Google Unusual Traffic: Fix the error

How to fix the error “Google Unusual Traffic Error?” I know right! How unusual! Google has almost 4.5 billion users! This means more than 50% of the world population are an avid Google user. Google’s search engine consumes more than 90% of the share market. Enough of these Google facts, the word “Google” itself is self-explanatory. Even a toddler in today’s world knows what a Google is. Google is a search engine, that has helped us a lot in our lives. Be it a class project, be it a job assignment, or even something as small as settling an argument. Google has always been with us through thick and thin! As a matter of fact, you are probably reading this article from Google. Yes, I am aware and I have officially broken the 3rd wall.

Google has the clues to all our questions. This statement could be debatable, but I leave that to your imagination. Be it helping in finding websites, helping us guide through the city, giving us the weather information beforehand, or even sending emails. Google has so many features that the list can go on and on (this is not a paid sponsor, not like they even need one).

Google Unusual Traffic
Google Unusual Traffic

Some of us are very much dependent on Google. In fact, few don’t even know there is another search engine apart from Google. But have you ever wondered, what would happen if Google stopped working for one day? I am not sure about you, but I think this would mark the beginning of the stone age. However, we are thankful that regardless of my hypothetical scenarios, such a thing has never happened. Or has it?

What is Google Unusual Traffic?

I mean the name itself looks so foolish. To think that this could cause discomfort to us in any way. Well, it could! So let us see what this error is?

Google Unusual Traffic is an error that occurs to you when Google detects that the searches you have made are being sent to them from your network automatically. When this happens, Google suspects that these searches are being sent automatically, without any human intervention. Either by some bot, automated service, or maybe even a computer program.

Spooky? Almost as if Google were spying on every move we were making. Could we hold them responsible for espionage? Well, even though this may look a little “creepy”. It is not. This is nothing less than a countermeasure launched by Google. To make sure that their search engine is safe and not raided.

Why does Google’s unusual traffic error occur?

There could be many reasons for this error to occur. A few of them are listed below.

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Searching way too FAST!

The most frequent occurrence of this error is because we end up searching for many things way too quickly. If you were searching for multiples things very quickly, it is possible that Google has flagged these searches as automated. Thus, the search engine thinks that these searches are not being made by an actual human.

Check the Browser!

Maybe you haven’t been careful enough. Why? Because you forgot to check your browser for any third-party extensions enabled! Better, late than never. Check your browser for any extensions responsible to generate this error. This could have been the reason for it as well.


There were several cases, where a user got this error while their device was connected to a VPN. So, VPN could play a huge role in the occurrence of this error. Better watch out!

Which Network was that again?

If your device is connected to a network that is using a shared public IP address. Then there are high chances that Google displayed this error based on traffic from other people’s devices. Another reason could also be if the network is a private network, and if multiple devices were searching for the same thing all at once.

Are you a BOT bro?

If you are deliberately using an automated search tool, then Google has figured it out and thus flagged this as a suspect.

How to Fix the Google Unusual Traffic Error?

Now that we have seen, several reasons for this error to occur. Let us also find methods to resolve this issue.

Look out for Captcha!

Probably, the easiest method to get past this error is this method.

Whenever this error is displayed on your screens. Right below this error, a captcha will appear. All you need to do is fill out this captcha and reassure Google, that an actual human was conducting these searches. That is if you are not a Terminator from the future! All jokes aside, filling out this captcha should help you get past this error and complete your search.

 Disconnect the VPN

If you haven’t read the previous section, then you might as well read it now. In the “Why does this error occur?” section I have already stated the reason. Check the device in which the error is being displayed, and make sure that it isn’t connected to any VPN. As in many of the cases, the users are connected to the VPN and when they try to make any Google searches, they have to fill out the captcha. So, if you want to avoid this every time, then you should disconnect the device from the VPN. If you want to stay connected to the VPN, then you are left with no other choice than to fill out the captcha every time it is presented.

How to Fix the Google Unusual Traffic Error?

Check the Browser Again!

The funny thing is, I have already mentioned this in the previous section as well. Check your browser thoroughly, and make sure that not a single third-party extension is enabled. If you have extensions and disabled them all, yet this error is being laid out. Then it is better that you reset your chrome to get back its default configuration.

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After this, make sure to restart your device before launching Google Chrome. Sometimes, even after resetting chrome, this method doesn’t work. So just to be on the safe side, let us also reboot the device and then search again. Then you can, little by little, start adding your extensions(if they are necessary). If they aren’t, then no need to add extensions.  As you start adding them, be attentive and check due to which “extension” this error was occurring. Usually, it is due to some browser extensions, such as “search scraper”.

Check the Browser


Well, that explains it all! Haven’t you tried the most common thing, almost, every elder says? “Try turning it off and on!” Never had such an aunt? I envy your childhood.

In all seriousness, if you haven’t tried it already, might as well now. Try restarting the device in which the error message was being displayed. Despite rebooting your device, the problem at hand has not been resolved, then restart your router. Sometimes the issue tends to be with the network. And in almost every case, either restarting their device or restarting the router has proved to be significant.



If you even have the slightest faint, that this could be the act of a virus. It is better to scan and eradicate the nuisance. Regardless of which anti-virus software you use, make sure that you run a full scan and remove all the infected files. You could also run the Chrome Cleanup Tool to make sure that there aren’t any harmful programs in your device, that Google looks out for.

Chrome Cleanup Tool


If you ever come across this error again, I am sure you will know how to deal with it. This error is widely portrayed in Google, and Google is the heart & soul of this world. I am glad that there are various methods to settle this matter. This error is triggered by Google when you ask unusual questions. So you either stop asking unusual questions or admit yourself to a hospital. But that is not the only, reason for the occurrence of this issue.

It could even be the use of a proxy. Basically, when we search for something in our beloved “Google”, what we do is, send requests to the servers which in turn respond to our respective queries. But, if these requests are sent way too quickly, you will be stopped by this error “Google Unusual Traffic”. Either way, as long as you are not a robot and can fill in the captcha you can stay at ease soldier! Otherwise, you are in a truckload of a pickle and gotta act quickly before Skynet figures out your true identity.


Why is Google asking for Captcha when searching?

This is more like an abrupt way to ask the question I have previously answered. This error is being displayed because of many reasons that have been stated below. If you are using a high-frequency search tool in Google, then this error should be very common, and do not worry. Just fill in the captcha and verify your identity. However, if you are doing nothing of such sort, and yet are still being presented with this error. Then try the methods mentioned in “How to Fix the Google Unusual Traffic Error?”. This will definitely solve your problem!


Why did I get Captcha again?

Well, in order to even have a peek at the captcha again, you must have entered the wrong details or probably answered wrong. Thus, Google has asked you to fill in the captcha again. You need not worry as there was probably some kind of an error. Usually, a captcha is required again when Google finds you to be a little bit more suspicious. So be sure to fill in the captcha correctly this time. And even if you fail, you will have to keep entering this captcha until you have got it right.

What is Google Captcha code?

This is the most tricky part. Every captcha code is unique. Yes, this means that it is impossible for us to figure out what is the right answer for your captcha. The only person to figure this out is just you. If you find the captcha to be difficult, you have many other options to try. One of them is the “refresh option”. When you select this option, you will have another captcha displayed and hopefully, this one will have better visibility for you to understand. If you still find them to be difficult, you can opt to click on the “sound” option. This option will dictate you the captcha, so be sure to have good working speakers on your device. Once the captcha is read out loud to you, you can enter it in the textbox and prove you are not a robot.