How to stop someone from reading messages

Do you believe someone has been looking through your instant messages? Denying application authorizations will be helpful if you’re facing spyware. My friend recently asked me for tips on How to stop someone from reading messages. The options are numerous, and I’ve explained how I handled this below. Given below are some possibilities.

How to stop someone from reading messages on an android device?

Whether you’re struggling with spyware and you want to hide your messages then, there are a few things to try.

Method 1: Control Access Permissions

Try modifying the entrance consents for your apps first. Any object that might be following you will be able to spy on all of your activities. Perform the below steps to avoid someone from reading your messages.

  • Enter Settings and select Apps.
  • To limit, click on the desired application.
  • Choose Permissions.
  • Tap If you don’t want the consent to appear on the screen, don’t let it.
How to stop someone from reading messages
How to stop someone from reading messages?

Method 2: Use a password protector as part of a tactic

Your informative applications can be password-protected. No one will truly want to access your device and read your texts. You probably won’t know which to use as there are several hidden words available. Unquestionably, the best option is the Message Locker app.

You utilize it as follows:

  • Open the Google Play Store
  • Look for the Message Locker program.
  • Install it.
  • Create a pin for the application; if you believe you’ll forget, write it down.
  • Choose any application you want to lock.

The Any lock app is also available for use. It’s yet another well-known choice.

You utilize it as follows:

  • Search for the Any lock app in the Google Play Store by opening it.
  • Install it
  • Create a remarkable pin.
  • Select each application that needs to be locked away.

If you’re wondering, both of the aforementioned applications are free. Some of their decisions, though, are not. Some of these applications are also paid.

Method 3: Turn off Lock Screen Preview

Another thing you might try is to manipulate your lock screen. Nobody will see them if they check your phone because instant message warnings won’t pop up.

You’re an expert at this:

  • Access the Settings program.
  • Go to the Text Messages application after clicking the Notifications button.

Method 4: Activate Don’t Display Notifications

Just a warning: There are various OEMs for Android smartphones. Accordingly, depending on your device model, the aforementioned advancements may differ somewhat.

How Can Spyware Be Prevented?

Spyware can be controlled in a variety of methods. Underneath, I have spoken about the different ways to prevent someone from reading your messages.

Option 1: Tools from Third Parties

You can download a few anti-spyware tools from the Google Play Store. They will stop the spyware, but keep in mind that many of them are not free.

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If you are already being tracked then download these tools, they will immediately warn you and remove the malicious program.

Option 2: Be Cautious While Giving Someone Your Phone

Be careful about who you offer your Android phone. They can tap your phone when you aren’t looking and can look for important messages that they are looking for.

Option 3: Avoid Using Free Wi-Fi

It’s wise to stay away from public Wi-Fi. Programmers can easily get sufficiently close to the phones and computers that are connected to the most open networks since they aren’t encrypted as expected.

Option 4: Be Aware of What You Download

It’s important to be aware of what you download. You might unintentionally add tracking software.

Option 5: Allow two-way authentication

Lastly, you can enable two-way authentication. Although it’s not the best method for controlling spyware, doing so will protect you if you already have programs that track your every move.

Having two-way confirmation enabled would serve as a boundary regardless of whether the passwords to your records have been recorded, and nobody will wish to sign in to your records. Even though some applications don’t support the encryption feature, most do. Open the applications that contain sensitive information, then check your record settings for any further nuances.

How to Block Someone from Reading Your Text Messages on Android

Today’s cell phones include this feature, known as the warning or message sneak peeks, which, depending on your perspective, maybe both very beneficial and highly annoying. Because it gives you a glimpse of what’s happening with the message or what the topic is, a message notification may be useful. However, this element isn’t perfect in terms of protection.

You assume that since you are the phone’s owner, you should be the only one who understands it. However, how can you expect complete security when the warning is so obvious on the screen?

If you place your phone on the table while you are conversing with friends, there is a chance that they will see the notification when it merely appears on your screen.

What is the simplest method to handle it? Just turn it off. Preserving your security and ensuring that no one has access to your sensitive information, completely cripples the message reviews that are included. Stressing is pointless since you will always be informed and given the message. Below are some steps to hide your notifications so that no one can see them when they pop up on your device’s screen.

  • Navigate to Settings on your Android device.
  • After selecting Sounds and Notifications, look down.
  • You must have the option of visiting the location of the notifications in the section or area.
  • Then there is a different application at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap on the applications you do not want notification of.
  • You get to choose whether you want to completely hide sensitive information or not show a notification at all.
  • You may select the most recent.

