How to reset Samsung TV

Samsung TVs are renowned for their excellent screens and user-friendly features. Samsung TVs, however, can encounter a number of problems that might impair their operation, just like any other electronic item. Resetting the TV is one of the most popular techniques to deal with such problems. Correct settings, a sluggish operating system, frozen apps, and other issues can all be resolved by restarting your Samsung TV. We’ll outline a step-by-step procedure on how to reset your Samsung TV in this article. We’ll go through two different resets, such as a factory reset and a soft reset, and walk you through each one. You can return your Samsung TV to its original state and resume enjoying its peak performance by following the instructions in this guide.

How to reset Samsung TV

How to reset Samsung TV

Step 1: Decide on the Reset Type You Require

Identifying the sort of reset your Samsung TV requires is the first step in the reset process. A factory reset and a soft reset are the two different sorts of resets, as was already established. When your TV is frozen or not responding, a soft reset is a quick and simple way to restart it. On the other hand, a factory reset returns your TV to its initial state by erasing all data and settings. Only in cases where a soft reset fails to resolve the issue is it advised to execute a factory reset.

Step 2: Reset Your Samsung TV Softly

These actions should be taken to accomplish a soft reset:

  • The power button on your Samsung TV should be located, and it should be pressed and held for five seconds. Don’t let go of the button until the TV has turned off.
  • After holding the power button for five seconds, let go of it and wait for the TV to turn off and then switch back on. Typically, the procedure takes a few seconds.

Step 3: Reset the Factory on Your Samsung TV

Take the following actions to perform a factory reset:

  • By hitting the Home button on your remote, you can access the main menu: On your Samsung remote control, find and push the Home button. The primary menu on your TV will then be displayed.
  • Go to Settings and choose it: Your remote’s arrow keys can be used to move to the Settings option, which you can then select by pressing the Enter key.
  • Select the Support option by scrolling down and finding it: Once you’ve chosen Settings, scroll down and choose Support from the list that appears.
  • Select Reset after Self Diagnosis: Choose Self Diagnosis from the Support menu, and then choose Reset. By doing this, the factory reset procedure will start.
  • Enter the security PIN for your TV: You will be requested to enter the security PIN for your TV. The default PIN, if you haven’t already set one up, is 0000.
  • Once you’ve entered your security PIN, choose Yes to confirm that you want to proceed with the factory reset.
  • Watch for the television to restart and reset: The factory reset procedure for your TV will now start, which typically takes a few minutes. When the procedure is finished, your TV will restart itself.
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Step 4: Installing Your Samsung TV

You must configure your Samsung TV once the factory reset is finished, just as if it were brand-new. To connect to the internet, choose your language, and set up additional settings, according to the on-screen directions. To enjoy certain features and services, you must sign in to your Samsung account.

Benefits of Resetting a Samsung TV

Enhancing Performance:

Your Samsung TV’s performance can be greatly enhanced by resetting it. Temporary files, software updates, and other data can build up on your TV over time and slow it down. All of this data is erased when you reset your TV, effectively starting over. This might make the TV feel brand-new again by enhancing its speed and responsiveness.

 Resetting your Samsung TV might help to solve any issues that were brought on by software-related issues in addition to enhancing performance. When a TV’s software is overloaded with data, it may occasionally experience issues like freezing or crashing. You may delete all of this data and restore your TV to its pristine, factory settings by performing a reset.

Your Samsung TV may have any number of issues, from freezing and crashing to audio or video abnormalities, that are software-related. By deleting any data or software that might be the problem, performing a reset might assist in solving many of these problems. For instance, executing a reset can assist to fix a Samsung TV that frequently freezes or crashes. By restarting your TV, you effectively give it a fresh start by deleting any data that might be the root of the issue.

Default settings are restored:

The default settings on your Samsung TV can also be restored along with the help of a reset, which has quite a number of the benefits. First of all, it gets rid of any addition that might be causing shortcomings with your TV. For instance, if you’ve influenced your TV’s settings and are having problems, resetting your TV and bringing back it to its original settings will help you find the root of the issue. Restoring default settings is an additional way to improve your TV’s performance. Your Samsung TV was specifically tuned for performance when you originally bought it. But over time, you might have adjusted the settings in a way that affected how well the TV worked. You can return your TV’s performance to its ideal state by reverting it back to its factory defaults.

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Repairs Audio and Video Issues:

Various audio and video issues can sometimes be sorted out by restarting your Samsung TV. For instance, a reset can assist in resolving the issue if you are having no sound or distorted sound. A reset can assist return the TV to its factory settings, which most frequently resolves difficulty with low picture quality or no picture at all. However, it’s critically important to stay in mind that not every audio and video issue can be agreed by reinstalling your TV. If your TV’s audio or video issues continually return back, there may be a hardware problem that must be fixed by a specialist.


Resetting your Samsung TV is a quick and easy approach to fix a variety of problems and improve performance. It’s crucial to follow the right procedures and back up any crucial files before beginning a factory reset or soft reset, depending on the situation. You can reset your Samsung TV and once again take pleasure in its peak performance by following the instructions provided in this article. To prevent any potential problems, keep in mind to take your time and properly follow the directions. You can quickly reset your Samsung TV and take use of its excellent features and display with a little bit of perseverance.


Will my saved channels be deleted if I reset my Samsung TV?

Your saved channels won’t be erased if you reset your Samsung TV. After the reset, you will need to re-scan for channels.

If my Samsung TV’s remote malfunctions, can I reset it?

Yes, you may reset your Samsung TV by pressing the on-screen buttons. The user handbook should be consulted for detailed instructions.

Will my Samsung TV’s picture quality get better after a reset?

No, restarting your Samsung TV won’t directly enhance the quality of the images. It can, however, fix software-related problems that might be hurting the image quality.

Can sound problems be fixed by restarting my Samsung TV?

Yes, restarting your Samsung TV can fix sound-related problems including distorted or nonexistent sound.

How often should my Samsung TV be reset?

Only when absolutely required, such as when it freezes or has performance issues, should you reset your Samsung TV.

My installed apps on my Samsung TV would be deleted if I reset it.

The answer is that a factory reset will remove all installed apps along with all data and settings. After the reset, you will need to reinstall your apps.

Can my Samsung TV be reset without deleting my personal information?

No, a factory reset will remove each and every setting and data. Before starting the reset, make sure you backup any crucial files.

Will resetting my Samsung TV get rid of any infections or viruses?

No, restarting your Samsung TV won’t get rid of spyware or viruses. It is advised to protect your TV with antivirus software.

Can problems with the HDMI port be resolved by restarting my Samsung TV?

Yes, restarting your Samsung TV can fix problems with the HDMI port, including poor picture quality and no signal.