How to make my AirPods louder

Apple constantly solidifies the design trends of the mobile industry. You can find Apple to be the progenitor of the modern smartphone. With the build-up of Apple making the very first iPhone. Apple deserves a well-respected place in the hearts of its customers. With the introduction of Apple’s brand new AirPods the music industry was also influenced by a storm. However, you might be thinking, how to make my AirPods louder?

AirPods are one of the most amazing new designs introduced in the Apple verse. You can find it to influence other companies to follow in their footsteps. Thousands of smaller companies started to mass-produce AirPods wannabes in mere months. You can find this to be jarring but Apple is the big daddy of the smartphone industry. Although there was one complaint massively flooding the Apple forums. Everyone was annoyed with the low volume of the AirPods. You might also be facing the same problem.

How to make my airpods louder
How to make my AirPods louder

Apple AirPods use Bluetooth technology to transfer audio signals from your iPhone to your AirPods. You can find the audio to be low and may not be able to increase the volume to the maximum potential. In this article, we will answer your question about, how to make my AirPods louder? We will also discuss the different techniques and methods you can use to increase the volume of your AirPods.

Why is the AirPods volume so low?

The AirPods are an Apple product that gives you a hands-free call and audio headset. You can connect it to your iPhone by just getting it out of your case. AirPods are one of the most advanced Bluetooth products out there. It has Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC control inside it. You can use the AirPods with any Apple device. Moreover, it also supports multiple Apple devices at once.

You can freely transition between devices when you are using them inside an Apple ecosystem. It also supports the use of Siri and has an integrated button that can activate Siri while it is connected to your device. The haptic feedback makes Siri start without the need of saying “Hey Siri”. Additionally, it can also be used with Android devices. Although with Android you miss out on many of the amazing features that AirPods has to offer.

You might be wondering, how to make my AirPods louder? Also, you might be thinking, why are they so low in volume in the first place. The AirPods have an inbuilt audio cap. These audio caps stop the AirPods from playing your favorite music at the highest volume possible. You can remove these caps by removing the audio caps from your iPhone.

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There are multiple instances where AirPods are used without their audio caps. Audio caps limit the volume of your AirPods to have generic and slower-paced volumes. This helps in preventing any damage to your auditory health and removing any issues that may be caused to your ears. AirPods can have generic low audio but they can also be removed to better suit your music style.

Methods for How to make my AirPods louder?

So, now you know the reasons why your AirPods are low in volume and also cannot be used efficiently. You might be wondering what can you do? Well, there are multiple tricks or methods you can use to make your AirPods sound and volume louder. Firstly, learn that there are various types of AirPods on the market. With the inclusion of the latest series of AirPods, there are different ones with different functionalities. Some of which are AirPods original for the more usual users.

There are more advanced AirPods available in the market with many more sound options. Some of them are AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro. There are different methods of increasing their sound quality and auditory volume. You must also check out how to customize/change AirPod settings. Let us see all the different methods of How to make my AirPods louder?

Method 1: Cleaning your AirPods

With the passing of time and repeated usage, AirPods get dirty on the inside. The AirPods are filled with wax and other dirt particles. Like every accessorize, it needs servicing too. There is a strong possibility that the AirPods you are using are causing low audio because of the earwax. You will need to clean the AirPods to make sure that they sound up to your standard.

And you will find that there is a sufficient amount of earwax once you open your AirPod. You will have to clean that earwax. You can do it by yourself or go to your nearest Apple care to do so. Apple care also will take a lot of money from you to do the servicing.

You can clean your AirPods yourself without any difficulty. It is very easy to do, just dip a cotton swab inside of some rubbing alcohol and use it to clean the wax. You will find that the wax is accumulated inside the hearing pods. Remove the hearing tips and then clean them from the inside. You can use this technique to clean any auditory device.

After everything is done, put the ear tips back and let them dry a bit. After a while, check your audio. You will find that your AirPods will sound way louder than before. Not just the volume but the bass and dribble will also be increased. 

