How To Change Your Xbox Profile Picture

We are well aware of the fact that Xbox is a video gaming brand that Microsoft designed originally. There come 5 video game consoles with it along with some applications, online and streaming services, etc. All these features are under the name of the Xbox network and the entire development by the Xbox Game Studios.

The brand initially came into existence in November in the USA. In addition to the launch of the Xbox video game, we also saw the launch of the original Xbox console game. The first video game console was this device only. It was provided by an American company right after the stop in sales of Atari Jagua in 1996. By May 2006, it had reached 24 million units. In 2005, the second console Microsoft came into existence and after that, it reached more than 24 million units.

In 2005, Microsoft’s second gaming console, Xbox 360 came into existence. Also, it had sold 86 million units already in October 2021 which is quite recent! Xbox One was the 3rd gaming console and it came in November 2013. You should know that it had sold 51 million units already. The 4th Xbox gaming consoles, known as the Xbox Series X and Series S came into existence in November 2020. Phill Spencer is the head of Xbox and before him, it was Mart Whitten in March 2014.

How To Change Your Xbox Profile Picture

The Timeline of Xbox

The first-generation Xbox 

The first-generation Xbox came into existence on November 15, 2001. Japan released it in 2003 whereas North America and Europe released it in 2002. Microsoft’s first foray was into the market of gaming. if we talk about its competitiveness, then Xbox surely competed with the PlayStation 2 (Sony’s), Nintendo’s GameCube, and Sega’s Dreamcast. Before Xbox went on sale again, this had stopped American sales already. You should know that the Xbox was the first console ever after Atari Jaguar.

It was an American company whose sales stopped in the year 1996. You might wonder from where did the name ‘Xbox’ come. If we contract the word ‘DirectX Box’ then we get the name ‘Xbox’ and this very well explains the origin of the name of Xbox. It is a reference to the graphics API, DirectX of Microsoft. The Xbox Live Service (an integrated service) was launched in November of this year.

All the users have full access to play games online. With or without the help of a broadband connection, it can be done either way. Dreamcast’s online service was its first competitor and PlayStation2’s online service was its second competitor.

Anyone and everyone were allowed to use these two services which were supposedly its competitors but Xbox Live was not as it required a subscription, a broadband connection that had not yet come into existence. You should know that Xbox Live was a huge success and became extremely popular among its users. The reason was its fast and better servers.

Some top-notch features like buddy list, and milestone titles for example Halo 2 which had released in November 2004. It became the most popular and best-selling Xbox video game and was extremely in demand online for the Xbox System. 

The Second Generation: Xbox 360


The Xbox 360 came into existence in the form of the successor of the original Xbox in November 2005. It was competing with Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Nintendo’s Wii during the ongoing era of the seventh generation of video game consoles. MTV announced the Xbox 360’s launch on 12th May 2005 and approximately 84 million Xbox consoles were sold all around the world in June 2014.

After the Electronic Entertainment Expo, a month later, gaming-related announcements were made. When it was released in all the regions except for Japan, the Xbox gaming consoles were completely sold out. A lot of retail configurations of the Xbox 360 from the core were provided all the time from then by varying and changing the amount of RAM and internal storage offered. Eventually, Xbox 360’s extended live service added the ability to buy and stream music live from anywhere, as well as a limited free tier and the ability to broadcast content from PCs.

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You can stream television programs and films with the help of Xbox Music and Xbox Video Services, along with third-party content services through third-party media streaming applications. Microsoft also released ‘Kinect’, a motion control system that used an advanced sensor system on the Xbox 360.

After its initial release, the Xbox 360 underwent two major revisions, modifications, and corrections. The first was the Xbox 360 S. It came into existence in 2010 and it had the same type of core hardware features but with a little redesign and rethought model.

It was a slimmer version with a smaller-sized 250 GB hard drive. There are five USB 2.0 ports, an optical audio output, an integrated 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, TOSLINK S/PDIF, and other ports specially designed for the Kinect peripherals. The base Xbox 360S somehow replaced the Xbox 360. As a result, before it was discontinued, the Xbox 360 base unit was being sold at a constant price for years. A cheaper model replaced the 250 GB drive and 4 GB internal storage in late 2010.

