How to upgrade the Samsung note 3 android version

When it comes to talking about mobile we are excited because of its unique feature and advancements it carries over in each of its releases. Samsung has been the smartphone giant and once it ruled the mobile company at the top. It’s because it offered a variety of phones at variable prices from very low to high range mobiles. It was able to sell its products across the globe because of its multiple features and versatile functions.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is popular for introducing the term Phablet. It combined both phones and tablet that is made into big screen size. It was designed to be lighter and came as a successor to Galaxy Note 2 phone. Also, It comes up with a stylus feature that provides multifunctionality in its software. It has added features such as a USB port, sensors,3GB of RAM, and an updated video resolution. Later it was succeeded by many Galaxy Note series devices each of which has an upscale in its functionalities and features.

The Samsung Galaxy was released in 2013 with its lighter design and originally with Android Jelly Bean OS. Whereas, later versions of android were introduced with significant improvements such as Lollipop OS, Custom ROM, etc. Additional to the new extraordinary features it brought into the market took over Apple a setback in sales and revenue. They observe the competitors and wait for the release and an analysis of how people react to it and then they finally come up with their innovation. This is one market strategy of Samsung that made them win their business.

How to upgrade the Samsung note 3 android version

The stylus feature was introduced secondly by Samsung next to IBM which enables one to write, draw pictures, playing games with the help of a stylus pen. It also filed 150 patents due to its awesome innovations in the technology of the galaxy note series. This article will give you detailed steps on how to upgrade the Samsung note 3 android version. Whenever an upgrade is released it will be notified to your phone through the notification bar. Added to upgrading software you will also be guided with all the small features available in this smartphone.

How to setup your Galaxy note 3 basic steps

Install the SIM card

The first step once you bought a new smartphone is installing the SIM card into the internal compartments of the hardware. Remove the back cover and insert the sim card into the sim card socket. If you have ESIM then this step can be skipped.

Install the Battery

Install your battery in the battery compartment and make sure it is fitted properly in the space. The Samsung mobile comes up with Li-ion Batteries and a USB travel charger, It is always advised to use a Samsung charger and batteries. If you are using your phone for the first time make sure it is fully charged.

Low Battery Indicator

At the top right corner of the screen, the battery icon is present to indicate the battery level. You can have a glance at your battery level using this icon. If it is shallow it is indicated in red color, or the icon blinks or sends you a notification pop-up telling you that your battery is too low. Dusing this time your phone will automatically turn on battery saver mode and Dim your phone brightness to save your battery. If your battery is full, then it is indicated by a solid white color at the top right corner.

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Install the memory card

The MicroSD card slot is adjacent to the Sim card slot. The galaxy note 3 supports up to 64GB of memory to store or share images, Videos, and other data between devices. Insert the SD card until gets locked well in its compartment.

Switch the phone on or off

  1. Long Press the lock button at the top right side of the phone to switch ON the phone.
  2. Swipe up across the screen to open and follow the prompts.
  3. Long press the lock button to switch off the phone.
  4. Tap power off and again tap OK.

Configure your phone

You need to do some basic steps before you start using your new phone. Follow the prompts outlined below.

  1. When you turn your phone ON the first message that displays is “Let’s set up your device. Tap on next
  2. The next step would be setting up your language. By default, it is set to English. If you want to set some other language it can be done here.
  3. Agree to the terms and conditions
  4. Tap get started or remind me later option
  5. In the home screen tap on applications and follow the instructions on each page to set up your phone.

Do you need to create a Samsung Account?

Yes, while buying a Samsung Galaxy note 3 it is a must to create a Samsung account. As your phone comes up with default Samsung apps such as ChatON and Samsung Hub, SamsunPay, Samsung notes, Samsung calculator, Samsung Browser, etc. having a Samsung account makes you access these apps efficiently. These are the steps that help you to create a Samsung account on your device.

  1. Go to settings 
  2. Select General
  3. Select Accounts
  4. Add account, Tap Samsung account
  5. Select Create new account
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to activate your account.

Creating a New Google Account in Samsung galaxy note 3

 Nowadays, it’s essential to have a google account as google offers multiple services which cannot be denied. As most of the google applications such as Google Photos, Google Drive, Gmail, and Google play store are very popular it is a must to create a google account on your Samsung Galaxy device. By doing so, all your data will get synced to your account so that it can be accessed from any other device. Hopefully, you would have created an account when you first turned on your phone. If not follow the steps given below.

  1. Open your Gmail App
  2. Tap Add a Google Account (if you already have a Google account) and tap existing account to sign in 
  3. If you don’t have Google account Tap on New to create a new Google account.
  4. Once you have created a new account the next step is to sign in.

To add a Google account 

Sign in to your Google Account to access your data stored in Google cloud storage 

 Go to Settings>tap Accounts and backup > Accounts>Tap Add account > Google. 

