How to connect beats to android

Are you a music lover? Then you must have been aware of the beat headphones, buds, and wireless headphones. They have great sound and music compatibility. It has about 24 hours with an ANC battery life. They are trendy, elegant, modish, and fashionable. Beats are made user-friendly. They are made up of good noise canceling. In this article we will learn about How to connect beats to android.

I bought Beats headphones a few days back and found trouble while connecting them with my android device. I was not able to connect them. After facing many problems and issues I finally got my solution of connecting them. Are you facing the same trouble while connecting your beat headphones to android? Do you know how to connect beat headphones, buds, and wireless headphones to an android phone? I want you not to face the same situation as me so, through this article, I will tell you how to connect with them easily. It’s very easy to connect them as you do with any other Bluetooth device.

How to connect beats to android
How to connect beats to android?

But before connecting them you should know where the Bluetooth option is located on your device. You can also easily connect these headphones to any device which has a Bluetooth option available in it whether it is iPhone, laptop, etc. With the help of the W1 chip, it’s easy now for iPhone users (Apple devices) to connect it with the beat. Before moving forward let us know a little bit about a series of beats.

  • Powerbeat : It is made especially for sports purposes. It is provided with ear hooks. You can now listen to music and can enjoy while doing workout also without a fear of them getting lost.
  • Beats Studio: They are over-ear wireless headphones.
  • Beats Solo: Beats are on-ear wireless headphones.
  • Beats in-ear buds: They are Bluetooth earpieces. Beats are for casual or sports purposes.

There are two methods of connecting your beat headphones: You can install the Beat app and connect your headphones with it, else you can simply connect them with your device’s Bluetooth option. Let’s have a look!!

Connect your beats to your android device

Connect the beats headphones to android with the help of the Beat app

First of all, unplug your headphone cable. After unplugging the cable, there is a small button available under the right ear cup, press it gently. After pressing it for 5-10 seconds you will observe a white light blinking, which is the signal that now your device is ready to pair. Now, the next step is to install and set up the Beat Pill + app from the Google Play Store. Start by opening the application and click on “Get started”. Follow the instructions wisely and turn on your privacy and location settings.” Add your device” by picking your beat model. And enjoy!!

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Connect the beats headphones to android with the device’s Bluetooth option

From the upside of the home screen scroll down the app bar and find the Bluetooth icon and turn it on. Otherwise, Open the device’s settings and scroll down to connection and sharing or you may find the Bluetooth option directly inside settings. Now, I want to make it clear to you that the procedure for connecting the Beat models is the same for all.

Where are power buttons located in Beat headphones? 

The location of the Power button varies from model to model. Let’s have a look.

Solo3, Studio3

For these two models, you can find the power buttons on the left side of the earcup. Keep pressing and holding it for a maximum of 5-10 seconds. Keep pressing until you observe flashing a white LED.

Solo pro

For turning on Beats Solo pro, there are two options available:-

  1. Just unfold the headphones, it will turn on automatically on their own.
  2. The power button is available on the right side of the earcup. Keep pressing and holding the button until you observe white LED blinking.

Beats Flex

For turning and pairing this device, the power button is available on the right side of the earbud.


For this, the power button is available on the left side of the earbud. Keep holding the button for at least 1 second.

Powerbeats Pro

For pairing Powerbeats Pro, you just have to simply open the case or you can try holding the system button available in the middle of the case for about 5-10 seconds. You do not need to connect these headphones again and again. Connect them once and enjoy using them every time without connecting again.

How does the beat pill help you?

After pairing your Beat model with the Beat app, you will get many different features within it. For example, you can spot the battery life left in your device. You can also enjoy adjusting Beat widgets on your home screen. I love one feature of this app is that it helps you to find your device easily if it anyhow gets lost somewhere, until and unless you have turned “on” your location accessed by the app.

Another feature of this app is that you can control the volume and noise cancellation. It’s an amazing application with many useful features.

My beat headphones are not working

While connecting your headphones to your device you may have noticed that your headphones do not connect to your Bluetooth device which makes your feel irritated and frustrated. In that situation follow the following steps – 

Put them near to device

Generally, Bluetooth devices don’t work over long distances. These devices basically send some signals from our device to headphones. This you may have noticed when you connect your headphones to your device and go far away from that device you have heard some cracking sound.

So, make sure that you stay close to your device for better quality. Also, make sure that there should be no such electronic gadgets that use Bluetooth.

