How do I use Google text to speech?

Hey guys, this article is all about How do I use Google text to speech. As with the enhancement in technology, it is to ensure What is the use and purpose of using text to the speech? So, we are going to discuss converting text to speech in different ways. Please keep reading to get all about this.

What is Google text to speech?

Generally, text to speech is a tool used to convert your text on the screen to audio. Google text to speech is an application by Google to read the text aloud on the screen to the users with many different languages. Besides this, you can send SMS, entre text, Emails with user dictation. Speech can help blind people by user audio can operate the things to do on the phone. As you speak, google will activate the talk to text feature to convert speech to text.

Unlimited text can be converted to speech for free service. All the files can be saved with WAV, MP3 format and have the advantage to save all the files to google drive and share to others.

How do I use Google text to speech?

If someone really ask me that how do I use Google text to speech, I say: I use google translator to not only convert one language text to another language, one other language speech to text, but it also convert Google text to speech. Love to use google assistant to listen it. How to use it :

Google translate

We come across the words or sentences in different languages which we need to understand in our language and with the speech output. As there are many applications to install from the Google Play store for free but we can simply open the Google translate feature we can entre the text that we want to translate and listen to the speech in our language. We can just translate the text in about 5000 words in a few seconds and listen to the text in many different languages.

How do I use Google text to speech?
  • Open the chrome and sign in with the google account so that we can save all the uploaded files and documents we want to translate.
  • In the left text box entre the text and change the language.
  • Go the right text box set the language in which you want to translate and listen.

If you speech through the mic [point as 1] then it convert in to text(auto detect language), now you can translate it into other language[mark as red]. Press speaker icon[point as 2] to here your desired speech. It is too simple.

The main advantage is you can check with the history with the below-given history icon and save all the translated text to speech.You can just copy the entire document but less than 5000 words and without any eye strain listen to the speech output in your language. Google translate has some limitation so we are providing some list of application/tool to convert Google text to speech:

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1. Android’s Text to speech

There are many adjustable settings in the Android feature. Many accessibility tools in Android makes user easier while operating. One is the native text to speech feature. In this, you can easily adjust the voice output pitch and can allow the user to install languages of their choice.

How to Use

  • Open the settings in your Android phone and select the option Personal.
  • You can view option Language, the input can select the additional languages.
  • Select option Speech and tap Text-to-speech output in your comfortable language.

As in Android operating devices, we can directly enable the google apps with text to the speech feature.

Android’s Text to speech
  • With Google, apps select the read-aloud function and other apps we need in some settings.
  • Open the settings and select the System option.
  • Tap the Select to speech option.
  • For select speak from the above-displayed menu and text option in the app, you need speech output.  

2. T2S(Text to Speech app)

Text to speech app is one of the best features with many comfortable settings that users can select the language and install the additional languages. The main feature is you can listen to the messages and web pages without any pasting the URLs.

Text to speech app
  1.  It can also do using the menu option by Share. This standout is easily built-in browser by web. Whenever you copy a text or sentence in other apps. It will show a screen notification or a blink popup
  2. When you tap the popup, then T2S will give the audio text that has copied as output. The advantage of using the app directly saves the audio automatically and is able to share the contents with others. 
  3.  You can also listen to the news daily as you commute and listen to your favorite books without eye strain.
Text to speech app language selection

3. With Narrators Voice  

The Narrator’s voice app can read the text form various apps, messages to share, webpages, copies content with many additional features. Narrators voice app offers many languages with vice output and with many technical features like Alexa and Siri.  