You will receive a notification whenever there is a message, but it won’t explain what is happening with it or stretch very far on the menu screen. The main disadvantage is that reading the message requires opening the application. It means that the person who sent it will be aware that you read the message before responding. You also have an option to disable it depending upon your opinion.

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Hacking Problems

Today, it’s common to have a few hacking tools that let you access someone else’s phone without installing anything on their device. There is a few software that allows you to monitor other people’s cell phones. Depending on the applications, you should be able to access their device and even message their messages without their knowledge. In essence, you can obtain all the necessary information without having to bother with physical access to or direct entry into another person’s device.

It’s might be possible that someone could hack into your phone and read your texts to obtain sensitive information. Although there is phone tracking software available that lets you access other people’s devices, this does not mean that it is acceptable.

Protecting Your Devices

You must protect your device since you value your security. In any case, how do you make it happen?

  • The most crucial thing you need to do is download and install a special application for it. You may introduce SMS Lock or Message Lock, for instance.
  • Visit the Google Play store, download it, and then launch it.
  • Create a unique PIN by opening the application. Generally speaking, you should create a PIN that you can easily remember. You can use this application to hide your SMS, text messages, and MMS as well.
  • Verify the PIN.

Look for the other possible causes

All you need to know is whether you’re being watched on your phone. It involves someone owning a space that you use frequently; essentially regularly. You should be able to detect problems when they arise. If you believe someone is snooping on your phone, you should take the following actions to prove it:

  1. Take a close look at how your phone is used. It is almost certain that someone has installed spyware on your phone at that time if there is suspiciously high data usage or if you notice that your (monthly) data use increases significantly and you don’t modify any of your web-based habits.
  2. Poorer quality (spy) devices will make an effort to communicate as much information (about your device) to the headquarters. This is the explanation for the increased information total. There are applications that, in any case, have a truly polished presentation. Such usage would be more challenging to pinpoint. You should certainly take a look at your monthly information usage and be aware of it.
  3. The phone is consistently lively. Your phone does provide movement signals while in reserve mode, but you don’t notice any impending messages, calls, or other notifications. In the unlikely event, that you hear noises or commotions when your phone is in reserve mode, you should report an injustice.
  4. You feel the negative impacts of a dying battery. Even when you don’t feel like using your phone all that much, it seems like your battery is running low.

How can you hide text messages on an Android phone?

There is no inherent Android component to keep instant messages private, therefore this is how the setup works. You must lock all of your informative applications and use the secret word defenders I mentioned.

Be aware that there are applications for informing users that will subsequently delete discussions if you want to change the situation. The most well-known is Kik. Your conversations would be deleted after roughly 48 hours, and you may add customers using their username rather than their phone number.

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Facebook Messenger is another option. It comes with a Secret Conversations feature that will jumble up your conversations. They will go after two or three months. Just so you know, these encryptions are so strong that not even Facebook can get through them.

How Can You Tell If Spyware Is Installed?

Do you believe you are in charge of spyware? Some customers think that calling *#21 will reveal whether their device is being followed. This is not true.

Your Phone Is Slow

A slow device is a clear indication that someone has tampered with it. This warning doesn’t come as a surprise because the spyware would use up your phone’s resources. Similar to how your battery would waste its resources, it would start warming up.

Intensive Network Usage

This is another issue to pay particular attention to, presuming that your network utilization is significantly greater than average. In light of everything, the product that is tracking you would make use of your information to keep sending the data it has obtained to whoever is observing.

Unusual Messages

Another clue is receiving strange communications. There would likely be random code strings to numbers that you don’t remember messaging.


Today’s cell phones include this feature, known as the warning or message sneak peeks, which, depending on your perspective, maybe both very beneficial and highly annoying. Because it gives you a glimpse of what’s happening with the message or what the topic is, a message notification may be useful. However, this element isn’t perfect in terms of protection. On Android, there are several ways to stop someone from looking through your instant messaging. Using secret phrase protection, reducing message cautions, and limiting application consents are a few of them. I hope in this article you may have got the answer to your query of “How to stop someone from reading messages”.


How Can You Tell If Someone Is Using Your Phone Number?

I mentioned using caricaturing programs to transmit cryptic messages in the section above. These products allow you to call or text the person you’re trying to reach using someone else’s phone number. People could currently use these products and send messages using their phones.
The clearest signs of this include receiving random calls and instant messages. Do you have any options to put a stop to it? Try using programming that is unfriendly to mocking. They are even available on the Google play store and might be a case that they are paid and you have to pay money to use them.

How Can You Prevent Another Person from Receiving Your Text Messages?

It’s easy to do this with iPhones:
1) Go to the Settings window
2) To enable text message forwarding, select Messages.
3) Add the devices that you don’t think should have access to your texts.