How to Find Unread Emails in Gmail

Don’t know how to find unread emails in Gmail? Read this article till the end and you would know many different steps to find your unread emails in Gmail. Email, or electronic mail, is now a network technology that transmits messages via digital equipment over communications networks. The name “email” may mean both the method of delivery as well as the specific texts that are transmitted and returned.

Although it was developed by Ray Tomlinson, a developer, who invented a mechanism to transmit information among computers on the Network for Advanced Research Projects in the 1970s, mail has been around in some way.

Also, with the introduction of email account technology (like Hotmail) and web applications. This allows users to transmit and receive texts via internet email; recent systems of mail have been widely available to the general public. One of the most widely used forms of communication technology nowadays is email, both for its popularity and safety flaws. Email acts as a source of information and communication between users.

How to Find Unread Emails in Gmail
How to Find Unread Emails in Gmail

Function of email 

Application programs and web services have additionally alluded to this as e-mail “customers,” and they are used to send personal emails. A typical envelope could go via many collection points even before entering the participant’s inbox. Particular texts are directed via data centers before reaching the user’s email account.

The internet message that transmits through incremental operations before arriving at its recipient after being sent. A simple message includes the removal transaction that starts with the user’s internal network, commonly known as the server.

The Transmission control protocol looks for something like the user’s online account in the e – mail enclosure content. This information instructs the client where and when to deliver the message, and thereafter utilizes the hostname to transform the web address into such an Internet protocol address. The user’s web address is used by the emails to find the messaging interchange server. The message is transferred to that same patient’s email account when one is available.

The communication can be viewed using the Postal Service System or Hypertext Transfer Protocol but is also kept mostly in the user’s email account. Each of these methods operates somewhat diversely. These servers keep all information on the internet. The user can view it through any network interface, as opposed to a smartphone, which transfers the content to the user’s smartphone and then erases it from the email system.

Steps to find unread emails in Gmail on Android

To find unread emails in Gmail on an Android mobile phone. The Gmail application in all Android mobile phones comes with an inbuilt Gmail application. This application has defaulted on all corresponding devices. Open your android containing Mobile phone. Open the app drawer then look for the Gmail application. Then open the Gmail app then sign in to your Gmail account after that click on the top left corner of the application. Three bars symbol on the top left corner. Clicking on this icon shows the Contents of the Gmail app.

Steps to find unread emails in Gmail on Android
Gmail app content

This contains options such as inbox, primary emails, updated emails, promotional emails, social media, forums, and starred emails. Below these options, it contains a recent label option in which it will have labels that are customized for mail. The names of these recent labels are named by the user. It is a completely customizable option.

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This application shows the number of unread emails in each category available. The unread emails will mark as unread. The unread emails will highlight among all the emails in the highlighted text. After opening that mail, the highlighted emails are returned to normal mail. This is how unread emails from email applications are found on Android mobiles. Follow these easy steps to find unread emails.

Steps to find unread emails in Gmail on iPhone

Finding unread mail in the Gmail app on the iPhone is similar to Android. First, we need to open the Gmail application on your iPhone. It contains all the emails and tabs. This tab has all the categories of emails received from users in this application. Click on the top right corner of the application showing the filter icon.

This option enables us to see customized emails available in this account. In that, click on the unread emails option and click on the check box. This shows only the emails that are from the account’s opening. 

These unread emails will highlight in bright text format. This type of mail is spam from unread mail after opening the mail. 

All filters are available from the same option on the top right corner after opening the application. This email application has a search option at the top of the interface. This search option enables us to search any available options in the application such as primary emails, starred emails, spam mail, update emails, etc. 

Following all these steps will enable users to access unread emails in the email application.

Steps to find unread emails in windows

To read unread mails in windows supporting devices, this supporting device requires an internet connection to use this kind of internet-based web service. 

Open the internet on your device or the web browser that supports it on your device. Check if you have a high-speed internet connection enabled on your device. Search for in your web browser. It opens an available website. At the top of the webpage, search for the official Google web page to access Gmail services. 

Sign in to your Google account. After that, click on the 3×3 icon in the top right corner after you log in. This icon contains all the Gmail application services available to the user.  

Then click on the Gmail icon in the group of Google services. It opens the Gmail linked to that account. From here all the steps to find unread emails are the same as we have found in Android phones and iPhones. All the options and settings after these steps are similar.

What does the complete email contain?

Email is the official application to send and receive emails, used by all officials to contact their clients or customers. As it is the official application from Google, it has a defined interface. It also has a specified structure for writing emails. The mail server container, its headers, and the text are the three major parts that make up each message.

