How to retrieve deleted texts on Samsung

How to retrieve deleted texts on Samsung? Every person no matters their occupation, work field, or any kind of task they do, regularly or special events. Every person has some type of data on their laptop, personal computers, phone device. And, that data can be anything such as messages, texts, videos, word file, excel sheet, voice notes, contacts, personal pictures, and any other documents. Also, it’s not possible that there is only one document present in any device, either a laptop or mobile. And every day we perform multiple actions on our device. Sharing, calling, texting, email, creating, editing, recreating, removing, and sure this list goes on as devices nowadays have no boundaries.

And while performing these actions on our devices specifically phone devices, becomes a little complicated. While we are doing some actions our phone device may get a little confused and end up removing some files, which may be important for you. Even when you have heavy RAM used up then you may get suggestions to remove a few apps to clear up the device. And sometimes devices do themselves. Though we can’t blame the manufacturer, we can’t even let it be our loss.

And when it comes to the large number of useless text messages you receive every day and every single hour of discounts and offers. Then it is a compulsory, needed step that needs to be taken. Although these single text messages hardly take up any, almost negligible amount of space on the device. But when these texts start getting collected and cross their number by 400-500 texts then this causes a lot of mess in your message box.

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Your message storing location would stop accepting some text messages. The RAM that is allocated for the messaging system to work properly, gets hyped by the high number of text messages on the device. And starts working in a corrupted manner which results in deleting some of the important texts from the device. And in this article, we will let you know how you can recover those deleted messages in a few steps. 

How to retrieve deleted texts on Samsung
How to retrieve deleted texts on Samsung

Reasons why you would have removed/ delete Texts

There can be many reasons why you may not be able to find your text messages. Or you may necessarily need to delete these texts for better functioning of the device. Few major reasons for the loss of texts are possible:

  • Because of the overuses of RAM for managing the messages directory then it should. Hence causing trouble in the stable running of devices.
  • Consuming over space in the memory of the device then it can. And to free up some space, the device auto deletes some messages.
  • The device automatically removed those messages.
  • Initially, those messages weren’t of so much use but later, you got some use of those.
  • Deleted by mistake.
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And there could be more such reasons why you might have lost text messages.

Can I get back the deleted text messages?

Before you likely start a panic, let me tell you that there are ways to restore your messages on your phone. Unlike retrieving deleted messages on iPhone, it may be almost impossible to find them on any Android device. In most cases, rejecting a deleted message will not completely remove it from your phone system, at least not immediately. Your phone will recognize it as a dormant file and make it invisible and delete. Some new files appear just after you delete a text message to compose or edit. It’s like write it down on paper, then erase it and replace it with something else.

This means that if you find a deleted text message and ask for it back, stop using it to increase your chances of getting your phone back. Otherwise, it will probably be permanently deleted after some time. The best thing you can do is to quickly turn off mobile or WIFI data on your phone. And not letting the device use it to create any new data on that place. This includes taking new photos and creating new files. Or put your device in airplane mode, and then quickly find an SMS recovery app that can help you recover deleted messages before they are completely deleted from your Samsung device.

Unlike your computer, all deleted files have a trash can or recycle bin where they can be stored before deleting. You can even undo delete to restore deleted text after operation confirmation.

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How to retrieve deleted texts on Samsung

Although it is almost impossible to retrieve deleted texts from your Android device like Samsung because of how the system handles messaging data. But still, there can be a little chance to somehow get them back. And it is not an easy task to try to retrieve it from its original location to be removed, because you will not use standard methods to access it.

Here are some ways which could help you retrieve text data easily on your Samsung Device. You can use any one of these below-given methods for retrieving the deleted text.

1. Recover Deleted Documents from Samsung Cloud 

Samsung Cloud is an online support service built-in function in every Samsung phone or tablet. By simplifying file management, you can back up and restore your data when data is lost. The app allows you to save all your settings, properties and applications, and related files. Follow the below-given steps for retrieving text from Samsung Cloud.

  1. Step1: The initial step is to verify if your phone is backed up to the Samsung Cloud. If so, you can easily recover deleted documents.
  2. Step2: On your smartphone, go to Settings, tap Accounts, and click Backup.
  3. Step3: Tap Backup and Restore.
  4. Step4: Press Restore Data, choose your Samsung phone, and select the content (e.g. Messages) that you desire to restore.
  5. Step5: Press Restore.
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Note: If needed, download your backup data.

