How to set up voicemail on your Android

How to set up voicemail on android phones? Are you wondering to create a voicemail message? And struck because you don’t know the process of how to do it? Then this article is for you. Get a piece of detailed information about what is a voicemail? This article provides the readers with a piece of detailed information about setting up a voicemail in different operating systems.

How to setup voicemail on android: Voicemail, as the name suggests, is a feature by which you can store any message digitally. Suppose you are busy and unable to attend a call, someone can leave you a message for you to retrieve and listen, to call them back later. It is the digital answering solution offered by our smartphones for our ease. You can learn how to set up voicemail on your android device in just a few simple steps. Learn also how to set up voicemail on iPhone.

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Smartphones have undoubtedly become a huge necessity in our day-to-day life. From a simple message to an important business call, almost everything goes through our phone. Of the many services offered by our smartphones, Voicemail is one of them. We are now going to look upon why we should use voice mail and how to set it up

What is Voicemail?

In simple words, voicemail is a voice message which is left by the caller. When the person calls and the receiver are not available for a particular moment or is busy voice mail comes into the picture. In other words, it is a digital record of electronically stored messages for further retrieval. In this article, let us take a look at how this voice mail works? How to set up a voicemail? How the process is different from android to iOS? Setting up voicemail in Apple, Tmobile, Vivo mobiles, and Redmi mobiles.

How does voicemail work?

A voicemail acts as a call answering and message storage system. In this, the message is stored in a mailbox. This mailbox is a service provider’s server, which is the memory reserved for the message also known as the mailbox.

With the development of technology, the features in smartphones are continuously evolved, one of the features is voicemail. So, how does this voicemail work?

When a person is not available or is in another call this feature of voicemail comes into the picture. The caller receives a message which is the default in the device. A custom recorded message and then allows the caller to record the message after a beep. The caller records the message later sends it to the receiver. Then the receiver can access the message from the mailbox. The receiver has the luxury of access the information at any time.

Voicemail is an example of advancement in technology. Also, Voicemail has many features which include storing messages. Voicemail is useful for the one who is not available to take calls. Let us take a deeper look into the basic features of Voicemail.

Why use Voicemail?

Voicemail works the same as an answering machine, but there is a huge difference. Typically, in an answering machine, the message gets stored in the physical device itself which may be set up in your home or office. In a voicemail, the message given by the caller is stored in the server of the service provider. Therefore, even if the phone is not with you or is switched off, a voicemail can be heard using a pin anywhere which gives it a huge advantage.

In India, typically there are very few users that actually have the voicemail feature setup because we completely missed the era of answering phones and thus are not very comfortable in using them.

Many service providers still have not introduced the feature to their customers and there is very little awareness about this. The people who do know about the voicemail system think that a piece of special equipment or hardware is required for this.

Benefits of using the voicemail service:

  • You can save multiple messages from many callers at the same time.
  • You can even forward messages to other people’s voicemail box.
  • According to the capacity of your carrier’s server, you can even store important messages for a long period of time.
  • Some voicemail services offer you the feature to store different greeting messages for your loved ones if you’re unable to attend their calls.
  • Most importantly you don’t need your Android smartphone to check the messages. You can even do it online through the carrier’s website.
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Any pre-requisites to set up a voicemail?

Before getting on to the actual process to set up the voicemail there is something that you need to be aware of i.e. whether the carrier supports it or not

  • The messages are stored on their servers and thus require quite a bit of space hence it might not be surprising to find that your carrier doesn’t allow
  • Currently, during the time of publishing this article, I found out that in India only Airtel, Vodafone, and BSNL properly support the voicemail and you do need to activate them.
  • If you have an airtel sim, you can contact customer care or dial: *004*08020100132#
  • For Vodafone users, similarly, you need to contact customer care or dial **61*9820011110# to activate the same

Finally, for android users, you need to activate the condition to divert calls. The process to do this differs from handset to handset but the general settings can be found through the settings given in the dialer app itself. Try to find the setting or consult your manual to do the same and then you can choose to turn on divert calls by choosing any of the following action: (We will configure the voicemail later)

  1. Phone Busy (If you are speaking to someone else and you get a call, it is forwarded to voicemail)
  2. No Reply (Whenever you don’t answer your phone, it gets forwarded to voicemail)
  3. Not Reachable (If the device is in airplane mode or switched off, or even if the network is unavailable, it would get forwarded to voicemail)
  4. Unconditional (In case the device is in DND or you don’t wish to pick your phone, it is forwarded to your voicemail)
  5. You can get a general idea by looking below:
Accessing settings in the dialer app
(Accessing settings in the dialer app)
how to set up voicemail on android
(Click on call forwarding settings)
Now turn any of these on
     (Now turn any of these on)

Once you do this the next section of setting the voicemail should be successful. Unfortunately, not every carrier supports this feature, therefore if your sim is not one of the carriers, you should enquire the customer support or wait until the company brings it out.

