How big is overwatch 2 pc

The popular first-person shooter game Overwatch, which focuses on teams, is scheduled to release a sequel named Overwatch 2. Players are anxiously awaiting the release of the game since it is going to include several kinds of new features and content. How much disc space is required for the installation and function of Overwatch 2 on a PC is one query that many those who play games have. In this article, we’ll look at Overwatch 2’s PC installation size and offer some storage-management advice. By the moment that you’re done scrolling through this post, you’ll know how much room you’ll need for Overwatch 2 and how you can guarantee sure you have it.

How big is overwatch 2 pc

Installation size:

  • A game’s installation size is the amount of hard drive space needed to install it on your PC. The creator of the game, Blizzard Entertainment, has not yet announced the Overwatch 2 official installation size. On the basis of the Overwatch installation size, we may, nevertheless, make an informed approximation.
  • On the PC, Overwatch needed about 30 GB of free storage. The installation size for Overwatch 2 is probably going to be comparable, but given the addition of new features and game types, it could end up being greater. It’s important to keep in mind that the installation size may change based on the gaming platform you choose. 
  • For instance, the game’s console versions can need more or less storage space than their PC counterparts.
  • Before installing Overwatch 2, check to ensure you have acceptable free storage space on the machine that you are using. If you don’t have a sufficient amount of space, you could find yourself not able to install the game or run through issues with gaming performance when playing. In addition, keep in mind that the game’s overall size might be different from the size of the installation. The game’s size can eventually increase as a direct consequence of Blizzard’s consistent release of updates and expansions that increase in newly developed content.
  • Overwatch 2’s PC installation size still hasn’t been officially confirmed, despite the fact it probably takes up around the very same amount of space as the first. To stay away from issues related to performance, inspect that your PC has effective free storage space before installing the game. You ought to additionally be aware that the game’s total size might fluctuate over time as a consequence of updates and expansions.
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Tips for Managing Storage Space

It’s essential to manage your PC’s storage space to make sure you have adequate room for Overwatch 2, other games, and programmes. The following advice can help you manage your storage space:

Get rid of unused games:

The simplest and most efficient approach to make room on your PC is to uninstall games you no longer play. Games and programmes may consume a lot of data, and if you’re not playing them, they only waste space that might be utilised to install new games like Overwatch 2. You may remove a game by going to your Control Panel and choosing “Uninstall a Programme.” To delete a game from your PC, locate it, click on it, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Make use of external hard drives:

Without needing to replace or update your internal hard drive, external hard drives are a terrific method to increase the storage capacity of your PC. They are transportable, simple to use, and USB-connected to your computer. To make room on your internal disc, you can move games and other large files to the external hard drive. Simply connect the external hard drive and launch the game from there whenever you want to play.

Watch the Storage Area: 

It’s crucial to keep an eye on your computer’s storage area to make sure you have adequate room for new games like Overwatch 2 using too much CPU. To find and delete unwanted files, you can use third-party apps or built-in utilities like Disc Cleanup. A lot of storage space can be used by temporary files, duplicate data, and obsolete backups. The performance of your PC will increase and space will be made available by removing these files.

Improve the game’s settings: 

The amount of storage space  Overwatch 2 uses too much CPU can be decreased by optimizing the in-game settings. For instance, lowering a game’s resolution or texture quality might drastically reduce the amount of space it requires on your PC. But be aware that lowering the game’s settings might also impact its visuals and general performance. When adjusting the game settings, it’s crucial to strike a balance between graphics and storage.

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Cloud storage use:

It might be a wonderful idea to use the cloud storage alternatives offered by game creators like Blizzard in order to save up space on your computer. You may clear up space on your local hard drive by storing game saves and settings remotely in the cloud. Additionally, since your game data is accessible from any device with an internet connection, switching between devices is simple and your progress is not lost.

Use tools for compression:

You may shrink huge files in size and save up storage space on your PC by using compression software like WinZip or 7-Zip. This is very helpful for big games with plenty of files. Compressed files are very simple to move to cloud storage or an external hard disc.

Get Rid of Temporary Files: 

Temporary files can build up over time and use a sizable portion of your PC’s storage. These files, which are produced during the installation of software or online browsing, can be safely erased to make room for new files. You can find and get rid of temporary files with the aid of wonderful software like CCleaner or Disc Cleanup.

File Transfer to an SD Card:

You can use an SD card to store data and games if your computer has an SD card reader. To increase your storage capacity, SD cards are inexpensive, portable, and simple to put into the card reader on your PC. It’s recommended to save less often viewed data on SD cards because they might not be as quick as internal hard discs.

Conduct routine maintenance:

Updating your operating system, drivers, and software on a regular basis may keep your computer working smoothly and make the most of your storage space. Defragmenting your hard disc can also help you organise your data and enhance speed.


Finally, Overwatch 2 is a much-anticipated game that will need a lot of disc space on your PC. You can simply create a place for the game and other huge files, fortunately, if you use the appropriate storage management schemes. Your PC’s memory utilisation may be successfully decreased by uninstalling unneeded games, using external hard drives, evaluating storage space, maximising game settings, taking advantage of cloud storage, and using compression programmes. Additionally, promoting your PC on frequently will maximise storage space and keep it running smoothly. The following recommendations will help you put together your PC for Overwatch 2 and any other huge documents you could be required to keep with one another.

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Can I store large files like Overwatch 2 on a USB flash drive?

Even though a USB flash drive can be employed for keeping files, because major games like Overwatch 2 can be sluggish and have a small amount of space, it might not be the most appropriate choice.

Can I install Overwatch 2 on a network-attached storage (NAS) device?

It is affordable for you to keep Overwatch 2 on a NAS disc. The game’s performance, however, might be negatively impacted by network speed, in particular when your internet connection is slow.

How much storage space does Overwatch 2 require?

Although the official storage requirements to obtain Overwatch 2 have not been made public yet, they are most probably going to be far greater than those to acquire the very first Overwatch game.

Can I remove Overwatch 1 after downloading Overwatch 2?

After installing Overwatch 2, you may disappear Overwatch 1 if you’re willing to, but continue to keep in mind that the two games have different gameplay and romantic subplots.

Can Overwatch 2 be stored on a portable SSD?

Yes, that is the answer. Overwatch 2 has the potential to be continued to keep on an external SSD, which is possible to be more efficient than an external hard drive.

Can I store Overwatch 2 on a microSD card?

Although a microSD card can be employed for preserving Overwatch 2, you should be aware that it might not have the necessary processing or ability to store data.

Can Overwatch 2 be saved elsewhere other than Blizzard’s cloud storage?

Though the services of Overwatch 2 may be stored on other cloud storage systems, Blizzard’s cloud storage has been optimised specifically for Blizzard games and may offer faster download speeds and compatibility.

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