How Bissell Crosswave works?

How Bissell Crosswave works?

Know about the features and working of Bissell CrossWave before purchase. Wonder why it is so useful and how you can efficiently keep your CrossWave work every time you use it. See all the details then buy them.

Bissell is a distinguished brand manufacturer of Home Cleaning utility items. And here, you will know a lot more about it and CrossWave. The advantages of using a CrossWave are clearly justified.

Introduction of BISSELL

  • Formally known as Bissell Inc., Bissell is a prominent manufactory corporation.
  • Bissell manufactures homecare products that are widely used by people throughout the world.
  • The headquarter of Bissell® Homecare is located in Walker, Michigan.
  • It was founded in the year 1876 by Melville Bissell along with his wife.
  • Since 140 years, Bissell has manufactured various reasonable and promising gadgets to make house cleaning easier.
  • Bissell Carpet Sweeper was the introductory product of Bissell® developed by Melville Bissell.

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Bissell CrossWave Product Detail

  • SKU of this product is 17132. It is a vacuum cleaner that completes your cleaning at one go. It does the works of vacuum, washing, and even dries the surface.  Bissell CrossWave is available in two distinct colors, namely Blue and Titanium. They will give a fresh look to your house and cleaning process.
  • Whether small or big, all the mess can be cleaned up using this remarkable cleaning gadget. The power consumption of this cleaner is 560 Watts. It completes all the work, and you even do not need to do anything once you cleaned the surface with Bissell CrossWave. It is simply just amazing to have it.
  • The Bissell CrossWave eliminates the need for mop and vacuum. This product has a height of 116.8 cm. Bissell has furnished this with the brush roll, which can be removed. You can easily remove it and clean it for further usage. This product has a width of 30 cm.
  • It can be used on a regular basis for any type of surface. And so, you do not need to worry about which surface you have at your home if you are planning to buy one. And even this facilitates you with control over the flow of water. If you require a lesser amount of water or more amount of water, it’s just upon your need. The water will simply not spill over the surface.
  • It is an influential mop that has sufficient suction power. It sucks all the dirt within the tank and cleans your surface. This product has a depth of 23 cm. The weightage of this product is 5.2 kg. Clean your wooden floor, tiles, or rug areas with easy cleaning formula. This is exclusively designed for the Bissell CrossWave.
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More Information
  • The cord length of this product is 7.5 m. You can control the cleaning process with your fingertips. It has a Digital Fingerprint Control that has made cleaning a mess-free procedure. It can store the dirt of about 0.62 liters. The water storage capacity of this remarkable cleaner is 0.82 liters.
  • This product has been provided with the amazingly cleansing Bissell formula. Using this formula along with your vacuum cleaner, you will get a hygienic clean surface. The surface will be cleaned with an unusual brush roll that even looks classy when kept in your house.
  • CrossWave has a specially brought about formula to clean your multi-surface. You need not have to worry about the spilling of dirty water on the cleaned surface.
  • This has a dual-tank technology. This separates clean water and dirty water. This ensures that the water does not spill on the floor, and the floor is laundered with clean water. It has been provided with the cleaning tray. This tray tidies up the dirt and can be easily removed to eliminate the trash from the cleaner.
  • It has a deep profile foot. The pivoting head has been provided so to enable easy movement of cleaner. You can clean any corner with the help of the Bissell CrossWave. It has a unique filtration system that can be altered if needed.
  • All the dehydrated and hydrated waste will be stored in the same tank concurrently. It has been provided with a warranty of 24 months.


Does the question arise why you should use a Bissell CrossWave? So, here are the reasons:

  • It is a product from a reputable brand Bissell, and hence, one can rely on the notable and outstanding products given by this manufacturer.
  • There is no need to use another mop once you washed the surface with the Bissell CrossWave.
  • It not only vacuums the surface but also washes it. You can easily control the amount of the water being poured into cleaning the dirty surface.
  • There are two separate tanks located at different places in the cleaner. One tank stores the dirty water coming in, and another tank stores the freshwater that the cleaner has poured to wash the ground.
  • Unlike other cleaners, this cleaner can be easily switched between the two types of surfaces. You can govern all these switchings with the help of a button.
  • Dual tank facility will facilitate you that only clean water is poured to wash the surface and not the dirty water. These tanks can be easily removed and washed without any problem.
  • A simple digital touch governs the cleaning process.
  • Bissell has provided a special unique formula to clean up the surfaces entirely. This cleaning solution is manufactured only of the use with Bissell CrossWave.
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Suitable for:

  • Tiles
  • Sealed wood floors
  • Laminate
  • Area rugs
  • Linoleum
  • Rubber floor mats
  • Pressed wood floors
  • Carpets
  • Bare floors
  • Low pile carpets
  • Hard floors.


It has been fitted with a nylon brush, dual water tanks, vacuum suction system, and many more.It does the cleaning work in a lesser time interval.It just frees you up from mopping and removing stains. The suction pull of this cleaner is very powerful, and it does not leave any type of stains on the floor. It has Dual-Action Brush Roll, which rotates at the speed of 3000 RPM. With this speed, the area is washed completely and at a faster rate.It cleans the area of length 12 inches at one time.

You can even use

If the Bissell formula is finished, then you can also use the solutions of:

  • Vinegar solution
  • Pine oil solution
  • Laundry detergent.


  • The annual management of the Bissell CrossWave can cost up to $ 40.
  • You need to take care that the filter of CrossWave is washed daily after use. You need to dry it for almost 24 hours.
  • The tank of dirty water should be empty and cleaned. The cleaner will stop working if the tank of dirty water is filled.
  • The brush roll should be cleaned after use.
  • Using all these methods, the annual management can be reduced up to $20.

Woking of BISSELL CrossWave

The working of Bissell CrossWave is effortless. It can be used anytime by anyone. The nylon brushes clean the surface neatly along with the revolutionary cleansing solution.

First, the surface is vacuumed using its powerful suction pull. The brush roll will spin and clean the surface. Then the cleansing solution is poured, and the nylon brush cleans everything on your surface.

Then empty the tank in which the dirty water is collected. And clean the brush neatly and keep it to dry.

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Users of the Bissell CrossWave has claimed that it is very useful and is worth buying. The suction pull of this cleaner is very influential and does a great job of work.

They are satisfied with the cleaning of the Bissell CrossWave. It is easy to use and creates no mess while cleaning. Thanks to the dual tank technology given by Bissell, that has given rise to this incredible home cleaning gadget. This gadget even picks up food from your floor and makes it hygienic.

This product is reliable and can be easily put together for use. Users who have small children professed that before they had this machine, it was very hard for them to control their children from eating up dirt. After they have purchased the remarkable Bissell CrossWave, the house just remains clean, and children are not taking in the dirt while playing on the floor.

This just dries out the floor and does not leave any dirt or water spilled on the floor after it is used. It does not leave any type of stain or streak on the ground. Users are amazed by its quick-drying facility.

Some users even claimed that this does not work effectively on many surfaces. It just stops working and troubles them. It stops working while cleaning the carpets and does not give a pleasant experience.


To sum up, you must agree to this that Bissell CrossWave is a fantastic gadget. It makes cleaning easy and prosperous.

There will be no mess, and it will an easy process if you use CrossWave cleaner. Having a look at the advantages of having the Bissell CrossWave, it is now easier to decide whether you require a Bissell CrossWave or not.