How to power off iPhone? | Various best possible ways

While using your iPhone, you came across some troubleshooting problems on the phone. Now you want to turn off your phone but can’t find any solutions. You try but can’t switch your phone off using the power buttons on the right side of the phone. While your phone screen froze, whether due to software issues or any other issues that you don’t know about. I encountered this same problem while using the new iPhone model. Neither was I able to turn on my phone nor could I solve that glitch problem. After researching the concerned matter, I came across how to power off iPhone in various best possible ways.

How to power off iPhone


This is the easiest and most effective way to turn off or on our iPhones.Every iPhone is provided with a power button on the right-hand side. We have to click on the power button for 15-20 seconds. Now we could see an option popping up about powering off our phone. We now have to slide right to that option. So your iPhone will turn off for now. But this is not the case with every iPhone. We need to perform this when apps keep crashing iPhone.

What we could do if our power button does not function well? Or our power button works, but the screen does not work. Due to some significant troubleshooting, our phone screen could not work for some time. So here are the other steps we could follow to turn our phones off.

How to power off iPhone 14 without a power button?

So here are the steps we should follow to turn off our phones:

So this method can be used to turn off our iPhone after the iOS 11 version. This method is not meant to be used all the time but can be helpful if our phone freezes and does not work.

For turning off our phones, we should do these steps-

  1. Firstly, go to the settings in your iPhone
  2. Go to general in the settings.
  3. Now, You will see an option labeled as a tap shut down button.
  4. Now, just tap on the Slider Button from left to right, and you are ready to go after that.

Can we turn off our phone without touching the screen with the home button?

As we know, a big tech company like Apple will think of this problem. There is a way to power off iPhone 13/14 without touching the screen. Start by holding the lock button on the right side of your iPhone.While holding the lock button simultaneously, we have to press the power button for some time. Our phone would turn off after following this procedure.

But there is a catch while turning off our phones using this process. If we hold down both buttons for an extended period of time, our iPhones will reset after that. So we should follow these steps carefully. So now we know how we can turn off our phones using the power and home button. But what if our phone does not have a power button like the older iPhone? Let’s look at that scenario where our phone does not possess a home button.

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How to turn off iPhone without a home button?

Here are the steps we should follow for turning off our phones without the home button. There are various reasons why our screen malfunctions, which gives us a hard time switching off our phones. Here are some steps we should follow to power off iPhone 13/14 without a home button

  • Firstly, press the volume button up.
  • Then press the volume down button.
  • After that, we pressed the lock button for a selected amount of time until we could see our phone was turned off.

So this is the step we can follow for turning our phone off with no home button. But is there any option available to power off our phone without touching any button?

How to turn off our iPhones without touching any buttons?

In many ways, it is possible that our power button could stop working due to some damage, but our screen works. There are many other ways to turn off our phones without using the power button or touching the screen.

These are the steps we could follow:

Tap on to settings in the home screen menu and select general on the screen. In that given list, search and select the shutdown option. Now we can see the power off option on our mobile phones. Now just drag that option from the left side to the right side. We have power off the iPhone without touching any of the buttons.

Can we turn off/restart our iPhone using assistive touch?

Yes, we can restart our iPhone using the assistive touch. But first, we have to know what assistive touch is. So assistive touch is basically a feature provided by Apple for the iPhone with broken screens or screens that are not working correctly. With the use of assistive touch, we can perform many actions such as:

  • Taking screenshot
  • Using apple pay
  • Using Siri
  • Going to the home screen
  • Adjusting volume
  • Using 3D touch and the most important one
  • Power off iPhone/Restart your phone.

This feature is not enabled by default, as we have to allow it to be on our iPhones.

For allowing assistive touch, we have to follow these procedures :

First, we have to go to settings and then tap on accessibility. Once you have clicked on accessibility, we should tap on assistive touch. We can see that the assistive touch option is turned off for now. To enable it, we have to click the assistive touch option to know that it turns green. Then we can see a very customizable menu on our mobile.

Menu options like notifications, Siri, control center, and many other options are available on the top-level menu. We have just added the restart option to the assistive touch menu. To add the restart option, we have to deselect any options present there by tapping on the menu option. Now select any option we don’t want and click on the minus option present there. After that, tap on the restart option, and now you can see that the restart option is present in the menu list. For restarting our phone, we have to just tap to assistive touch, and we can see many options there. We have just to select the restart option present there.