With Narrators Voice
  1. App with many voices to understand output like a gargle, choir, and echo, etc. This app makes the users way to modify and add voiceover and making SlideShare. You can do MP3, offline content, and shareable. Available with a variable selection of voices.
  2.  This app for blind people also has a fun side. It can be used daily reading books without any eye strain. Install the language and make gender selection and adjust the pitch of the voice like echo helpful for the blind people. 
  3. They can operate the entire mobile applications with listening to other apps also can be listened to by open settings in your mobile and go to accessibility mode on and set to text to speech mode on when we get the notification directly. We get the popup button and tap button, sit back and listen.
  4.  It is also available with reverse format is the speech to talk it can guide us all the instructions available and need the language. Among all apps, this has a great advantage in talking to speech features.
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With Narrators Voice Configuration

4. TTS Reader

TTS (Voice Aloud Reader) app has a flexible operation and enhances many ways to set our voice pitch and gender. Voice Aloud Reader allows other apps which the user wants to read using the native menu option. 

TTS  Voice Aloud Reader Setting
  1. This app enables sharing data audios when the screen popup button. TTS is also able to copy and work with URLs and addresses into voices. It directly parses and speaks it relevant to the users.
  2.  Voice Aloud Reader technically strips out the menus and other stuff. It helps when we don’t know how to pronounce the words correctly
  3. We can speak in our language without any hesitation. The advantage is that we can choose the gender to get the output and adjust the pitch like echo and give all the instructions before using it as an instruction trip to make all the settings.
TTS  Voice Aloud Reader

5. With Talk Free

 Talk free apps have a more approach than Voice Reading and Narrator’s Voice. We can directly send the web pages from the browser of your phone and read all the third-party applications. 

With Talk Free voice Language
  1. There is a choice to save files offline in WAV format and export all the files at once.
  2. As the talk free depends on the Pre-existing TTS Text-to-speech engine to work. 
  3. The advantage of using this Google talk engine allowed us to work with many languages. If Google offers the languages, Talk free can generally work with it and the latest version is available with no ads
  4. The Talk free offers with many latest interfaces out of other apps we have discussed. Install the language and make gender selection and adjust the pitch of the voice like echo helpful for the blind people. They can operate the entire mobile applications with listening to other apps also can be listened to by open settings in your mobile and go to accessibility mode on and set to text to speech mode on when we get the notification directly.
  5. Many Android phones already have the facility of Google’s engine. We can delete the phone’s TTS settings, as we can again download from the google play store.
With Talk Free

How does Android talk to you?

Open the Settings and on your accessibility to talkback to adjust your phone capabilities. It may come to a deal when you are cook then it can guide us with some instructions regarding our food recipes. Besides, it also read all the text messages that come to you.

 The device will give all the guidance needed when the screen is on mode and what all comes in. It is in particular to disabilities when others feel this irritating they can off or mute the volume.

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It is an application in many apps like talking toms for the children used Android to the user. When the accessibility is on also gives the trail one to set the pitch and language. We can set the language at any time in the selected language.



  1. We can do the reverse as we know to deal with text to speech. To enable you to tap the microphone icon on the keyboard. Relevant for the user. It helps the students to know their subject knowledge and words which you are new with to pronounce.
  2.  It helps with the rectification of the errors in the sentence and shows us the proper correction of sentences. We are able to send messages with the speech in our language with the microphone button on the keyboard. 
  3. When we want to know the information regarding something but never come over in real-time. We can scan that in the Brainly app and give us a speech note or text output.  


  • Able to improve the word recognition.
  • It can help a lot of disabilities by listening to the text in their languages.
  • The writers can listen to the workable to flexible writings.
  • Help students to understand and pronounce the words and experience listening to any text at their available speed.
  • To reduce eye strain as many facing problems with phone brightness. It makes their work easy.
  • Available with many settings for output voice pitch and languages.
  • Operation by sending messages through the speech is easy.
  • Usage of an MP3 converter can reduce using wifi for computers.


  • It doesn’t deal with some text features and symbols like the space bar, brackets, etc.
  • Even inconvenience by using MP3 capabilities.
  • Hard to develop a perfect system.
  • It requires large databases and time-consuming.


At the end of the article, How do I use Google text to speech to conclude that there are many flexible ways you can use these features. In the android phone, we can directly enable the native text-to-speech without any installation. We will know how to gain information and utilize knowledge in technology. There are also many websites available for free to listen to audio output.