Users can connect an external storage device or purchase a 250 GB internal add-on device to this unit. Following its initial release in 2013, the Xbox 350 E underwent its second modification. As a result of its design, it offered a lot of features to its users. Some of those features are the similar case style to the future Xbox One and the removal of the USB port and the S/PDIF, YPbPr component, and S-video connections. Due to the lack of these features, users now only had the same specifications and design as the Xbox 360 S.

The Third Generation: Xbox One

The Xbox One came into existence on 22nd November 2013 in North America and it came as a successor to the Xbox 360. The Xbox One competes with Nintendo’s Wii U, Sony’s Playstation 4, and also the Switch under the name of the eighth-generation video game consoles. Upon its announcement on May 21, 2013, Xbox One focused primarily on internet-based features.

It revolved around the ability to record, gameplay, stream, and integrate with a set-top box. One could watch satellite TV or cable TV with the help of the console with ease. A Kinect-based guide interface and voice control tool are also very much needed. In the wake of its announcement and explanation, Xbox One became somewhat controversial all over the world. It also became the talk of the town for some months. The controversies were around its original digital rights management. Also, its privacy practices were a bit different from the regular game consoles.

The Fourth Generation: Xbox Series X and Series S


Xbox. was the name of the fourth-generation Xbox models. It included the Xbox Series X and also the Xbox Series S which launched on November 10, 2020. Both of those members of the ongoing generation of video game consoles with the PlayStation 5 were set to have their versions released that very month. The Xbox Series S and Xbox series X were high and low-end versions. These were nearly comparable to the Xbox One X and Xbox One S models.

The model family which played on both the systems had all the games designed for them. The Xbox Series X is honestly approx four times as effective and better than the Xbox One X. Along with proper support for 8K resolution and rendering up to 120 frames per second, it is much better. The Xbox Series S is a digital-only unit with comparatively less processing power, graphically. Despite this, it can still render at a resolution of about 1440p. You need to set it approximately at 60 frames per second with support for 4K upscaling.

The two consoles consist of features for new and improved graphic rendering systems. They also include some real-time ray tracing features, and the new Xbox Velocity Architecture which works with the SSD drive, internally. To maximize the rate of texture streaming to the graphics processor, it is structured. It is one of the many features that it comes equipped with.


Apart from games for the console family, both of these consoles are 100% suitable and compatible. This applied to all the Xbox One games and also the majority of the hardware and all the backward compatible games. The first-party games would make full use of the transition consumer that Microsoft has recently introduced. The Smart Delivery system and also some third-party games are to be used to offer some free updates to some versions of the Xbox One to the Xbox Series X/S, during the initial years of the launch of the console.

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The profile picture on Xbox

Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles are available to users on smartphones and Windows PCs. Anyone and everyone can undoubtedly take a picture and upload it on their Xbox Live profile for their fellow users or anyone to see. Please note that standard community guidelines always apply. Microsoft first approves the profile picture that you have selected following its guidelines and system. Xbox Live users had the facility of expressing themselves with the help of a custom avatar.

For the ease and convenience of the users, some avatars were pre-set. Thanks to Microsoft, it finally added the ability for all the users to add their own personally created avatars across their entire network of Xbox Live. This is a guide that you can go through to successfully change your profile picture on the Xbox. You can learn how to set your Xbox gamerpic, across consoles and mobile devices, etc.

The most convenient and easiest method is to do it with the help of a smartphone. In case, you cannot do that then there are surely other ways to carry out the process. You require a USB stick or some other sort of USB external storage device to set your desired picture on your Xbox console. You should first make sure that you have saved your picture somewhere safe and accessible on your stick and then you just need to insert the USB in the console. There is a need for you to format the image in the correct dimensions of at least 1080×1080. If you wish to know how you can do so with proper and complete steps then this article is the best source for you!

How to create a custom Xbox Gamerpic on your Xbox Console

Please follow the steps below to successfully change or set a new display picture on your Xbox Console:-

  1. Open the guide menu by opening the Xbox by pressing the button to open it with the help of the controller. 
  2. Now, you need to shift the joystick right to the profile and system section of your console.
  3. You now need to use the “A” button on your profile and then again click on “my profile” and then wait for a pop-up to display on your screen. 
  4. With the help of the joystick, you need to use the “A” button to select the Customize profile.
  5. Now, select the desired gamerpic for yourself and click on it in order to set it right. 
  1. Select Upload a custom image.
  2. Now, you would see an Xbox File Picker app.
  3. Now, you need to navigate to the USB stick icon with the help of the menu that looks like a hamburger on the top left portion of your screen. 
  4. Now, locate the picture that you wish to select with the help of the “A” button and the joystick. 
  5. When you are done, click on ‘Upload’ and then Microsoft would verify the picture, and then you would need to wait for two minutes and then you are good to go!