Set up your device

  1. Connect to a wifi network
  2. Add a google account or sign in to your Samsung device account 
  3. If needed choose to Restore a backup from an old device or else select skip now 
  4. Set up basic security features such as PIN, Password, and Pattern to your device
  5. Select the Google services that you want to add and click on OK
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Different ways to upgrade my Galaxy note 3 smartphone

Switching to a new phone has become very common nowadays but setting up and upgrading versions to the latest firmware is a tedious task as users face some issues while upgrading. The Samsung UI was designed to be simple and easy and the foremost step is to check for the latest firmware available. Keeping your mobile up-to-date ensures the safety of your mobile for long-term usage. Upgrading will ensure these features are added such as

  • Better device performance
  • Enhancement of security features
  • Improving Battery performance
  • Stability of operation of your device
  •  Newly added features are replaced with the older version.
  • Better compatibility with new devices
  • Old bugs get resolved in new versions 

 Let’s start exploring how to upgrade the Samsung smartphone to the latest firmware using your mobile.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Go to About device
  3. Select the software update
  4. There will be three options: update, auto-update, and wifi update.
  5. Select update and also enable auto-update and wifi update to be ON.

Your phone must be connected to a wifi network while upgrading to the latest versions. while it is updating you can’t use your phone.

  1. Select Install
  2. Click on OK
  3. Booting process starts and your phone will switch off
  4. Your Samsung Android is upgrading
  5. Once Booting is finished you will get the notification “Device successfully updated”
  6. Click OK.

You can start using your phone which has been upgraded to the latest versions and also fixes other issues that were present in your phone.

 Also, there are three other ways to upgrade your Samsung smartphone. Let’s have a look at them below.

Upgrading through Kies

Samsung Kies is an application that is downloaded to your PC. The purpose of this application is that you can sync data from your smartphone to your PC when it is connected through a USB cable or Bluetooth. Once your phone is connected this software tells your whether your phone needs an upgrade to the latest Samsung firmware. The most important step is that you should have the latest Kies application downloaded otherwise it will end up in an upgrading problem.

Upgrading through FOTA

FOTA means firmware upgrading over the Air. This requires a constant Internet connection and you can update the software at any place at your convenience.

Upgrading through visiting Smart CAFE

Samsung smart cafe is located in different locations where there are trained people to carry out your upgrade or other issues related to it. you can search for the nearest smart cafe and reach them to get your phone upgraded to the latest firmware.

Make sure to have a backup of your data before upgrading as there might be data loss during the upgrade session.

Reasons to switch to a Samsung smartphone

If you are looking for an option to switch to a new mobile ecosystem then Samsung is one of the right choices. It offers a variety of features in Galaxy and it extends to the S22 series. Here are the reasons that state why people are switching from another mobile to the Samsung Galaxy series.

1. Multitasking

The Galaxy series phone provides a large screen size that helps users to work across multiple screens using the split screens option. One feature such as Pop-Up View allows users to keep a screen in floating mode and access another screen in front view.

2. Android apps 

As the Google play store is one of the world’s largest app stores, you can have any number of apps downloaded into your phone within seconds.

3. Google workspace

People started doing some basic office work from a smartphone because of the extended functionality of these devices. You can send emails and use Microsoft office, and Google workspace allows you to do your work in Galaxy note 3 as it is big.

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4. Advanced biometric protection

Samsung galaxy paves the way to introduce advanced biometric authentication, Ultrasonic Fingerprint ID, Facial recognition features, etc.

5. Versatile cameras

Samsung and iPhone stand out first in producing the best cameras at each of their releases. There are more features added to the camera, such as AR Zone and Single take .that are even used by photoshoot professionals because of its unique ultrawide cameras.

6. Excellent battery life

Though the size is big it provides an excellent battery along with additional features. It stays up to 2 days without charging instead of doing all regular actions with the phone such as browsing.

Common problems with Samsung Galaxy Note 3

  1. People having Galaxy note 3 experience some issues like Poor reception, Lag issues, etc.
  2. Many users have an issue that their WiFi connection drops frequently and it is considered the main problem for many. This might be because of the Wifi sleep policy that turns off wifi during a particular time.
  3. Some users are saying that the device slows down occasionally. It slows down at a time when it is running more applications.
  4. The designed phablet is big, which is not preferred to use in one hand. People unlikely don’t want to use the mobile with both hands may find it difficult to use.
  5. The opening price of Galaxy note 3 is very steep. The design and choice of material at the side of the phone are not well built when compared to HTC phones 


As The Samsung Galaxy series is an improved release of Note 2 with a great display, S-pen, and its associated apps, long battery life, and blazingly fast performance, Providing 3GB RAM would make note 3 always a specular and precious handset. The big display is beneficial for watching movies, playing games reading ebooks, etc. Added to this, the s-pen is great for taking handwritten notes, drawing, editing videos, and highlighting actions using it.

This article would have covered all the basic details about the Samsung galaxy note 3 and its specifications and features. It also tells about the basic setup of the Samsung Galaxy smartphone and its upgrading ways. Hope you come to know that this Galaxy note 3 is something special you would never look for buying some other alternative to this. All Samsung upgrade gives something better than before. So, go ahead and start upgrading your Samsung galaxy note 3 smartphone by following the steps mentioned above.