How to know if someones phone is off

Curiosity is beyond knowledge. Are you fetching various solutions to know whether the phone is off or not without directly pinging a person? Are you a parent and in an emergency want to know whether your child’s phone is off or not? Want to know when the person last used their phone for a call? If you want to know the basic functionalities of mobiles like knowing whether the phone is on or off then you are on the correct page. Guess what! I will let you know popular ways people use to know whether someone’s phone is off. Secrets are revealed too, I will reveal the suggestive solutions by commoners to the question – “How to know if someones phone is off?” at one place.

Surprisingly, there are apps too from the play store and app store for the above-mentioned query. Additionally, there is some built-in functionality in keypads as well as smartphones by the particular operator of sim cards providing the information about the signals as well as the condition of the call, whether the phone is switched off or not.

How to know if someones phone is off

In this article, I will help you by letting you know how to find out if the phone is off without even contacting the person. Seems interesting? Read on to find the info. In prior, some setup has to be done in some cases to know if the phone is off or on, this is a case you have to be a step ahead and do the set up so that when you lost or when your phone is off suddenly the other person can know immediately and take some action appropriately. We had already covered how to tell if someone’s phone is off when texting.

Tips to know if someone’s phone is off

From simple solutions to the most precise, various solutions are mentioned below.

Method 1: To give a quick call from another phone

One quick solution is to give a call from another phone if you know your number.

Steps to do so

  1. Enter the number on the dial pad
  2. If the call gets connected and rings up. Hola! then your phone is not switched off
  3. If the call says “The number you are trying is currently switched off” then your phone is off and you will get an acknowledgment message directly to the phone you called from which

Can be read as follows:

  • “Dear Customer, +1********** is now available to take calls”
  • The acknowledgment message you might receive on your phone is as follows:
  • “Dear Customer, You have a missed call from  +1 ********** The last missed call was at 0:00 AM on the date Thankyou, Operator name
  • The above-described solution is the quicker one and needs no installation of any apps and the approach is the common one that can be used
  • Want to know other suggestive ways, read on….
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There is an obvious way if you own an iPhone. iPhone saves you from the problem you have to simply follow the steps. 

Method 2: Using the “iMessage” app

Apple provides an excellent feature in the devices – iMessage. It helps you in sending and receive texts, images, gifs, and voice notes. This feature is currently available on iPhone.

Is it like a general messaging app? Nah! Read on to find the miracle it does, I bet you won’t stop embracing the feature

Enabling part:

  • Step 1: Open the settings
  • Step 2: Scroll till you the option of messages and tap on it
  • Step 3: You will be navigated to imessage page
  • Step 4: The slide must be to the right and has to be green.

You are all done now.

Here is the fantastic feature: if you drop a single text using iMessage and the opposite person has the same quality setup, your message will not be delivered. It shows up in the text like” your message will be delivered to the sender until the phone is powered back on “. There is a color variation that helps you in identifying the battery level, the green color message delivery from the end shows the battery is about to die. Do you want to know how to tell if someone’s phone is off using iMessage?

Here is the process involved. Apple has a set of servers that helps in delivering the message. Here the message doesn’t go from one phone to another phone, servers are the central part here the message you sent will not  be delivered if the other ape device is off

Method 3: Using the last location

How to know someone’s phone is off the simple method – After trying the above-described method and the imessage doesn’t get delivered, you can also cross-check by using the IMEI number of your mobile phone, every phone has a specific 15-digit number that helps you to track and to know if the phone is off. You can fill out the application form online, and the police helps you in tracking the mobile phone, if the location remains the same and the message is undelivered probably your phone might be switched off

A simple and quick solution is ahead for the problem of – how to see if the phone is off.

Prior you have to know the IP address of the device, probably you might wish to know the device’s availability from the other room in your home follow these simple steps

Steps to do so

  • launch the cmd prompt in your Linux /windows/mac machine
  • In the prompt enter, the ping “IP address” of your device
  • If the device or the phone is active and connected to the internet the ping response time shows your phone is on.
How to know if someone’s phone is off

This is the simple way to know if your phone is on or off. This is applicable only if your device has an active internet connection, you can not only find the mobile phone using this but also you can know the status of various devices which are in other rooms. The upcoming approach is suggested if you want to track the devices which have an active internet connection.

