How to see someone’s location on iPhone

In this article, I will let you know the simple and handy tips on how to see someone’s location on iPhone/without knowing them. Along with that, I will also help you in sorting out the most user-friendly and easiest approaches of all and solve the problem. You can also, stop sharing location without them knowing.

Want to know where your friend goes without asking them or want to locate your child or family member? or do you want to track your favorite one all the time and receive notifications or do you own an apple device and want to know whether he/she reached the school safely? Are you afraid of losing your apple device and searching for a few methods how to track your lost device? We have already covered how to send location on iPhone.

I’m happy you are here and landed on this page. This article not only helps you in tracking the location of the person in an iPhone but also helps you to track various apple devices I promise you this article helps in finding/tracking the lost devices. Some prior steps are to be followed if you lost your device and trying to track the device. Do follow the following simple tips and tricks if you own an iPhone. You can track the location of the person who owns an android device too.

There are possibly six to seven suggestive ways where you can find the location of a person and group of people too! Surprisingly, you can identify the location with or without acknowledgment of the person. Reading till the end of the article can help you in finding the simplest way to the most used and tricky ways of finding someone’s location.

How to see someone's location on iPhone
How to see someone’s location on iPhone?

Tips to see someone’s location on iPhone?

There are several methods to find the location. One is through the app and another one is Bluetooth if the devices are in a lesser range

Setting up an app on two devices helps a lot

Installing find my app from the app store is a quick and handy solution, allow all the permissions and click on continue for the pop-ups that appear. Among the three options, you can choose any one of the following

  1. Connect a child’s phone
  2. GPS watch or Apple Watch
  3. Buy a GPS watch

Steps to do so :

Step 1: Choosing the first option will lead you to enter the mail id before kindly installing Pingo app on the child’s phone and asking the child to enter the code which you get on the iPhone screen. Set up the geo-location permissions on the child’s phone initially and give all the permissions along with turning on data usage in the child’s phone. Now we are ready to locate the child. Get set and go to click the “GO” option on your iPhone.Hurray! we can then locate the child on the map and track them on.

Sep 2: Choosing the second option also needs a Pre-initial setup for the watch by allowing all the settings, it uses the GPS sensor and allows only tracking the location within a few meters range. This one is considered a less metered solution for the problem you can use this method within a 50-metered area.

Find MY friend app

Want to find your friend and locate? This option is applicable only for the IOS versions below 12 or earlier

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To use this app your friend also needs to have the same app on their apple device.

Steps to do so:

  • Step 1:  Install the Find My Friends app on your phone from the app store
  • Step 2: Open it and tap on add
  • Step 3: Share your location by adding the name or typing the particular email address in the search option
  • Step 4: Select the mail id> click on send request

After this step in the receiver’s phone, the receiver must accept the request to share the location.

Here there are a few more advantages like hiding the location shared, we can either choose certain options like not getting invitations from various people.

In the latest releases of the iPhone the FindMy and Find My friend apps are combined and both the features are merged so that the features of My friend can be used in the FindMY app.

The app-free solution is quite easy!

How to see someone’s location on iPhone ?without an app the following solution possibly helps you

If the person who looks for the location and who is being located both owns the iPhone then thumbs up there is a quite easy solution then you read previously

Steps to do so:

  • Step 1: iPhone has an option equipped within itself, first make sure the feature is activated in both Phones. Go to the Settings>>navigate to iCloud>>Find My iPhone
  • Step 2: Repeat the same on another device too and be sure you are signing with the same Apple ID
  • Step 3: Click on the option ‘Devices’ and choose the other target iPhone to see the location
  • Step 4: Clicking on the device name helps you to locate the person

This is the suggested way to track any apple product, this might help a lot when you lost the device. Setting up the above-suggested steps at the initial time can keep you out of trouble if you lost.

Family Sharing feature for locating more than 5 iPhone users

Do you want to know how to know all the locations of family members at a time? This option is a trump card for 3+ users. Add the users’ Gmail address and sync up with google contacts

  • An Organizer sets up all the features and enables, add the Gmail address to whom he wants to share the location with
  • Secondly using the family sharing feature the other person can decide whether to share his location or not
  • In family sharing settings the user can set up to share his location automatically

This can be done if you are an iPhone user and having other people’s contacts helps you in sharing the location. This type of location sharing is useful for many people at  the same time

Steps to do so:

  • Step 1 : Go to iPhone settings >  name > Family Sharing > Location Sharing > Share my location
  • Step 2 : Search the name in google contacts > Share my location

The above two steps can help you in an emergency situation like if you lost your phone unless you have stopped sharing the location the location will be shared with people in your family.