How to Create a Custom Xbox Gamerpic With the Help of Windows 10 or 11

Please follow the steps below in order to successfully change or set a new display picture on your Xbox with the help of Windows 10 ot 11:-

  1. Open the Xbox Console Companion app. You should know that this app is not actually the ‘Xbox’ app that you use for the Xbox Game Pass on your Windows 10 or 11. The most convenient and fastest way to do so is to just type “ Xbox console” in the search bar of start menu or find it in the Windows 10 Microsoft Store.
  2. Now, select your profile pic from the top-left corner. Note that it would be a circle with your currently set gamerpic.
  3. Now, click on the gamerpic in order to edit it. Please note that if your profile is already set to use an avatar to be displayed on your profile then please change it to gamerpic below it. 
  4. You can choose a self-made picture but its image size should be atleast 1080×1080.
  5. Now, you need to upload an image of your choice.
  6. You can locate it and then click on it to select it.
  7. You can crop the desired image into the circle with the help of your mouse and then click on upload.
  8. Just when Microsoft verifies the picture that you set, it would appear your profile across Windows and Xbox.

How to set a custom Xbox gamerpic with the help of a mobile phone

Please follow the steps below to successfully change or set a new display picture on your Xbox with the help of a mobile phone:-

  1. Firstly, download the Xbox app from the Google Play Store. It would open in a new tab.
  2. Now, sign into that app with the help of your Microsoft Account which is linked to your Xbox.
  3. You now need to select the profile icon which is present in the bottom right corner of the app that you downloaded. 
  4. You now need to click on your current profile picture and then click on the custom option which is present on the top left corner of your screen. 
  5. Now, from your Android or iOS file picker, you need to navigate and then select an appropriate profile picture of your choice. Please note that the picture needs to be 512×512. In case, you wish to know how can you resize an image to a suggested resolution, you can refer to the information given below.
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How can you resize any picture for your Xbox console

With the help of your smartphone or your mobile phone, you can crop all the gamerpics of Xbox One in the shape of a square. The dimensions should be at least with at least 1080×1080 resolution or 512×512 resolutions. You can resize any given picture with the help of some of the most popular photo editing apps.

A very popular app is Polarr, which is a free app available on PC and mobile phones.  Steps vary according to the device that you are using. Some steps might be different from others but mainly they are similar:-

  1. Firstly, install Polarr from the Microsoft Store and it would open in a new tab.
  2. You can also search for the app ‘Polarr’ on either the Google play store or the apple store.
  3. Download the app and right after downloading, you would see that you would be led to a tutorial on all the features that the app needs to offer.
  4. You have permission to now browse through your files and select the picture that you wish to click on.
  5. Now, click on the crop tool which is present in the middle of your screen.
  6. You need to crop it into a square shape then.
  7. Please select the 1:1 ratio and then select the square to the portion of the desired picture that you wish to use as your Xbox avatar.
  8. You now need to locate the blue tick present on the right-hand side of the screen and click on it.
  9. Click on the ‘save’ icon which is like an up arrow.
  1. Select the save icon at the top right, which looks like an up arrow.
  2. Upload your picture by using one of the suitable methods of your choice above and you are good to go then!


In this article, we learned about what is an Xbox; its origin, history, popularity, downfall, controversies, etc. We also read about various ways by which you can successfully change or set a new gamerpic on your Xbox. You can go through the steps of all the methods and then choose the most desirable one according to the compatibility of the method with your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Xbox?

Microsoft brought the Xbox gaming brand into existence and ever since then, it became very popular. Reading this article would resolve most of your queries.

Can you only change the gamerpic on your Xbox with the help of the console?

No, you can use multiple devices and methods in order to change or set a new gamerpic. You can refer to this article where we have explained each method stepwise for you to successfully do the needful.

Is changing the gamerpic on mobile phones a tedious job?

No, changing or setting up a new gamerpic for your Xbox on your mobile phone is not a difficult task to accomplish. In this article, we have mentioned how to do so most conveniently and easily. Please go through that in order to resolve all your doubts.