2. Retrieve your messages via Samsung Smart switch

Samsung Smart Switch is Comparable to the Samsung Cloud. It is also a backup application intended to back up data from your old Samsung device and restore it to the new Samsung Device. This app lets you have a backup of all your text messages, connections, media files, and other reports on the device. And then save them on your PC or Mac. If you made a backup, that would be lucky for you! It is very easy to retrieve your texts and other files with a Smart switch.

If you got no backup? Don’t worry! Read on for some of the alternatives presented below.

3. Return Samsung Messages to Your Service Provider

You may not be aware that your mobile operator or service provider has access to your test data. They keep copies of your information, including the messages you receive and send on your device.

  • Step1: Initially, move to your online service provider’s website.
  • Step2: Continue to the message segment to view historical data.
  • Step3: Some providers may record your text messages sent and received during the last payment period.
  • Step4: If you can’t get them, reach customer care to observe if they can assist you somehow.

Note: Depending on the terms and provisions of the uses, you may have to pay additional charges for retrieving those lost messages.

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How to retrieve deleted texts on Samsung using Third-Party Software

If you failed to get your text messages by all the above methods, then Samsung SMS Recovery got you. Samsung SMS Recovery is a third-party software used to retrieve unintentionally deleted text messages from Samsung Galaxy Devices.

Samsung SMS Recovery from Android Data Recovery Software

  1. Retrieve deleted messages( texts) directly from Samsung phones with full aspects like name, connection, previous attachments, email, notes, important data, and many more. Plus, protect erased texts in CSV format.
  2. Reclaim your precious lost/deleted images, videos, audio records, numbers, SMS, attachments, telephone history, WhatsApp Messages, and SD cards Data on your Android phone.
  3. Retrieve lost Android phone data due to accidental deletion, factory reset to reset, system crash, forgotten passwordflashing ROM, complete root rot, etc.
  4. Optionally preview to retrieve lost or removed data from Android smartphones and tablets.
  5. Recover Android phone system like a storm, clash, black partition, virus intrusion, lock screen and accumulate data from dead Android crashed / cached storage
  6. Supports nearly all Android mobiles and tablets.

How to Recover a Lost SMS in Samsung Device using a Samsung SMS Recovery:

  • Step1: Connect your Samsung machine to your PC or MAC.
  • Step2: Download the “Samsung SMS Recovery” application, install it, and then operate the program on your PC and Mac.
  • Step3: Then choose the “Android Data Recovery” option on the screen.
  • Step4: Then, attach your Samsung Galaxy device to the PC or MAC via USB.
  • Step5: Enable USB debugging on your Samsung Galaxy Device.
  • Step6: If you have not yet opened the USB debugging option, this program prompts you to do so.
    1. (a) For Android 2.3 or earlier, → Install “Settings” → Click “Applications” → Click “Improvement” → Check “USB debugging.”
    2. (b) On Android 3.0 to 4.1→ Enter the “Settings” option → Click on the “Developer Options” → Check on the “USB debugging” check box.
    3. (c) On Android 4.2 or new → Enter “Settings” → Click “About Phone” → Tap “Generate number” several times until you get the note “Under Developer Mode” → Back to “Settings” <Click “Developer Options” → Check” USB debugging. “
  • Step7: Examine and scan your Samsung Galaxy to obtain a lost text.
  • Step8: Now that the system requires to scan your device before scanning it. You can pick the file type as “Messages.”
  • Step9: Next, click “Next” in the window below to get started.
  • Step10: Then, move to your machine when you find the window of few possibilities.
  • Step11: Here, you require to drive to your phone and tap on “Allow” to enable Superuser Application.
  • Step12: Next, click “Start” in the program window to begin scanning your Samsung Galaxy.
  • Step13: Now, preview the erased messages and revive them on the device.
  • Step14: When the scan is performed. You can preview all the contents of the destroyed messages in the scan result as a record.
  • Step15: You can preview them one by one and pick the ones you desire to recover.
  • Step16: After choosing, tick on the “Recover” option to keep them as an HTML repository on your PC.
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Note: You can see the newly deleted messages gained here and the ones present in your Samsung device. You can classify them by using the button: Only show deleted items. You may preview and restore connections, photos, and videos too. Contacts can be gathered to your machine as CSV, VCF, and HTML files.


In conclusion of how to retrieve deleted texts on Samsung, don’t forget to back up your messages! Samsung Cloud and Smart Switch are good options, and you can use some external backup apps and tools. Text messages these days are more important than other types of data and we cannot avoid them. But accidental removal can happen more often and when that happens, it affects the senses. However, deleted texts can still be recovered and we hope the above-mentioned Samsung SMS Recovery Guide helped.