Marketing Efforts. We are not done yet. we have still to do things like keeping an eye on the rival’s traffic source, type of audience, targeting area of traffic, and obviously their leading sources.

Organic Research

Organic Research
Organic Research

This comes in the spotlight when it comes to generating organic and constant traffic. For this, we must know that what are those SEO strategies that our rivals are using and also know the keywords that they use for their content to rule over google search engine top list.

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Organic Research is very easy to analyze any domain and its SEO:

  • This tool helps to analyze your competitor’s organic keywords they are using and the pages generating organic traffic.
  • It helps to view the recent graph of competitors in the search list.
  • It will help you to find competing domains that are generating organic traffic.

Why use this feature? If you want to rank your website on top you must know what your competitors are doing well and this will help you gather the information and the complete report of it. This report will further help you to run the campaign and build a road map to rank on google and generate more organic traffic.

Keyword Gap

Keyword Gap
Keyword Gap

This feature gives a quick overview and report of the top five competitors and the comparison between them. In this, you have to just give their domains and keywords and in return, it will show you the common keywords they share. After getting this all information it becomes easy for you to run the campaign and gain organic traffic.

Why use this feature? If you are going to enter in something where you have competitors, you must research first each and every points. So, this tool will help you to find the keywords that your competitors use to rank their articles on google and you can easily beat them there. It will also help you to identify the PPC keywords so that you can run more effective ads to generate paid traffic.

Backlink Gap

The backlink profiles of up to five competing websites can be compared simultaneously in the Backlink Gap tool. Enter the domains and all domains that send links to these sites shall be listed by SEMrush. Filtering allows the detection of domains belonging to, but not to, the rivals. It helps SEOs find differences between the strategy for linking competitors and prepare their own approach to creating connections.

You will need to enter the websites of several competitors to start with this article. If you wish to find backlinks, which are not open to your rivals, you must join your domain in either of the fields.

Keyword Research

As the name itself suggests about what is its function and what it can do will be explained below.

Keyword Overview

How To Use SEMrush: Keyword Overview

If you are going to research about keywords then this must be the first that you should look for. This tools helps you in giving the idea like how much peoples are searching these keywords and many more.

Before you write or target any keyword you should know that which will generate more and organic traffic. This is the most important role of the tool keyword overview.

Why use this feature?

  • This tool helps in analyzing a keyword’s value.
  • The keyword overview helps in finding the right keyword that we should target.
  • It helps to give information about which is the trending keyword.
  • The tool helps in analyzing keywords in bulk.
  • It helps us to view the organic value of a keyword i.e how much organic traffic it can generate.
  • It helps us to view the advertising value of a keyword i.e how much paid traffic it can generate.

Keyword Magic Tool

Keyword Magic Tool
Keyword Magic Tool

The Magic Keyword Tool is the most powerful SEMrush keyword research tool. It provides you with access to an extended database of over 17 billion keywords and an optimized interface for on-the-job research. Type a word or phrase in the search bar and a responding table with similar search terms divided into thematic subgroups will be sent to you.

Why use this feature? This tool has amazing features that will help you generate long-tail keyword which will help you in digital marketing kind of stuff as in case of your desired niche.

Keyword Manager

Keyword Manager

This tool is a paid feature of SEMrush which helps to give us deep and clear research reports of 1000 keywords at a time and make our digital work easier. It also helps to refresh the metrics and provide us the information about our competitors that if they had changed any of its keywords.

Link Building’s work is to link one website to another so that google can distinguish that the content/website linked or linking is worth and having quality information. Now let’s have a look at how SEMrush can help you in this.

Backlink Analytics
Backlink Analytics

SEMrush Backlink analytics allow you to research backlink professionals and compare multiple domains side by side with you and your competitors. Every day SEMrush collects and updates new links into the database every two weeks. In no more than two weeks after formation or elimination, you will track new and missing ties of your competitor.

Why use this feature?

Backlinks are still a key factor in Google’s organic ranking algorithm, according to the study of ranking factors. The building of links and rear connection maintenance should be a part of all SEO strategies.

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Sadly, it is not exactly a walk in the park for building ties. Certainly, there are a few simple ways to build links, but deep analysis, PR thinking and constant monitoring are needed to continuously create links in order to compete with your market.

SEMrush collections new and updated backlinks every two weeks and adds them to the database. In just two weeks from being created or removed, you can thus track any new or missing connections.

You may also use Projects segment tools for creating and testing backlinks to maintain a backlink portfolio. The Connection Building Tool offers an interface for managing an email campaign. Input your domain or destination keywords, and SEMrush will create a list and dashboard for managing your emails when your email hits them.

The Backlink Audit tool analyzes the backlink portfolio and reveals questionable or harmful links on which a Google Penalty can be levied. From the tool, you can add these links to a disavow list and send Google your disavow list to remove the dangerous links for your website.

Bulk Analysis

How To Use SEMrush: Bulk Analysis

This is simple but powerful tool when it comes to build link opportunities.

You have to enter 200 URLs in the box at the top of the page to use it. And the table with a report will pop-up which includes information about how many connections and the domains are linked to each URL.

Comparing your backlink profile with competitors is an important element of your competitive analysis, as it can illustrate your direct niche ‘s connections and give you an idea of how far you are from or behind your competition.

Why to use this feature?