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So this can be an effective way to power off our iPhone using various possible ways.

Can we power off iPhone 13/14 using Siri?

It does seem like a good option that Siri could turn off our phones. Sadly this option is still unavailable on the iPhones to turn off our phones using Siri. In my opinion, these are the ways due to which Siri couldn’t turn off our phones.

  • Identifying the intent of the user for that voice command.
  • Sometimes, due to wrong mispronunciation, Siri could take that sentence as an act of switching off our phones.
  • Power off iPhone 13/14 on command would not be possible by Siri if it turns on the iPhone.
  • Creating this kind of technology could be a security threat for Apple.

So we could say that due to some of these problems, Siri won’t turn off our iPhone.

How to force quit our iPhone?

Sometimes, it could get stuck while using our phone, which would be a very stressful moment for us. At this time, we just can’t use our power buttons, nor can we screen for turning off our phones. We just have to follow these steps for turning off our phones. But procedures can be different for different phones.

For first-generation iPhones like iPhone 6 or SE-We have to hold the power button and side button simultaneously so that the apple logo appears in front of us. When the Apple logo appears, we have to release both buttons. Now we have force-quitted our iPhone 6/SE.

  • For iPhone 7-For force quitting our iPhone 7, we have to hold the power and home buttons for force quitting our iPhone.
  • For the second-generation iPhone-For force quitting iPhone of the second generation, we have to press the volume up button and volume button until the Apple logo appears.
  • For the newer generation iPhone- we have to just hold the volume up button and down button while holding the power button until the Apple logo appears on the screen. Sometimes our phone gets frozen, and we cannot do anything on it. We are just stuck on that particular screen on the phone.

What are the pros and cons of hard resetting our iPhones?

Here are some pros and cons of hard resetting listed down below


  • It will make our phone faster as it will eliminate any unwanted issues on your phone.
  • If due to our mistake, we have altered our phone settings, it will restore the phone to its original settings.
  • Hard resetting will provide us with a lot of free space as it will help us get rid of unwanted cache on our phones.

Many troubleshooting options will be fixed on our phones if we face specific problems.


  • Any saved passwords, settings, and wifi passwords would be lost during this process.
  • Any stored device data that is not backed up would be lost.

So by seeing these pros and cons, we could say that hard resetting our phone is not a bad option for us.

So these are the processes of how to power off the iPhone using various possible ways.

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How to hard reset any iPhone?

Sometimes our phone gets frozen, and we cannot do anything about it. We are just stuck on that particular screen on the phone. A thought suddenly comes to our mind: if we restart our phone, then only something could happen to the phone. We try to switch off our phone using the power button, but nothing happens. We just try to switch off our phone using assistive touch, but the screen is not working. Now we are only left with one option of hard resetting our phone.

So these are the steps we should follow to hard reset our particular iPhone.But first, we have to know what is meant by hard resetting our phones. So a hard reset is rebooting our phone. Hard resetting our phone wipes all of our phone setting memory and phone updates. It is used to remove bugs from our phone as, precisely, bugs are not due to hardware issues. To hard reset an iPhone, we should follow these steps:
Tap on the volume up button for some time, and after that, tap onto the volume down button.
Hold the power button present at the top of your phone’s side when you have done all these steps. When you see the Apple logo, release the pressure from the power button, and your phone is reset.


Is it safe to power off iPhone 14 by removing the iPhone battery?

If anyone knows anything about the iPhone, he could tell us that removing the battery for turning off our iPhone is not a good option. It is not advised by anyone anywhere to remove the battery to turn off our phone. Storms in the newer phone generation are sealed so that our phone battery would work correctly. The battery is sealed to our phone using a lot of adhesive and screws all over the phone. If we try to remove the battery from our phones, we could face severe concerns regarding our phone’s health. We could permanently damage our phone if we remove the iPhone battery from its body. So we should always try not to remove our iPhone battery.

Can we leave our iPhone, so it turns off?

So this idea may not seem fine about turning our phone off, but it could work. Yes, surprisingly, leaving our phone for some time will reduce our iPhone’s battery percentage. Eventually, our iPhone will have zero battery, and automatically power off iPhone 13/14. The only downside of this process is that it takes a lot of time for this method. It could take hours or even days before our phone turns off. So this method can be used if we have a lot of time to turn off our phones.