How to find out what app is causing pop ups

How to find out what app is causing pop ups

Hey guys, today, we are going to discussing how to find out what app is causing pop ups. Almost all of us are using android phones, or I phone in that we use different applications as per our requirements. But sometimes while using the application in your device, we face pop-ups like unusual ads and many others. By which the person becomes irritated as some times he/she is doing important work, and suddenly it occurs in between. We don’t know from which application this pop-up add is appearing and how to fix it. So in this article, we are going to discuss from which application the pop-up advertisement is occurring. How To Stop Pop Up ads on Android so that you want to be angry in with these pop-ups occur in between. And also, read what the reason behind the pop-up APS is.

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As most of us are facing the problem of unusual pop up while using the application of our device, which can be unusual advertisements. Sometimes these pop-up apps are too much annoying. As it does the work of disturbance as it comes in between while we are using the device, the user almost times click on the cross present at the top of the advertisements. But this is not the permanent solution for that. You also do not know that from which application these unusual popup ads are occurring if we get to know that we will uninstall that application.

These unexpected pop-ups also result in hanging your device sometimes, and sometimes these pop-ups also contain bugs that enter your device. So, if you want to want to learn how to find out what app is causing pop ups and how to fix it, go to the entire article and follow the steps. This will help you to solve the problem to at much extent. Now here one question arises that

Why do you see the pop-up ads?

 As it helps the developers earning money, that is why they put advertisements. Even if they know that the user does not like this pop-up advertisement though they put as it helps them as a side income. As it is a great way of getting the user to see the ad which helps in increasing their revenue

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How to identify which application is causing pop up in an android

If you are using the application in your android device and you are facing the pop-ups that learn with the help of different methods mentioned how to identify it that what application in your device is causing pop-ups 

Check recent apps 

If you are using any application in your android and suddenly an advertisement comes in front of you will be angry and click on the cross for removing the ads, but it will not permanently be removed. It will occur again after some time. For removing the pop-up ads permanently is to check the recent apps, this is the first method.

In this, you have to check which application you recently used, which will be shown in the recent apps. So when you get these pop-up advertisements, go to recent apps key. See the name of the last 1-2 applications. You have used most of the time, and recently this application is the culprit from which the pop-up application is occurring. So from this method, you can get the name and icon of the application, and after knowing that you can remove that application and you will be free from these pop-ups, and you can do your work freely without any disturbance in your android.

Find the app without an icon.

Another method of finding that which app is causing pop up is finding the app without an icon.

If the application does not contain a home screen or installed it recently by the user. Then you can easily find the application differently as it is challenging to find that application. Though it is not easy to find it out as we all know that every problem has one solution and this problem of finding application without icon also have a solution by navigating it differently.

  • Firstly do the settings of your android.
  • Go to the application manager in the settings.
  • Then that goes to the installed application and check that which app is without icon, which is installed by you. Then the culprit is that application
  • Sometimes there is an icon but no name. You can check for both.

 With the help of this method, you can easily find the culprit application, which is causing pop up.

Take the help of the play store.

Another method for finding the application which is causing the pop up is by taking the help of Google play store. With the help of Google play store, you can easily find which application is used at last, and most of that time, that application is the culprit for causing unusual pop-ups.

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How we can take the help of play store

  • Firstly go to the Google play store in your android device.
  • Then click on the three-bar icon present at the top left side of the Google play store.
  • After clicking the three-bar icon, then click on my app and games in that.
  • A new page will open in that click on the installed tab.
  • Then a list of all the applications will open in front of you that you have used till date.
  • Applications sort the last used app from there.
  • Then you will get all last used applications. The previous few applications will be the culprit for causing the pop-up, which is too annoying for the user.

With the help of the Google play store, your problem of unusual pop up will be solved too much extent always this method if you are facing this same problem.

Check device admin apps.

It is another one of the important and helpful methods for finding the apps causing pop-ups. This method helps you to find which application has taken control of your phone. Before giving the different permission to the application, you have to check whether the application controls your phone.

Steps for checking device admin applications

  • Firstly you have to go to settings of your phone
  • Then click on the security tab of settings.
  • After that, insecurity goes to device admin apps.
  • Here you can easily turn off the suspicious apps

These applications are causing the pop-ups most of the time. This method will help you in finding the application causing the same problem and always check before granting different permission to applications that which permission you are granting to the application.

Using detectors apps

If the problem is not solved in finding which application is causing pop up? You can also use the last method, which is by using the detector app. We can easily find the application, which is causing the problem with the help of the detector app. One of the most used detector app for finding the application causing the pop-up ads is Appwatch application

The basic feature of this app watch application is that it monitors all the applications present in your device. It accesses all the activity of the application from the notification in a quick way. So with the help of this application, we did not face any problem finding the application causing the same problem. This application is easily installed from the Google play store of your device.

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Stop pop-ups ADS

Once you have found the application, which is causing pop up ADS that disturbs you in between with the help of the methods mentioned above. The next steps are to uninstall that application which is causing the problem by going into Google play store and search that application after that click on uninstall. Another option is to disable the notification of that application by going to the settings of your device. Then going to the app manager after that search the application. After that clicks on it then click on disable the notification. you will not see the pop-up ADS in the notification of your android phone.


So at the end of my article “How to find out what app is causing pop ups?“, I want to conclude that you don’t need to face the problem of finding which application is causing the pop-up. And you have to solve the pop-up apps permanently do not click on the cross when it appears as after some time it will appear again and will disturb you again by which the user can become angry. With the help of the methods mentioned above, you can quickly solve the problem of finding the application causing the same problem. After that, you can uninstall it and do your work freely without any disturbance. Most of the time, the application which are causing pop-ups are torch app, games applications, music application, etc. Always try to check them first.