How to transfer contacts to new phone?

Hey guys, this article is all about how to transfer contacts to new phone. Most of us use more than one Android phone that makes it difficult to copy all our contacts in all your used phones. How to transfer data at once? So, we are going to discuss all the effective ways. Please keep reading to gain information regarding it.

I remember the day when my mobile phone had fallen into the water, and I eagerly needed an immediate phone call to my family. That day I searched several ways to find the home contact number. Any how I managed it, as soon as my old phone fixed, I decided to transfer the old number to the new phone, that I had to buy. It was not the rocket science, yet I thought you guys should know how to do this, so thought to write this article.

Always make a backup of important contact numbers offline and online both.

How to transfer contacts to new phone?

How to transfer contacts to new phone?
How to transfer contacts to new phone?

We take a lot of calls, SMS regularly as most of us use many phones for Business stuff and personal that becomes hard when you are switching to a new phone that makes a lot of time to make correct settings, contacts, and all the data is in your old phone to transfer to the new phone. If there is a lot of data to transfer, we need to look for a better way and for which operating system requires the best way. There are many ways to get your data, photos, videos over correctly. Let’s discuss:

Transfer contacts with Google Account

It is the most effective way to transfer the contacts by Google backup from Android to other Android phones.

  • First, you need to add a Google account in your old phone.
  • You have to Sign in a Google account, Open your phone Settings, then you will be displayed option go to Account option and Select Add account then entre your specific details your Google account added.
  • Then you can view the Sync Contacts so that you can sync data and contacts to your Google account.
 Process for Sync is ->Settings > Accounts > Google > Sync Contacts.
  • Now add your Google account in your new phone for these Open Settings and press Accounts.
Transfer contacts with Google Account
  • Tap Google option you will be displayed an option Contacts Sync now so that automatically with your data and contacts will be transferred to your new device.
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You will be available with an option like sync now with this. You can backup whenever you want and shows your backup history. 

Transfer with a SIM card

In this process, you can get contacts to your destination device by moving your SIM card is on your old phone. But the thing to need to notice is SIM card in your source phone must be removable. With this, all your contacts are copied and stored data just by inserting in the destination device.

  1. Go to the Contacts app displayed in your Home Screen.
  2. Next, you can view the three vertical dots icon is Menu.
  3. Tap the Manage Contacts option then select the option Import/Export Contacts displayed below.
How to transfer contacts to new phone using SIM
  1. Press Export Contacts choose the SIM card if you have multiple SIM cards. This process transfers all the data and contacts to a SIM card after completion.
  2. Remove the SIM card from your old device and inserts it in your destination phone.
  3. Once you insert the SIM, go to the Contacts in your new phone as you did in your old phone Menu > Manager Contacts Import or Export Contacts option then Import from Sim card.

Wait till the devices get connected to your PC/Computer.


So that all the contacts transfer this can be done at once. So, no need to spend most of the time entering or feeding contacts and checking whether they entered correctly.

Transfer contacts with Mobile Trans

Mobile Trans is one of the processes you can transfer the contacts. The advantage with this Mobile Trans is you can be able to select the data which you want to copy to your destination device in this.

 You cannot send it all at a time. MobileTrans is a third-party app selectively you can send and remove unwanted data or contacts.

  1. First, Install the app Mobile Trans on PC/computer get successful installation.
  2. Open the program you can view the PHONE TRANSFER option.
  3. With the help of USB cables connect the two android phones to the PC/computer.
  4. To detect the device, have to use USB debugging so that you can make sure both the devices connected to the PC/computer.

You provided the FLIP option to do a check before transfer that one from which you want to transfer is a Source device and to which you send to the destination device.

Now you can be able to view the data and contacts that you want to transfer and select the contacts you to the transfer make sure your devices are connected and recognized by your PC/Computer. Press start the data will copy. You can also replace the data in a new phone (destination device) with the option clear data before copy.

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Mobile Trans is highly comfortable with iOS 13 and Android 9.0. Without settings, we can directly transfer the contacts between the source and destination one. The operation of the app is flexible. We can also transfer music, messages, photos, videos, and many more.

Transfer Contacts with SHAREit

 In situation you do not want to use your Google account, then you can use the Shareit application. This app allows a lot of data transfer between two devices at a period. This app must install in both the devices from which and to need to transfer.

  • Go to the Google Play store, install the app on both the devices.
  • In the source one, go to the Contacts app and select the contacts you want to transfer.
  • After selection, you can be able to view the Share icon tap and select the SHAREit as the process to share.
  • Now in the destination device, open the SHAREit app and make sure that both the devices connected under the same network connection.
  • In the source phone, scan the destination device with a QR code.
  • Then, you can view the name of the source phone in your destination one tap the source name then starts to transfer the contacts.

With this app, we can transfer data at a time and many uses with the app without any connectivity errors. It is the most comfortable way among all the ways where there will be no network errors. Send data or contacts at once and can able to select the contacts which you want to share and remove the data which are not required.

Transfer contacts by a VCF File

In case you have a phone with no removable SIM card, then this process comes into consideration. In this process, you can transfer the contacts with the help if your Email. You can also able you select the right data to move when there are a lot many contacts and data. It is mainly to transfer data at a time.

Transfer contacts by a VCF File
  • Go to the Contacts app available in your home screen,
  • Tap the menu option is three vertical dots at the top right corner.
  • Select Manage Contacts to start and select IMPORT/EXPORT Contacts, select EXPORT Contacts as a VCF file.
  • The default file will get stored in internal storage with the name CONTACTS.
  • All your contacts get transferred.
  • Go to Email and compose the default file with named contacts.VCF send an attachment.
  • You can open the Gmail in a new phone, and the option download will be displayed tap and download the attachment.
  • Open Manager Contacts in your new phone and IMPORT/EXPORT contacts and select the IMPORT VCF file.
  • Press the OK option to start your transfer process.
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Transfer Contacts with Bluetooth

Bluetooth is the most familiar way to transfer contacts. The Bluetooth process can be in all operating systems without any SIM card, Google account. Here is the way to do so,

  • Open the contacts in the old device, select the menu option three vertical dots at the top right corner.
  • Tap the share icon below.
  • Press the IMPORT/EXPORT option displayed and select the Share name card via option can select the contacts you want to transfer or to transfer all contacts.
  • Click “Select,” then you can view options.
  • Then you choose Bluetooth scan the QR code in your source code.
  • The name of the device will display in your destination device.
  • Make sure your phones are connected. The contacts will transfer quickly.
  • Ensure that both the devices are the source and destination devices are under the same network and connected.


At the end of the article how to transfer contacts to a new phone, I want to conclude that everyone uses more than one phone for their business and personal stuff at the situation there are many different ways you can transfer the data or contacts. There are a lot of ways so that you can select the data and when there is data to transfer. Maybe an operating system in your phones is different can do the transfer with Bluetooth, Google Account, VCF file, SIM card help you get the solution mentioned above. Go through the article look forward to the steps which are best and suitable for your phones.