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Now that we have completed all our pre-requisites, we finally now proceed on how to set up voicemail on an Android device

How to set up voicemail using dialer?

It is in fact very simple to do so using the following steps:

  • Open the dialer app on your android smartphone:
how to set up voicemail using dialer
Now you need to hold and press 1 to get a popup
Now click on “Add Number” to enter your number
Now click on “Add Number” to enter your number
Click on Ok to receive a success message.
Click on Ok to receive a success message.
  • Open the dialer app again and press or hold 1 to call the voicemail
  • Now you would be greeted to complete your voicemail set up by setting up your pin and successfully starting the service.

How to set up Voicemail on Android devices

Note: Before reading how to set up voicemail in android one needs to understand that the following instructions are for major android phones. These steps may vary from phone to phone or version to version. This difference is because differences in phones vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Setting up voicemail on android devices is also not a big task. This can be done within minutes. For that, the user has to follow some simple steps.

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Select the Applications and Permissions option.
Applications and Permissions
  1. Then select System app settings.
System app settings
  1. Select Phone.
Select Phone
  1. Then select the voicemail option.
select the voicemail option
  1. There the user can find the service voicemail number.
find the service voicemail number
  1. The user can find that the voicemail number is not set, select that option.
  2. There opens a space to enter the number.
opens a space to enter the number
  1. Enter your 10-digit number. Then select ok.
  2. A message pops-up “Voicemail number changed”.
  3. Select on the ok button and it is done.
  4. Now, you have successfully set up a voicemail option on your Android device.

The user needs to have a voicemail number which the telephone service provider provides you. For this make a call to the customer service center of your registered telephone service. Then enquire about the services, chargers and other details about the plan.

Note: The above procedure of voicemail set up is written by taking Vivo mobiles as a reference. The process may vary from device to device.

How to setup Voice mail for a different device?

Some systems have a different process to access voicemail. Let us take a look at some other ways

  1. Go to the phone app.
  2. Search for a three lines icon either up-right or bottom left corner.
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three lines icon
  1. Then tap on the settings for call settings.
  2. Then tap on the Advanced settings.
Advanced settings
  1. In the advanced settings search for the setup option. Then tap on it.
setup option
  1. Once the user taps on the setup, he or she is redirected to a page with different options. Like service, voicemail number, and vibrate.
Like service, voicemail number, and vibrate
  1. Do not forget to choose My Carrier, if it is not chosen.
  2. Tap on the voice mail number option to set up a 10-digit mobile number.
  3. After entering a 10-digit number enter ok.
  4. And then it is done. your voicemail number is set up successfully.

NOTE: The above procedure of voicemail set up is written by taking Redmi mobiles as a reference. This process may vary from device to device.

Basic voicemail Set up

For a basic voicemail set up, the user needs to open the dial pad. Now press 1 key and hold it until a message pops up. A tip pops up that no voice mail is stored on the SIM card. Select the add number option. Then enter your 10-digit phone number to where your services are connected to. This will connect to the mailbox automatically. There prompts a temporary password. The password is the last 4 digits of your mobile number ending with a # key. Then record a necessary greeting, then save it to your device.

This is a basic way to set up a voice mail for any device. If the above 2 ways do not fix this, then try using this method.

These are some ways to set up voicemail on your device.

Voila!! You can take a time-out and give yourself a pat on the back because you just successfully configured your voicemail service on your Android device

Now there are no worries about missing any important calls or even remembering to call back the person who dialed you. Make sure to leave an enticing message for the person who calls you!!!! As you’ve read the article until here don’t miss out the following bonus section that tells what you should do after activating the enticing feature of voicemail

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  1. Make sure the user calls telecom voicemail service and complete the procedure of setting up. Register by providing name, voicemail password, the greeting. Complete all other steps that are guided by the telecom services.
  2. Your device may also have a feature of the voicemail app. In this app, the user can collect the recorded messages and view messages at any time.
  3. The user should also customize the greeting which the callers receive. If not, the voice messages may not receive. Or people may also think they have dialed the wrong number.

