How to disable Bixby?

How to disable Bixby?

How to disable Bixby: Samsung’s Bixby has been the talk since its first appearance, but there are folks who would like to disable it as well. The why and how are the main topics this post is going to be about. Furthermore, the post will walk you through some of Bixby’s key features that you got to know. So, let’s walk through this post to understand Bixby and some of its limitations as well. 

What is Bixby?

Bixby is the virtual assistant that Samsung introduced with the Galaxy S8. It is also available in the Galaxy S8 Plus, Galaxy 9, Galaxy 9 Plus and so on. Bixby was featured in Samsung’s Family Gub fridges and TVs as well. 

The app comes in handy in a lot of situations and has a lot of uses too. You can use it for all kinds of things such as sending texts and searching for stuff with the camera to giving tasks. 

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Bixby Setup

Bixby is developed to interact with you through conversations and touch as well. That means that is can take actions according to its situations. Also, it can really understand what you say. You don’t have to give commands through fixed phrases. It uses its logic to understand your natural language. 

Bixby has a high level of awareness as well. It will recommend different restaurants and takeouts to you with your current location and time in place. It also opens apps according to your commands. So if you need a ticket or need to order a cab, you don’t have to specify to open that particular app. Bixby will recognize which app to open by itself. 

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Bixby home

Bixby home resides at the left-most panel of the home screen. It is designed for those users who don’t use it’s other features such as vision or voice that much. Here Bixby will take you through a lot of things. You can see stuff from whether to suggested contacts. Moreover, it can help you out in tracking your fitness. 

Bixby home is all bout keeping you up to speed about your preferred things. In many countries, they pair up with prominent news networks to give feeds on Bixby. Furthermore, it shows up things from all kinds of social media.

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Bixby Voice 

All virtual assistants began from the concept of understanding voice commands. An idea drilled to our brains by Jarvis from Iron man has become one of the greatest features of any modern-day phone. And Bixby does not fall short in this regard. You can use Bixby voice by either using the Bixby button or with the wake word to use all sorts of commands. You can even set up reminders or command to alter specific settings of your camera. 

Bixby Vision

Bixby Vision works pretty great. It actually lets you use your phone’s camera to its fullest. You either opt to open it from the camera app or just ask Bixby what the item in front of you is. Not only will it identify to its exact credentials ( as far as it can), it will also show up options to purchase the item as well. And apart from shopping, it does a good job of identifying landmarks or popular faces. 

Limitations of Bixby

1. Limit in serverless computing skills

Samsung is quite new to the field of virtual assistants and hence lacks a lot of experience. One of the winning features of other assistants such as Cortana or Google assistants is that they can absorb new skills with the help of serverless computing. But Bixby has yet to improve in that area. 

2. NLP

NLP-AI platform is something that makes it possible for more complex conversations with the assistant. Furthermore, it even allows the assistant to learn skills that you can improve over time. Bixby lacks an open NLP completely. 

3. Cognitive services

Other assistants out there also have very good features such as image processing, speech translation, and so on. This is all possible due to their improved cognitive services. And this is another area where Samsung is yet to make some strides. 

Disabling Bixby

A lot of not just virtual assistants but apps, in general, have their fair share of limitations. But people still find some way of coping with them. Then why not do the same with Bixby? Well, apart from the limitations mentioned above, Bixby suffers from certain things that make it a little annoying at times. And this makes people wanna get rid of it sometimes. So, to know what exactly these are and how to disable different things in Bixby, continue reading.

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Why bother disabling Bixby?

The first thing to note about Bixby that makes it stand out from other virtual assistants is the fact that it provides a physical button to open it. And the button is not exactly well placed. In models such as the S9, it right below the volume key. So if you are not a fan of Bixby and wind up opening it by accident, it can really get on your nerve. 

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What really annoys people is this fact. Some of them don’t like to use Bixby, but they have to put up with a button designed just for it. It would have been convenient if it could be used for any app but that is not the case. Hence, people end up disabling it. 

Disabling Bixby Button

Fortunately, Samsung makes it easy for its users to disable Bixby. The process has no fuss at all and you can get it done in just less than a few seconds. 

Follow the steps below to disable Bixby:

  1. Get to Bixby’s home. It will be the home screen at the left end. So keep swiping till that.
  1. There will be some icons at the top-right corner of the screen. Choose the one shaped like a cog. 
  1. The phone will now show you the enabling/disabling button for the Bixby key, the physical Bixby button. Just toggle it to off and Bixby won’t bother you again. 

Disabling Bixby Voice

Bixby Voice is a voice assistant. And you can ask it questions like other softwares in its class. But the app obviously lacks a few features when compared to the Google assistant. So there are people out there who opt to disable Bixby Voice. 

Bixby Voice is called forth by long-pressing the Bixby button. It is the same button that was mentioned earlier. But those steps only help is disabling the launch ob Biby Home that is the short press. The procedure for disabling Bixby Voice is a little different. 

Here how you can disable it:

  1. Get to Bixby home. On devices such as S9, it is on the home screen at the left end. 
  1. Of the options you see at the top right corner of the screen, tap on the three vertical dots. 
  1. A menu will appear. Choose the Settings option from that menu.
  1. Scroll till you find a section called Voice
  1. Upon finding it, you will see a Bixby Voice option in that section. Turn it off.
  1. And that is it, Bixby Voice has been disabled. 

Disabling Bixby home

Despite the fact that Samsung Galaxy phones that come with Bixby have pretty great specs, it’s no secret that Bixby needs some more work. The processors and RAM are spot on but there’s still a few seconds of lag to load the Bixby screen. And things don’t get very pretty once you reach there either. 

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The home consists of a list of content that you are meant to scroll through. And it mostly contains things trending on social media and some random content. Consequently, people get tired of it and opt to disable it. 

So if you are once of the folks who feel the same way, here are the steps you have to follow:

  1. Enter the home screen edit mode. To do this, just tap on any empty part of the screen and hold for a few seconds. Just don’t do it over an app or another widget. 
  1. Alternatively, you can just pinch the screen inwards with two of your fingers to enter this mode. 
  1. Get to the dome screen at the left end. As that is where Bixby home reside. 
  1. You will see a toggle button at the top right corner of the screen. Switch it off and you are done. 

Enabling Bixby

If at any point, you want to undo what you did and enable the setting, then you actually won’t have to do much. Just go through the steps above in each case once more. There will definitely be a step where to toggle something off. All you have to do is to toggle it back to on and you are good to go. 

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After reading the post above, disabling different things in Bixby must be a piece of cake for you. And in case you want it back, you also know how to enable them. So, why wait, go ahead and apply what you just learned.