How to Call a Number with an Extension

Have you ever heard about extension numbers? When you place a call, a lot is happening in the background. As you have come to read this technical article, it’s safe to say you knew the mentioned fact to at least some extension if not fully. If we see the technologies and innovations that happened in telecommunication then we will find that it is unmatched by many other domains. One such example of incredible service is again here in the form of extension number calling. It saves us some valuable time which we need in this fast-paced world. But do you have any basic idea on how to call a number with an extension? If not, then don’t worry because this post will contain everything you need to know about calling with an extension on different platforms. But let us discuss why an extension is necessary in the very first place.

      Suppose you are a part of a big organization with multiple departments at multiple places. Even if it is in the same building, departments are on different floors, and/or you are working from home. Say you need something from your colleague from some other department, so how will you contact them? Every desk has a landline phone to call and receive calls. So you pick up the phone and try to dial the number of that colleague, but wait a second. You don’t know the number, or maybe the entire department shares the same telephone line with extensions. So in this scenario, you will dial the company telephone number with the department’s extension. If your organization has maintained extension for individual employees then maybe the line can be directly connected to the colleague.

      Take another example, for say, College. You as a parent want to know the progress of your child by enquiring in the college over the phone. You know the department but you don’t know how to connect because you only have a college phone number. Then first you will have to connect to the college then they will transfer your call to the desired department. This way you can contact the main party directly and eliminate the auto-attendant mediator. The college has one connection for everyone but an extension number for each department so that you can contact the department directly by just appending the extension of that department to the phone number.

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      So extension number is a two, three, four, and in some cases five-digit number. It lets you connect to the receiver directly. Generally, this extension number is the same as the last digit of the phone number of a person you are trying to call. It is not necessary but you might notice this when you search for examples online within real-world data. A PBX is a Private Branch Exchange that is responsible for the internal telephone network of any organization. Users within a PBX will need not dial a full number instead they can just dial the extension number to connect to whoever they want.

How to find the extension number?

      One question may come to your mind that how will one come to know about the specific extension numbers of departments or individuals. The simplest answer is by asking the person himself so that next time you won’t have to wait for redirection of call. Now every office has a receptions desk. When you call a company, the person at the reception desk called a receptionist will answer it. He will then ask you for your query and all. When you tell him that you want the specific person and/or individuals’ number, he or she will then give you the extension number. Maybe he or she will ask you if your call should get transferred to the person you want to talk to or communicate with. You can either say yes to the transfer of call or just ask for the extension number.

      Many organizations maintain a contact book of employees and departments with extension codes. You can also referee that. Many organizations put the extension numbers on their website to make the accessing part easier for users and customers.

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How to Call a Number with an Extension?

There are two different ways to call an extension number from android and iPhone respectively:

Calling a number with an extension in Android:

      To call a number with an extension on android is not hard. Just follow the following steps and it is done in no time.

Step 1: Open the dialer and type the number. For ex- 123456

Step 2: Long press 0 until plus sign ‘+’ appears on the dialer after the above number is typed. Now above number will look like this- 123456+

Calling a number with an extension in Android

Step 3: Now type the extension number (code) after +. For example, if the extension code is 56 then the number on the dial pad will be 123456+56

Step 4: Press the call button, simple.

You can also follow these same steps for saving the number into your contact list. Instead of pressing the calling button in step 4, choose to save the contact.

Calling a number with an extension in iPhone:

      It is easy to call the extension number on iPhone. Just follow the steps written down below.

Step 1: Open the dialer and dial the desired number you want to call. For example 123456

Calling a number with an extension in iPhone

Step 2: Press and hold the start button until it turns into a comma.

Step 3: After it turns into a comma, press the extension number. For example, if the extension number is 789 then the final number will look like,- 123456,789

The above two ways are the only ways that will connect you to an extension number.


      In this article, we made you aware of what an extension number is? How to Call a Number with an Extension? Technology has made our life easier and better, and communication is no exception for recent technological development. So here it is with a brief description of what it is and why it is used. Feel free to share your opinions and ways (if any) to call an extension number from different systems like apple and android as mentioned in this post. Thank you and we will see you soon in the coming posts!

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