Let us take a look at a basic voice mail setup.

What are the basic features of Voicemail?

Voice mail helps make a person’s life easier. This helps to manage various calls at a time. Let us look at some basic features of voice mail.

  1. Voicemail is a major source to relive the cell phone jam. That means the user receives many messages at the same time.
  2. These messages are stored for a longer period.
  3. Helps to get the message even if the person is not available. So, the person needs not to worry about the network or phone charge.
  4. The messages live long. They can be forwarded to different persons. The user can store these messages, can attach them in emails as well.
  5. These voice mails have options of re-listening
  6. Getting notified once receiving the voice messages. So that you never miss a single voice message.
  7. Voice messages are coming with different types of greeting in different languages. They can also set up manually.

With these features voice, mails occupy their place as an important feature in this smartphone era. These features make a person’s life easier. Re-listening, forwarding, moving, storing, and many other features pretty difficult or to say impossible. With the help of a common feature in the smartphones named voicemail humans achieved this.

Though it is a wonderful innovation in the information sharing sector, it also has disadvantages. Voicemail is not useful for immediate responses. The person who wants to send an immediate message can be frustrated because of this Voicemail.

Now, let us take a look at some of the ways to set up voice mail on different devices.

Voicemail Vulnerability: A boon to hackers?

So, you’ve finally set up your voicemail on your android device, enjoying the feature of answering machine and then you suddenly find out that there are illegal transactions happening to your bank account. How did this happen? Let’s find out.

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The following is not meant to scare any of you but it’s the hard truth and it’s better to be aware of these things rather than be sorry when the same happens to you.

Many of us are aware of the cyber-attacks that happen every year. Most of these attacks are based upon the hacker’s ability to find a loophole in the security and by that, I don’t mean the security loopholes in a system, but the carelessness of a person.

Many websites have now the feature to tell you how strong is your password, but still, people ignore them and keep short and unsafe passwords. Moreover, when people have the option to choose a pin for such as their debit cards, most of them choose a pin that is based on their birthdates or somewhat similar that a hacker can guess.

The same goes while you’re setting up your voicemail’s pin. You should always ensure that the pin you setup is a strong one and isn’t easily guessed upon by anyone.

Why am I telling you, the reader all of this?

It’s because I want you to be aware and completely ready with every preventive measure to safeguard your identity. There are many tools and python scripts that can be used to impersonate the callers and gather a huge amount of information for any hacker. Hence, it’s always good to be safe than sorry.

Is there a threat if you haven’t set your voicemail?

In fact, there is!!!!

Even if you haven’t set up your voicemail or started the service, there might be a possibility that by chance it has been turned on by the service provider. An unsecured voicemail is much more dangerous than a set-up voicemail because, after all, you haven’t even set up any pin and is wide open for a hacker to get in by impersonating as you.

We are after all considering the worst-case scenario that could happen to anyone. In reality, the service provider may have much tighter security even for the hacker to get in Even so, you should still check whether the service is turned on by accident and ensure that proper security is in place.

Following are the security practices you should apply:

  1. Always use a stronger pin that cannot be easily guessed. If the pin number is completely unrelated to you and very difficult to guess, then it would be very difficult for any method to crack it.
  2. Else If you are not using the feature, it is always a good practice to check whether the service provider has the voicemail service turned on. If so then you should turn it off.
  3. Else If you can, then you should add to your voicemail greeting to ask the dialer not to mention any sensitive information such as a password.
  4. Last but not least, you should always timely review your messages and delete the older ones that have become irrelevant because they might be useful to hackers.


Voicemail is a very good feature by which you can digitally store the messages and view them remotely from anywhere, even without your mobile. Most importantly, it is always safe to put in a strong pin or password to your voicemail to safeguard your identity from a hacker and efficiently use this feature. Now you have got the idea of how to set up voicemail on android.

In this article, the readers get a piece of complete knowledge about voicemail, what is voicemail? How does voicemail works? What are the features of voicemail? This article provides the complete guide about “How to set up a Voicemail?” in IOS as well as an android device in different ways. This article also guides the users, to find the voice messages as well as some important tips for the users. Hope this article has provided you a piece of useful and good quality information. For more technology-related information keep visiting us.