How to speed up a video on iPhone

If you are wondering how to speed up a video on iPhone, we can do it in several ways. We can slow down the normal or a fast video too. iPhone has an inbuilt feature to record slow-motion videos, but the speed is default and can only be captured at that speed. Can we speed up those or bring them back to the normal speed using the iPhone, yes we can do that. This article explains ways to speed up or slow down the videos on iPhone using some iOS apps and third-party applications.

Video recording and editing is one of the prime reasons why most people prefer iPhones, but what if you want to edit them, especially to speed up a normal video, we need to use the iMovie app for that. If you wish to bring back the original speed for the slow-motion video recording on your iPhone, we just need to go to the Photos app to do that. Let us see the ways and procedures on how to speed up a video on the iPhone.

How to speed up a video on iPhone using iMovie?

iMovie is a free application of Apple which is very useful and handy to edit video and movie clips. This app is available on the App Store and is completely free. Let us see how to download and edit the videos to speed up.

  • Open the App Store and download the iMovie app.
  • After launching the application, a welcome screen appears, and click on “continue” to get into the app.
  • The app redirects us to a project page, click on the plus (+) sign to start editing a new video.
  • A New-Projects page pops up, tap on “Movie” to select the video from the gallery.
  • After choosing the video you want to speed up, click on the “create Movie” at the bottom of the screen to see the editing options.
  • In the editing options, tap on the clip settings on the timeline at the bottom of the screen.
  • To speed up the video, click on the Speed button, and the speedometer icon in the editing options.
  • A slider appears with one end as a tortoise and the other end as a rabbit, you can speed up the video up to 2X speed by dragging the slider towards the rabbit.
  • To preview the changes, tap on the play button at the top of the screen.
  • After completing the editing, tap “Done” on the top-left corner of the screen.
  • Now, click on the share button to either download the video to your phone storage or share it online.
  • Before saving you can select the quality of the video also, resolution ranges from 240p to 2k.
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If you want to speed up the video further, just follow the same steps and go on speeding up the video. The video speed increases by the multiples of 2 whenever you are using the 2X button, that is if you are editing the edited video again, it goes to 4X speed and gets multiplied so on. Similarly, when you are trying to slow down the video, for every edit the video slows down by 1/2X times.

How to speed up a video on iPhone
How to speed up a video on iPhone?

Another feature you can use is to speed up a specific part of your video, whenever you are editing the video, you can see the timeline of your video in the center of your screen, just select the part of the video you want to speed up by chopping the video and use the slider to speed up that click and save it to the gallery.

To increase the range of the video, simply tap on the outside of the range, also tap on “Add” to make a range border at the playhead position. Now that you have created the ranges you can apply different speeds for the ranges created, click on them, and a white bar representing the whole bar appears at the bottom of the screen. Just drag the bar in the yellow to change the speed. If you wish to start editing from the beginning again, click on the reset to get the original one.

How to speed up slow-motion video on your iPhone to normal speed

Now you have already recorded a video in slow-motion and if you wish to bring it back to the normal speed you can use the photos app to nullify the slow-motion. The disadvantage with slow-motion in the iPhone is it does not give much control over the speed settings for the video, we can only get videos of one speed, let us see the steps to do it. 

  •  Launch the Photos app on your phone.
  • Tap on the Albums at the bottom of the screen to see the types of photos and videos present in the Photos app.
  • Now click on “Slo-Mo” to see the slow-motion videos list you have on your phone’s storage.
  • Choose the video you want to speed up and click on edit at the top of the screen.
  • We can see the editing timeline at the bottom of the screen, it will be represented by a series of dashes, if the dashes are closely spaced, that represent a normal video, and dashes that do not represent the slow motion video. The dashes are also larger for the Slow-Motion video clips.
  • Now to bring back the speed to normal, we will have to drag the bars on the timeline to speed up the video.
  • Hold the bar at one end and drag it to the bar at the other to disappear from the slow-motion section of the video.
  • Tap on done to save the video at full speed.
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Now that you have made the changes, it is also flexible to bring it back to the original slow-motion also, just go to the Photos app and use the bars to change the speed. One of the best things with the inbuilt slow-motion in the iPhone is we can adjust the resolution to fine-tune the video while recording, we can either go to the settings or we can change the frames per second on the top-right corner of the screen, just tap on that to increase or decrease the frames per second rate.

Speeding up the Video using the Third-Party Apps

We can use the third-party apps to speed up or slow down the videos, they also come with a lot of other editing options we can use for video editing and add filters and effects to your videos. They have a wide range of options from adding the different fps for various sections to making them more useful than the inbuilt iPhone features. Let us see some of the trustable third-party apps on the App Store.

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1. Video Joiner and Trimmer

It is a third-party app that is free of cost and you can edit the videos easily on this app.

  • Download and Launch the application.
  • Choose the video you want to edit from the camera roll by tapping on the plus (+) icon.
  • Use the speedometer symbol to enable the speeding options for the video.
  • Using this app, we can speed up or slow down the video almost up to 8 times the original speed. 
  • You can also divide the video into multiple clips and add different speeds to different clips.

If you wish to speed up or slow down the same video further, you need to remember that it gets multiplied or divided by 8 times every time you are applying this feature.

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2. Slow Fast Motion Video Editor

This is another great app that lets you speed up by 2X times and slows down the video by 1/4X time. Depending on the requirements, we can use different speeds for the different sections of the video.

3. Video Speed Editor Slow and Fast

This is another effective app that you should definitely try. You can use this to divide the video into short clips and apply multiple speeds for each clip to your needs. Along with these, this app also provides multiple filters and effects for editing those short clips too.

4.SloMo Video Editor

This has to be the best of all, not only does this app have the ability to apply different speeds for the different sections but can also apply multiple frames per second to fine-tune each clip to perfection. We can download the final video in the set resolution, the available ranges are 240 to 2k.

These are some of the methods by which we can speed up the videos on the iPhone and your answer to the question of how to speed up a video on the iPhone. The first two ways are more than enough to solve the query, but if you wish to have better resolution and fine-tuning for your videos you can use third-party apps.