Enabling the family sharing feature can help you out in emergencies is one of the general suggestive solutions for the question- of how to see someone’s location on an iPhone

Another app-free solution is ahead – Simply using the messages app

Searching various methods to know how to know someone’s location on iPhone with a simple app. Before using this app, the privacy settings must be changed by allowing all the permissions to apple maps and google maps to share your location. That’s all you can easily track your loved ones and see whether they reached safely or not. The other person also should give them access to share my location

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Steps to do so:

  • Step 1: Open the inbuilt message app
  • Step 2: Create an iMessage with you or open it if you have already conversation existing
  • Step 3: Tap the icon which appears on the screen
  • Step 4: Tap “Sharing the location” and based on your choice you can set up for an hour or 2 hours or never

Using google maps as a usual way helps you in saving time

Installing google maps from the app store is a suggestive way to share your location, which most users use. Enabling the option of sharing your location on both devices is a must for this way too.

Steps to do so:

  • Step 1:  Install google maps from the app store.
  • Step 2: The version of the iPhone must be greater than 13.4 to apply this feature hence before installing make sure your device is the latest one if not so you can still use Apple maps. Then set up your google account. If your device has the google account set up already done then heads up you are good to use google maps on iPhone.
  • Step 3: Search for the other person’s icon or portrait and then tap sharing my location.
  • Step 4: Tap either New share or location share.

You can set up a timeline to share your location with another person

The following method is an effective way –“News 18” report suggests


So, finally, this is an effective way and most of the users are using this method of tracking/ sharing their location with other people

Steps to do so:

  • Step 1 : open  app store >>whatsapp messenger >> get
  • Step 2: Open the settings >>privacy>> location services then later on small navigation pops up at the down.
  • Step 3: Click on WhatsApp, open the particular person with whom you wanted to share the location then tap the location and wait for the permission pop up to give allow.
  • Step 4: Send your location >> sends your location to the particular person.

A general and must-know method on how to see someone’s location on iPhone is explained. here there is an interesting option  like hiding places, on clicking those you can hide hand-full of places where you don’t want the other person to know the location.

–  Live location enables an excellent option of sharing the precise location of the person and ends at a particular timeline set initially.

– Share locations can do the same job but the precise place of location may vary.

Use Apple maps to see the person’s location

I know you are more eager to know the most used way of iPhone users and the answer for how to see someone’s location on iPhone in prior you have to ask the person to share the current location link via Apple maps, hence both the persons must own an apple device to use the suggested way of knowing the location.

Steps to do so:

  • Step 1: Tap the Apple map and open it
  • Step 2: Drag the handle from below and then tap on share my location
  • Step 3: Share the location in a link text form either by the messenger app/ what Sapp app/Facebook messenger/ an email

We can use the feature of marking my location on the apple maps and refer to it again and again

Apple maps have a feature of guiding too.

Using the Facebook messenger app

Using the Facebook messenger app is the older solution for the question – of how to see someone’s location on an iPhone usually, it is not a suggestive way to know the location of a person and only a few people use this method of tracking the location of another person.

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Steps to do so:

Facebook can be downloaded from the app store

  • Step 1: Install the Facebook app from the app store
  • Step 2: You can see the GPS symbol beside the message option click on that and turn on
  • Step 3: This has an excellent feature of sending a message and letting know the location at the same time

The suggested method helps you to do two tasks at the same time

Wrapping up

So, to know the location of the person the above-suggested ones are effective and most used ways to track. Still to know the location of a person without knowing them is a privacy concern. It is important to note that you must not use any methods that track people without their knowledge, such as Bluetooth/GPS tracking devices or privacy-invading third-party monitoring programs. Also, It may sometimes lead you into trouble. It is an illegal activity to know the location of people without knowing them so be careful by taking the proper measures to avoid privacy concerns

To wrap up on the topic –How to know someone’s location on iPhone, if the person who wants to know the location and the person who shares the location both wants to know about each other and has the apple devices with them they can simply share their location by using the apple maps and if the opposite person doesn’t have the apple device it is suggested to use google maps or FIND MY app. Choosing google maps is far the better way.


How to install the FindMY app on IOS devices?

FindMY app is available on the iCloud (app store ) you can either download the FindMY app or the FIND MY friend’s app from the apple store and use it

What are the versions FIND MY app supports for the IOS devices?

The app supports the IOS versions of 13.4 and above. Previously FindMy Friend app has the same features. find friend app is in IOS version of 12 or earlier, in the latest versions both the apps are combined and released with the similar features

Is tracking the location of a person without knowing them possible?

Yes using the FIND MY app but prior you need to set the privacy concerns and permissions in the opposite person’s phone before doing so. It is illegal to do so without the knowledge of another person be aware of knowing  all privacy concerns

Can I track the location of a person who has an android with an iPhone?

Yes you can track using various apps and using google maps too, google maps is the easiest  way in this case since android has the inbuilt google maps and save time efficiently

How can I find the location of my family members at the same time?

By enabling the feature of family sharing location in your phone you can know multiple people even 5 or 6 and handle you’re and their locations at a time. This is the suggested way to track multiple people