Increased Volume

Sometimes you think that your Beat headphones are not working properly but that is not the truth. It might be because your volume is low!! You can check its volume from the device to which it is connected.

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So before being tensed just check the volume of both the devices, headphones, and smartphones. And don’t turn the volume too high, it can affect and harm your ears.

Disconnect and connect your headphones again!!

Many times, the thing happens that when you connect your headphones to your device they don’t connect properly which might be the reason for them not working properly. Make sure not to connect and disconnect your headphones regularly.

For disconnecting or unpairing in android – 

  • Open the settings of your device
  • Click on Bluetooth (or on some devices tap on connections and sharing)
  • Find your beat headphones model name under “Paired device”
  • Click on that name and “Unpair” it.
  • Toggle the Bluetooth bar icon from right to left and turn it off.

And connect them again with the same procedure as described earlier.

How to reset your headphones

Resetting will disconnect your Beat headphones from the device you’re connected to. You’ll need to reconnect. The process for resetting beat devices is different for different models. Let’s have a look at each one by one – 

Reset solo pro

Press and long hold the power button and volume down button together until 10 seconds and release it when you observe the RED light blinking. Now, they can be reset again.

Reset studio 3 wireless

Press and hold the power button and volume down button together until 10 seconds and release it when you observe the WHITE light flashing. Now, they can be reset again.

Reset studio or studio wireless

Keep holding the power button until 10 seconds and release it. Now, observe the WHITE light flashing and then the RED light flashing. This process will happen thrice. Your headphones are ready to reset when the blinking of the light stops. 

Reset solo 3 wireless

Keep pressing the power button and volume down button simultaneously until 10 seconds. When you observe the WHITE light flashing, release the buttons. Now, they can be reset again. Also, Beat solo 3 wireless have a range upto 400ft or more than that.

Reset solo 2 wireless

First, make sure that your USB charging cable should not connect to your headphones. Keep holding the power button and release it when you observe the WHITE light and then one RED light flashing.

Reset solo wireless

Make sure that your headsets are not “ON”. For resetting this keep pressing the multifunction and volume down button and release it when you observe the RED and the Blue light flashing. This flashing will occur thrice. Now, they can be reset again.

Checking updates

Open the Beat app on your device. If your device is for an update then you will get a notification for an update there. Check for updates again and again or at least once a week. The company makes changes from time to time to gain more profit from the users. Every update comes up with a better version of something new adding to it.

For renaming beat headphones

Go to the Beat app and tap on “Rename”. Enter the name of your wish. If you want the system to generate a name for you then click on “Generate a name”.

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Register your Beat

Open the Beat app on your device and click on “Register”. Click on “Serial number”. Now enter the serial number of your Beat device. Kindly enter the serial number wisely. You will find your Beat serial number in “Under the hood”, also follow the instructions displayed on the screen carefully and verify it.


Now, I hope you must have understood how to connect beat headphones, buds, and wireless headphones to android easily. You can connect them either by the Beat app or your device’s Bluetooth option. Connecting and disconnecting the Bluetooth with your device again and again can cause glitches in it so please be aware of doing it.

These Bluetooth devices and any other electronic device are just fine as long as you take care of their charging. If you have connected your headphones to your Bluetooth once, then you do not have to connect them again and again, next time they will connect themselves.

If you use them excessively, then they can damage your ears, otherwise you should limit them. Kindly make sure that the socket is clean. You can easily clean these headphones and buds by gently rubbing a cleaning brush. According to me, Beats headphones, buds are the best Bluetooth devices having a battery life of upto 40 hours. And if you charge it continuously after using it for 3 hours, then it will be charged in just 5 minutes, that is its specialty.

I hope you now know how to rename, register, reset and update your headphones and you must have got the answer to all your questions. Try applying the given tips and if you are not able to connect then contact customer care. 


What do I do if one side of my headphones or buds is damaged?

Try cleaning that side of the ear gently. Hope it helps or otherwise try to buy a new one.

How to connect another device to Bluetooth?

For connecting your headphones or buds to different devices, you have to first disconnect, forget and unpair it from the device to which it is already connected, only then you can connect to another device.

Can I connect two android devices to the same Bluetooth?

The answer is “No”, you cannot connect two devices at the same time with the same Bluetooth. Just imagine if you are talking to someone with your headphones and someone else’s device is also connected to your headphones, then how will it be possible to talk to someone.