The study allows you to see an aggregate selection of up to 200 URLs on various websites. This is really a huge number and provides the user with much more profit as it will help the user in gaining traffic and beat it, competitors, on google search list top.

Rank Tracking

Rank Tracking means where your website stands in the google search list. It all depends on the keywords that you use and how you use it. Is it better than your competitor or not?

There are many more factors that affect SERP(Search Engine Result Page), keywords are one of the top factors. But other than this how much of your content is relevant to the keyword is also important.

The ranking also differs from search engine to search engine like if a keyword is ranking top three in google search engine it would rank in top 10 in bing. So, you have to keep each and everything in mind and each search engine like bing, yahoo, google. So, you can do is either you can focus on only one search engine and rank your keywords.

The ranking also differs according to language and region like, if any keyword in English ranks in the top 3 it would rank in the top 10 below in Portuguese. And if we talk about if an article ranks on top 10 in the UK it would rank on the 2nd ranking page in India.

Position Tracking

Position Tracking
Position Tracking

As the word itself suggests its work that it is used to define the position of your content on the SERP. This is used for tracking websites daily ranking according to the set of keywords that the website had used. As discussed above the raking/position of a website depends on region, language. It enables many features so that you can track the position according to your desire. It had a filtering option, you can sort out keywords accordingly.

Why use this feature? We all know that most of the traffic comes through mobile and here you have to choose what you want. Because position tracking is must for each and every website owner.

You may do SEO, write data, create links, or run technical audits, irrespective of what your actual SEO is, and you would certainly have to determine the effect of your work on website rankings. In particular, this is true if the website operates in a local area since according to geolocation Google results can differ greatly.

Position Tracking will help you to maintain all the specific SERP functions on the SERPs for your keywords. To help you keep up with the niching SERP features they give even a report showing you the probability of Featured Snippets on your website.

The SEMrush provides a complete report weekly so that you can check and change if needed and rank your content. It is just like a hack tool to figure out how to win the race easily and growing popularity.


How To Use SEMrush: Sensor

This is one the must-have tool for each and every website owner nowadays as it will inform you that which is the best keyword that you have to use and create content.

The great news is that for each region and device according to your location, you can track the ranking graph of your keywords separately. Keep in mind that the closer and more reliable the Sensor data is to the keywords you have used in the project!

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You can use the same formula to compare data to verify whether a whole SERP suffers from a volatility rating or just from your keywords.



We all know that we only prefer to click those articles which are in the top 5 in the search list. So it’s very important for a user to rank its content at the top 5 of the list because it will generate the most traffic i.e organic traffic. The successful search results are focused on getting as much traffic from the organic search channel as possible. The higher a page is the more likely a searcher is to click on the result in a search query. This is why high ranking and increased traffic are directly related.

This relationship among the top three search results is strongest between classifications and clicks, and traffic. However, a constant change in layout is happening in the search results pages with the inclusion in Google’s data in the Information Graph and the introduction of SERP features such as images, maps, and ads in the Google Shopping.

SEMrush gives you the list according to monthly analysis and it is more likely to be accurate and if someone works accordingly the content will always rank at top of the list.

Factors considered for ranking:

  • Backlinks
  • Keywords
  • Content optimization
  • URL Structure
  • Website Loading Speed
  • Content Structure i.e whether it’s catchy or not
Semrush Winners and Losers
Semrush Winners and Losers
Semrush Winners and Losers

Winners and Losers is one of my favorite tools, using this I can see the top ranking site, their Semrush rank, keywords for that they are ranking, how much traffic they are getting, and many more. In my latest search, I have found gains a lot of traffic these days.

On Page& Tech SEO

These features enables you with a complete list and report to help you with structure and how you can rank your site. You will get SEO thoughts, semantically associated words on your pages, the length and readability of your target content, and the prospect of links. For each of your target keywords, our precisely tailored ideas draw on the 10 most important real-time competitors.

Why Use This Feature? On-Page SEO Checker, enhancing the SEO of a website is simple by providing a detailed list of measures to improve a website’s landing pages.

Such concepts are generated with SEMrush data by studying the tactics of the opponents. This ensures that the data and patterns in your field help all the ideas that you get here. Ideas will be divided into content, semantic, strategy, retro connections, user interface, SERP features, and SEO techniques, to assist you in the organization of the workflow.

SEO Content Template

SEO Content Template

A perfect and catchy template is very much important as it will attract your viewers and they will stay for the time they need and it will be counted. The template is all about the design of your content how you placed the content whether it satisfies SEO accordingly or not.

Log File Analyzer

Log File Analyzer

The Log File Analyzer is a technological SEO tool that analyzes your logs and reports on how you run GoogleBot. Access logs are maintained by a Web server and contain all activities on a website, from bots and individuals. SEOs are helping to track technical problems and optimize a budget for the crawl.

It is tiresome to manually review a log file. If you are not highly qualified in the review of the technical website, it can be a challenging job and you can get lost and confused. If you want to read a log and understand how Google bots communicate with your website the quickest way possible, this is your device. When you deal with clients, you can use it to analyze the platform for potential users and to build a strategic plan to restructure a better crawling of the website.

Listing Management

Listing Management

The tool enables the automated distribution of your business data to most reputable directories and also allows voice search ready for Amazon, Alexa, Apple, Bing, Google, and other countries to automatically distribute the information.


Hope you got what what you have been looking for. If you have any questions or doubts left please do ask on the comment box.

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