How to fix has stopped

Have you ever been chilling in your living area, scrolling through your social media, and all of a sudden an error message pops up on your android device saying “Unfortunately has stopped” making you wonder what in the next level virus is this now. We understand how technical jargon can particularly be intimidating and the ones that are not very common may lead to chaotic thoughts but fret not, ’cause we got you! In this article, we will walk you through everything you need to know about package, how it is NOT a virus (thank god!), the error, and how to fix has stopped.

We would be looking into what this package actually is. We would be studying the safety and benefits it provides. Also, We would be taking into consideration its drawbacks and limitations. We will learn how to externally download this package, how to resolve the error when this package stops working, and lastly, how to delete this package all together from your android device. So sit back, relax and let’s get to solving your problem!

How to fix has stopped
How to fix has stopped

Understand the Term: “”

Android is a mobile operating system which is highly based on a modified version of the Linux kernel. It is primarily designed for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. To be able to understand the components of Android it is essential to know about the basics of your device and in doing so, we move one step closer to knowing about our concerned package and resolving our error. Since android is Linux based it is imperative that it has supporting packages that can be installed to ease the work just like in a Linux-based computer. So is the basic function of this term, “”.

You must have come across the term “.com” (dot com) wherever the domain of a website is mentioned. This “.com” in the web addresses refers to the term “commercial”. This does not necessarily mean that the websites are only for commercial purposes though. However, the domain suffix is present for all quite easily and hence is the most widely used web domain suffix.

In the world of android, however, people tend to confuse “” with the same inference which is not correct. In this particular case, “com” refers to a “component” in android which in turn refers to a trusted component supplied by the device’s manufacturer. These are in-built, and allow android devices to perform various functionalities which brings us back to Android being a linux based OS.

Some examples of such android components are –,,, etc. So basically, “” refers to the android components and within those, there could be a vast variety of components. We would be looking into one particular component in this article and that is the “” component.

What is

Now that we know about the “” package we are ready to deep dive into our component of concern –  the smspush component. “” is a pre-installed system software package for android phones that allows the device to deliver push SMS that manages and controls the device. SMS push, as the name suggests, refers to the method of sending an SMS to a specific device. It is used to notify the device when an IP session has begun.

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This is done because consumers seldom know their IP address and hence cannot establish an IP session themselves. SMS push is then used to alert any application on the mobile device as well as inform its device ID to the application in view. So it helps in automating the process of establishing an IP session between the mobile device and the target application.

This package is optional and might not even be pre-installed in many devices, but will definitely act as an aid while performing its job. Now that we know the basic functionality of the smspush package, let us take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of this package. This will help us put things into perspective and actually understand what level of importance does this package might hold for our android devices.


  • This package is automated hence no human intervention is required for it to work unless an error is thrown.
  • The application size is very small i.e 0.01 MB so there will not be any issue of memory consumption.
  • It has very restricted access to the device therefore there should not be any violation of privacy.
  • This package is 100% secure and does not include any sort of malicious virus, spyware, or keylogger.


This application cannot be removed without rooting the device following which it can make the device vulnerable to general malware.

How to download package?

Before answering the question, “how to fix has stopped working” we must cater to those who wish to download the package if it is not already present in their respective android devices. As the smspush component is not that essential for the functioning of an android device, there definitely could be a possibility that this package is not pre-installed in your devices. If you wish to experiment with the package or have a genuine reason to take advantage of the functionality of the package, you can always download it via an external source. This is where we come in to help you out through this seamless process.

If this package is not pre-installed on your device or you have rooted your device previously and now the package is not available anymore, then you would want to download this package from an external source. You can easily do so by following the given steps:

  • Search for “” on google and follow the link.
  • Scroll down a bit and click on the “Download APK” button.
  • Your download should start automatically. Click on open the file after it has been downloaded, and click on Install.

Now your device has the package installed!

Note: There may be some warnings stating that the package which is being installed might not be safe. This is due to the package being being downloaded externally from a website, but the file that is being downloaded in itself is very safe so you can ignore that message without a worry.

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Note for developers: Your downloaded package would also include a nodpi file, which allows interaction with Android Studio users, as it is used in cases where the screen density is not specifically mentioned. So if you wish to meddle with that for your app, feel free to do so!

How to fix has stopped?

Now that the package is present on your android devices it is possible that you will face the issue of the error message popping up stating that has stopped working. This error is not very common so it might take you by surprise but do not worry because it is relatively very easy to get rid of this error! When this error occurs it basically means that the automated IP session which was earlier being initiated when your android device was interacting with target applications, will not be able to initiate on its own now and hence will not be able to inform your device’s IP address to the application. This may result in minor issues when IP addresses are required in future communications. So, whenever you face this error, follow the given 6-step quick fix and you’re good to go!

  • Go to Settings on your android device.
  • Go to Apps or App Manager.
  • Search for the smspush package or click on the hamburger menu in the top-right corner and select System Apps.
  • Select and click on Storage (if clear cache and clear data is not already present).
  • Select the Clear Cache and Clear Data options.
  • Restart your device.

After doing this, the error should be resolved and the smspush package should continue to perform its function! If, in any case however, the package still shows the error: “Unfortunately, has stopped”, then you would need to re-install the package by externally downloading it as mentioned previously in this article to remove the said error.

Following either of these two methods will allow you to get rid of the error and ease your tensed muscles which came into being because of this error.

How to remove package?

Your question of “how to fix has stopped” has been resolved at last! But we understand if you still feel double-minded about the package being in your android devices, especially if it was installed from an external source as described above. Even though it is assured that the package, both the external version and pre-installed version, is safe to use and be in your devices but the suspicion is natural.

So, if you are anyhow suspicious of the package in terms of security or identity access, or simply just wish to delete the package because of any reason, you can choose to remove this package from your device as well.

Since it is a system package, it is not possible to directly remove this package; but at the same time, do keep in mind that the removal of the package will not, in any way, harm your device as it is not a crucial package. In order to remove the smspush package from your android devices, you need to do the following:

  1. If you have externally downloaded the package, follow the first 2 steps, else go directly to step 3. Go to File Manager on your Android and locate the downloaded smspush package.
  • Select the package and choose to delete it.
  • After deleting the package file, create a strong backup of all of your data that is present on your android device.
  • Root your device.
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And there you go! The smspush package will not be present in your android device anymore and neither will be any sort of errors that the package throws. There also will not be any significant issues as well after uninstalling this package.


In this article, we have got an in-depth understanding of the smspush package that is an android component. We started with understanding what exactly is the “” prefix which referred to the android components which help in performing specific functionalities and how it often gets confused with the “.com” present in website domain addresses.

You learned the function of the package particularly, and how it helps in generating an IP session automatically with other apps without human intervention. We also looked at the advantages and disadvantages of this package to give us a broader picture in comparison to other such packages present in android. You moved to perform real-time walkthroughs and provided step by step guide to install this package when it is not already present on your android devices.

We also solved the question of “how to fix has stopped”, again with a detailed walkthrough and also looked at an alternate solution to the issue. At last, we saw how one can remove or uninstall the smspush package from their respective android devices without harming their devices from malware issues.

We can hence conclude from this article that smspush component of android is a good to have package which will help in establishing an IP connection, but removing it will not have a serious impact on your android devices. Also, the error of when it stops working can also be easily removed with a 6-step quick fix. In the end we hope this article was informative and helpful to you and has resolved all your queries that you initially came along with!