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Method 4: Using Whatsapp

The next approach also needs an active internet or wifi connection, this is not the precise method to know whether the phone is off or not, but this approach can be followed from any part of the world to any part of the world. Using the app is the simplest approach but not the precise one.

These are simple steps to do so

  • Step 1: Install Whatsapp from the play store, you can use WhatsApp business if your tablet has not had enough space
  • Step 2: get connected to the stable internet
  • Step 3: The phone who you want to look into must have the internet connection
  • Step 4: Try giving a call or a message, if the message doesn’t get blue ticks and still it’s a single one, probably the phone is off

There are high chances that the phone is off! If the message didn’t get delivered or the call placed doesn’t show ringing it means the person is not online or not in the internet range. There is also the same level of chances the phone doesn’t have an active internet connection. If the wifi is poor and the internet is poor as well. we cannot justify the phone being switched off. In this case, probably the best option is to ask the person to leave the device connected to the wifi.

Delivery reporting via SMS

This is the usual way everyone uses to find out whether the phone is switched off or not. It is often termed as SMCs which is a short message service. You have to enable the SMCs that show the status of the message which you have sent to the recipient.

I will guide you through the process of doing the above-mentioned theory:

Steps to enable SMCs

  1. Go to settings
  2. In settings tap on text message settings and turn the delivery report on

You are all done, so if you successfully send a message to the user and he received the message. It is the successful delivery of the message and the feedback – ”Delivered” is the positive expected response.

We can see three types of responses in this scenario:

  1. Delivered/Received
  2. Sent
  3. Failed
  4. Seen
  5. Undelivered
Message Delivered/Received
  • If the message is sent and received delivered/received is the successful message status that your message got delivered to the recipient.
  • Sent is the acknowledgment response to the person who has sent the message
  • Failed is the response which says the message has been delivered and due to some technical reasons the failure occurred
  • Seen represents the message that is read by the recipient.
  • Undelivered is the failure status of the message. This might usually happen when there is not enough message recharge balance in the sender’s pocket.
  • The above method applies to android. Coming to the main topic- how to know if someone’s phone is off if we send an SMS to the switched off we will get an SMCs notification saying that the message will be delivered when the phone is turned on. This might be the easiest process of all.

More suggested method to find the phone if the phone is switched off

If it is an apple phone please install FindMy from the apple store at the time you have purchased the iPhone, this helps you a lot if you lost your phone, or switched it off. Using this app not only helps you to locate the lost phone but any apple device can be tracked by this app. Another app is FindMY friends if the iPhone version is below 12 this app supports and helps you to find out the lost device if you have set it up previously. Finally, if you lost your apple device in your home you can simply find it by tracking it via GPS

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Wrapping up

In conclusion, hope you find the useful solutions in the article, there are many more methods how to track using third-party apps, but those methods are not suggested since they are not properly licensed, hence is it better to enable all the location-related settings and you can track the lost or switched off devices by using FindMy app from the app store. Lucky are the apple users who have their settings enabled prior, I hope I have cleared all your questions related to – how to know someones phone is off.

Recently, when I was trying to place a call, I heard a voice mail saying the phone is switched off but the whats app call is getting placed. So, there might be some possible reasons for this. And, the user you are trying is using other sim cards like the second sim, which might be the wifi connection. It might be the no proper network connection to the particular device. In these cases don’t panic go ahead and try tapping the flight mode on your phone’s home screen or try rebooting the phone. Move to the finest signal strength area that has a proper signal connection.


Can I know the location of the switched-off phone?

You can easily know the location of a switched-off phone using the IMEI number  with the help of authorities

Is it legal to track the switched-off phone?

No, it’s not legal to track but see to it that the app you are going to install is the safe app and review the comments and ratings before installing any app from the play store

How to know the phone is off without texting them?

you can probably try by fetching the IP address in the cmd prompt and hitting enter, if the ping response shows up then you can know if the device is on or off even without texting them

What are the ways to know if the phone is off?

1. Give a quick call
2. Fetch my IMEI number
3. iMessage
4. WhatsApp messaging or calling
5. Third party apps

Does iMessage send you back the notification if the device is turned on?

iMessage sends you back the notification if the device is turned on.