Method 2: Re-calibrate the AirPods

When your iPhone is connected to the AirPods they are connected via the Bluetooth of the iPhone. This is the feature that allows both devices to be connected wirelessly inside a specific radius. When you go out of this radius the Bluetooth devices are disconnected or have difficulty finding the connectivity issues. However, you can find that when the devices come back inside the radius they are not calibrated.

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This causes problems as both the devices recognize each other but they are not sending their audio properly. This causes an imbalance between the two devices. 

Therefore, to answer How to make my AirPods louder? You will be needed to re-calibrate your two devices. If your audio is disorientated and not understandable, this means the devices are not calibrated. When this is the case, you will not hear the audio properly or even have cutting noises. There is a very simple guide to solving this problem. Let us see how you can re-calibrate your AirPods with your iPhone: 


  1. Keep your AirPods in your ears and continue listening to the music. The AirPods will be available for you and the audio will be different.
  2. With the help of the volume buttons present at the sides of your iPhone, turn the slider down. Keep doing this until the volume is hit to zero and you are not able to hear any music that is coming out of the AirPods.
  3. If you own an iPhone with a Touch ID then swipe from the down to up from the middle of the screen to open the Control center. Alternatively, if you own an iPhone with a Face ID then swipe from the above right side to open the Control Center. 
  4. In the Control Center, find the Bluetooth settings and turn the Bluetooth of your iPhone off. With this, your AirPods should be now disconnected. 
  5. Go to the Music app of your iPhone and hit the play button. The music will continue to play where you left off and will be played in the speakers of your iPhone. 
  6. Bring the Volume up again by using the volume button. Now reconnect the AirPods by going into the Bluetooth settings or the Control center.
  7. When you are again connected to your AirPods, Use the buttons in your AirPods to increase and decrease the volume.

This will answer the question of How to make my AirPods louder? Following these steps accurately, will make your AirPods re-calibrated. This will cause your audio to go back up and have the best sound possible.

Method 3. Adjust the EQ settings in your Apple Music app

The most basic way to increase your audio will be to adjust the Music app of your iPhone. The AirPods are not just used by the considered auditory volume but also the EQ. The EQ settings or the “Equalizer” settings change the music densely and easily with the help of the Music app.

With the EQ settings, you can adjust the balance of diverse frequencies and features inside of an audio signal. Modifying them can permit you to improve the audio settings of your Music app. This will increase the audio of the AirPods vastly. It will also increase the overall volume of your iPhone.

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Thus to answer How to make my AirPods louder? You will be needed to adjust the audio settings of the Music app and then increase the Airpod’s volume. So, whenever you listen to music inside of the music app you will be capable of listening to a louder interpretation of the initial audio. Thus, you’ll get a more increased volume. Let us see how you can alter the eq settings of your Music app to boost the volume beyond the usual limit:


  1. Open the Settings app of your iPhone.
  2. Inside scroll down until you find the “Music” tab and then open it. You can also locate it fast by searching it in the search bar that is present inside the Settings app. Just search the “Music” app and click on it.
  3. Inside the “Audio” section of the Music menu, discover the tab named “EQ”.
  4. In it, you will find a lot of additional settings which represent your audio style and performance.
  5. We would recommend that the best version of the EQ is the “Late Night” settings. It will assist your AirPods to get the best performance and audio volume obtainable for iPhones.
  6. Open the Music app and play any song to notice the change in audio level.
  7. Modify the audio and volume level from the Airpod buttons.

By Changing the EQ settings, you very can easily increase the overall music audio of your AirPods. It will make your songs and especially “Late Night” will make your songs pop with a higher volume level in the AirPods.


Finally, I would hope that this article helps you in understanding how you can make the audio of your AirPods high. This will help you get the answer to the question of How to make my AirPods louder? This guide was complete and should help you with any sound-related problems that may occur in the AirPods.

Follow the steps that are explained and you can very well be able to increase the audio of your AirPods louder. If you still have any more issues, feel free to check out the Frequently asked questions that we have listed below.


Can the AirPods be used with Android devices?

Yes, the AirPods are capable of connecting with non-Apple devices and all smartphones with Bluetooth.

Can I clean my AirPods?

Yes, you can clean your Aripods yourself, but if you have any problems. Go to the nearest Apple care to get it done.