How to add chrome extensions on android or iOS

Are you worried about how to add Chrome Extensions on your Android or iOS? What browsers must you need to do such a thing? Don’t worry; this article will help you gain all the information you must need to know for adding the extensions on your phone. Read and follow all the steps carefully. It must help you achieve what you want.

Extensions are the small versions of the software that makes your experience of surfing more interesting. You can easily customize them. The basic facility provided by the extensions is, users can change the functionalities of Google as per their preferences. You may change it as per your needs. These extensions are built through the use of coding Software like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. The major purpose of using extensions is to fulfill our needs on chrome. This is easy to use. A single extension can do different types of functions, and it also contains a large variety of components if used for one purpose.

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How to add chrome extensions on android
How to add chrome extensions on android

How to add Chrome Extensions on Android

If you have to add Chrome extensions on your android phones, you first need to install any one of the following browsers and follow the steps given at last. Watch our video and subscribe us too:

Kiwi Browser

This browser is considered as one of the fastest browsers that are a true alternative to Google Chrome. Kiwi Browser helps you to add extensions to your Android phone.  This browser is built with the latest chromium which enables you many additional features that may not be in other browsers.  The amazing architecture of this browser helps it to give super-fast page loading speed. It has a special type of browsing engine that enables you to have fast site loading.

The Kiwi browser has a powerful and extraordinary advertisement blocking system that helps you surf the internet without any interruption. It smartly removes all the intrusive ads from your searched website. This is special in it.  This browser is encrypted with crypto-jacking protection that is specially designed for those hackers that may try to mine the cryptocurrency from the users. So don’t worry about security. This fantastic browser not only has high security, but it also prevents the working of invasive trackers that may harm your privacy and security.


  • This browser has an inbuilt strong pop-ups blocker. Don’t worry, and limitless users assure the working of this blocker.
  • Apart from the ad blocker and popup blocker, this browser also blocks the unnecessary notifications that may disturb you.
  • You can access all the stories related to the events through this amazing.
  • With this browser, you can easily surf your favorite music and videos so that you can gain information related to your topic or refresh your mood with your favorite music. 
  • This browser also provides you time to time news so that you can have all information about what is happening around the world.
  • If you love using and chatting on Facebook, then this browser is perfect for you. This browser has an inbuilt Facebook messenger that enables you to use it without any interruption.
  • One of the most exciting features of this browser is that you can enable night mode in this browser. This feature is fully compatible with the AMOLED screen. You can set the best black mode in this browser. This will make it a more beautiful browser.
  • It includes a bottom address bar that may be useful to you. 
  • This browser smartly manages all the website pages according to your preference and shows it on your homepage.
  • You can easily disable the AMP to make your browsing secure and private.
  • This browser can translate your content into 60 languages. 
  • You can easily import and export your marked websites.
  • This browser provides you customizable downloading folders. You can organize your downloads into different folders as per your preference. 
  • It supports a large variety of extensions that is very useful for you.
  • The latest version of this browser is Quadea.
  • The most recent update of this browser was released on 7 October 2019.
  • The overall size of this browser is 44.33 MB.
  • This browser was released on 4 April 2018. 
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Link to install- click here

How to add Chrome Extensions

  1. First install the browser, Link to install- click here
  2. Search chrome web store, open this link in the Kiwi browser search bar.
  1. Search for your desired chrome extension for your android device.
Search for your desired chrome extension for your android device
  1. Click on add to chrome.
add to chrome
  1. It starts downloading the chrome extension file in your android phone. Maybe you see downloading fail, do not worry its get downloaded.
starts downloading the chrome extension file in your android phone
  1. Now its done, to verify it is installed or not go to triple-dot on the top right-most and click it.
  2. Next click to extension in the menu shown.
  1. Finally, you will find the installed chrome extension on your android phone browser.
Finally, you will find the installed chrome extension on your android phone browser

You can also remove or off the chrome extension from here by “remove button” or “off button” respectively. Similarly, you can add the extension to many supported browsers.

Yandex Browser

This browser helps you to add an extension to your Android phone. Apart from this factor, it also has many good features that may help you do other tasks. You can consider this browser as the alternative for Google Chrome as it has many related features to it. This app was released on 13 June 2013. The website layout of this browser is very stylish. In addition to this, this browser is also very secure. 

This smart browser enables you to have a voice search. This browser is also capable of performing the task of data compression. This browser has enhanced add blocking system that will help you block interference from third-party websites and applications. It is encrypted with high-level security that protects your data from the hacking from the outsiders. It keeps your things personalized. 

The reader mode of this browser helps you to surf without any unrelated interference elements. It blocks all the unnecessary advertisements, menus, and photos, and it presents only the relevant data that should apply to you for your work. It prevents even the extra widgets. You can easily see all the stories related to world events through this browser. This browser also provides on-time news so that you can be updated with the time.

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With this browser, you can easily surf your favorite videos so that you can gain information related to your topic or refresh your mood with funny videos. 


  • The reason it is called the alternative for Google because you can use the incognito mode in the same way you can use it in Google Chrome. You can easily surf privately. It doesn’t record your data. Yandex Browser doesn’t store your browsing history. It doesn’t even stores your passwords if you don’t want it. Many browsers don’t have this feature. 
  • The most striking feature you can enjoy with this browser is a customized browser. You are provided with different types of themes that may suit your mood and phone. It also has a variety of wallpapers in its browser library.
  • The customization feature will not make you feel bored with the browser, and it will help you to concentrate on your work.
  • One more additional feature you can easily attain through this website is of surfing your favorite website. If you have marked your favorite website as bookmarks in your Yandex account, then you can easily sync your account to different devices. This feature will provide you accessing your favorite websites wherever you want.
  • The latest version published by Yandex Browser by the company is
  • This browser was recently updated on 10 June 2020. 
  • The overall size of the browser is 65.33 MB. 
  • Yandex Apps offers this browser.

Link to install- Click Here

Steps to add Chrome Extensions on Android

Now you have to do the following steps after installing either of the browsers:- 

  1. Once you install the browser, you have to go to the settings of your new browser.
  2. Now you have to go for the URL of your browser.
  3. At this step, you have to type
  4. Now you have to open that URL.
  5. In this step, you have to search for your preferred chrome extension.
  6. If you find that extension, then tap the ‘Add To Chrome‘ button. 
  7. Now the browser will automatically pin the chrome extension to your browser.
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How to add Chrome Extensions on iOS

The answer to this question is, unfortunately, “No” not allow to add the chrome extension on iOS devices. The reason behind this matter is profit. The Apple company wants to have secure profitability. It doesn’t allow any access to the apps which deny being on Apple Store. There is no real alternative to this problem. Many people must have claimed that it is possible, but this is a fake claim. Many professionals have recommended not to go for alternatives as it may be a scam or a trick to hack your device. We are sorry for this matter. On behalf of our responsibility, we recommend the best alternative to that. You can use Apple Safari for it. This browser also includes pinning the extension to your search engine.


We all want to make our work as much easy it is possible. The extension is one of the best ways to make your work easy. But many users experience problems with adding those extensions on their devices. Don’t worry; we have given you the best alternative to your question. Maybe even after trying our level best, we could not provide the best alternative for the iOS devices, but we have provided the best alternative for the android devices.

To sum up, choose the browser according to your convince and follow the steps provided by us to tackle the problem of adding an extension to your device. We have provided all the information you must know to deal with how to add chrome extensions on android and iOS. We are hoping it will work for you.

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