SMTP verification 

The information will transmit between websites. SMTP procedures verify email accounts before logging into a Google account. It includes the contact details of the source and the destination. Similar to how a mailman refers to the address on an envelope to deliver a letter to the proper destination, this envelope data instructs the private network just where to forward the information.

Each mailbox is thrown away and substituted each moment a message is forwarded to a separate computer, mostly during sending emails.

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Email header

The electronic mail head includes vital details about transmission and reception, similar to what the SMTP body does. This prefix typically corresponds to that same data in the SMTP body, but occasionally this might not be the case. In contrast, a fraudster could include a genuine Gmail account inside the actual email subject to conceal the recipient of the message. The user might not be aware that the information is harmful given that they only view the logo and contents, not just the mailing information, like communication.

A few additional elements in the headline could also give the receiver the choice to respond to, transmit, file, save, or erase the message. These are some more headline areas:

  1. The moment the message can be in the “Subject” section. Every headline section requires to complete format.
  1. The account information of the user that lists in the box. That box could also include the username, which goes along with the email account. Each headline element is, however, required.
  1. On the server, it contains the user’s account information. These boxes could also contain the username as goes alongside the email id.

Email body

Anything context-specific content about the communication that the recipient wants to add contains in the “Content” section. It appears over the email messages like a distinct column. The (perfect representation) feature enables its author to transmit an initial email to other recipients.

Subject Body

Every piece of content the writer desires to convey can be included in the subject of just an electronic mail, including writing, photos, URLs, films, and/or additional document connections, as long as they don’t go over the electronic mail company’s capacity limits. An SMS is also possible to send through, with any content inside the subject box.

This subject of either a message or a typescript can indeed produce in an original message or typescript based on the possibilities presented by the internet browser. Messages sent in the original message do not have any special formatting (such as typeface colors other than black) or entertainment (like images). This work includes all electronic gadgets, including communication programs.

Although structuring, as well as graphics, are permitted inside the subject area of Web pages messages, certain Client – side components may very well be mistaken as advertising through internet filtering techniques or they might not be functioning efficiently on mismatched browsers.


Google develops and maintains high-end software like Gmail. It is the owner of all mailing services. Email is a service provided to all individuals around the world. All you need is an internet browser and a device to create an account. A mobile number is necessary to create a Google account. Once we create a Google account, users have access to all Google-provided services.

Unread mail in the email application by users because of the mail receives irrespective of our interest and permission. Spam mail will come when users subscribe to services. When a user registers for LinkedIn or Internshala, these kinds of services, the user receives emails when a new job posting is available. 

By following a few steps as stated above, we can read all unread emails from the Gmail application. There is another method in the email application itself, go to the search bar and search for unread emails. Changing the filter to unread emails is an easy step to access all emails. 

To mark unread mails as read, go to select all checkboxes available above the mails ribbon after that few options are showing. In that option, it has an icon representing marking emails as read or unread. This helps the user to remove all unread emails.

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Why does the email application show users had unread emails to open?

The Gmail application shows mail that opens by the user and is unread by the user. If the user opens emails will mark as complete. Once the mail opens, the user will open mail that comes from any sender. Opening that mail causes unread mail to mark as read. This count may increase day by day if you do not open the emails. 
It shows all your mail regardless of whether you read it or not. Google stores email on its servers and also in Gmail accounts. This is the reason the Gmail application shows unread emails. It shows even if you haven’t opened the email application for days. 
Until completely deleted, all emails are available in the spam folder. It will always remind you of unread emails in your Google account.

Why is there a number on my Gmail application?

The count on the Gmail icon represents the number of unread emails present in the Gmail account. This count shows exactly the number of emails that will not open by the user, and this count increased.
 The count may vary if the user opens the account and reads the emails. This count contains all the emails, including all categories of emails, even promotion emails, and spam emails. The number of emails that are unread changes when the device will connect to the internet and uses low data to update. 
This will update automatically when the Gmail application has permission to access the internet, regardless of permission. It consumes data at a few kilobits, which is negligible. Users cannot uninstall the Gmail application because it comes with the inbuilt operating system as a default.

How do I delete all my emails in an email application? 

Users can delete all the emails received from the time of opening their Google account. Many users have hundreds of thousands of emails available in their Google accounts. It will be difficult to delete every message personally when the count is in the hundreds of thousands. 
To delete all emails at a single time, click on the all mails option, select the check box and change it to all emails. After selecting the check box, click on the delete option available on the top ribbon of the Gmail application. 
This step will enable users to delete all the available messages in their accounts at a time. Deleting is not possible, even if you try. The recycle bin stores all the deleted emails. The spam folder stores deleted emails. Firstly, deleted emails go to servers. It takes 30 to 60 days to permanently delete it. It depends on the type of account. Users can delete mail from the spam folder directly. The type of account used is also influential in these emails.