Pixel 5: Google’s New Launch

Pixel 5: Google New Launch

Google Pixel 5 is the upcoming flagship mobile phone which is going to be launched in this year. Google had launched its google Pixel 4 on15th October 2019. Here we discuss Google Pixel 5, which is going to be launched in the year 2020 by Google, its features, specifications, and release date of this phone in which Google officially announces the latest information, also some leaked information from different sources.


It’s a long time that many of the users are waiting for this phone by Google, which is Google Pixel5. Some of the users are fans of Google devices; some of them are going to try the Google phones. It’s also that Google phones have created its fan base by its extraordinary features.

It is expected that Google improves it’s the user interface and learn from the feedback given by the users of Google Pixel 4 and google pixel 4 XL. From the roomers in the smartphone market, it is expected that before the Pixel 5 launch event, there will be other phones launching like Google Pixel 4a and which will be a flagship device and Google Pixel 4s and Google Pixel 3a which will be the mid-range phones by Google.

Google Pixel 4

When Google had launched Google Pixel 4 on 15th October 2019, it was a hit entry cause of the camera qualities, but it not so great in other perspectives.

Due to this shortage, Google had learned very much, and maybe they may be providing Google Pixel 5, but there are no leaks of this device, but we can get a hint of the next Google Pixel 5.

The Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4XL were the successful devices, but it did not get that type of good reviews as compared to that of Google Pixel 3 devices. So this year, we can assume that this year Google will try that the devices will be improving, and it will collect good reviews about this device. They will be trying new methods about how they will attract the consumers and stakeholders. Here we discuss that Google Pixel 5 would be a success or not.

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There are the roomers about Google Pixel 5 that it would come with reverse wireless charging from which you can do charge another device by using another device. As they will be using Android 11 on their phone so this feature can be possible.

According to reports

Launch Date: Around October 2020

Cost : $800 (US DOLLARS)

Rs. 59,999 (Indian Rupees)

Google Pixel 5 Release Date and Cost

It’s the first phase of the year 2020, even Pixel 4 released in 2019, but we are still fresh by knowing this phone. But there are already talks about Google Pixel 5 in the market. Nevertheless, there is an estimate that the release will be around October 2020.

The previous mobile phone by Google was Google Pixel 4, and it was launched on 4th October 2020. So we can estimate that the next flagship mobile phone by Google that is Google Pixel 5 will be launched around October itself. Besides, there were there phones which will be launching soon before Google Pixel 5, the launch of these phones are not mentioned.

As jumping to the cost, the estimation of the cost of Google Pixel 5 would be around to its previous phone that is around Google Pixel 4, or it can be slightly higher than that of Google Pixel 4. The best thing that Google is doing in its devices from the perspective of the cost that they are trying to put the cost more than the mid- phones and less than the cost of the flagship devices of other brands. Also, Google is trying to stay like it from a cost perspective as compared to the rising cost of flagship devices.

But at last, we can say that these guesses are not so accurate. But if we hear leaks and if Google officially gives some updates, then you can come here and know about the information.

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Leaked News about Google Pixel 5

There is only one leak which maybe real is about the new phone from Google, and that is a mode of Google Pixel5, and that is Google Pixel 5 XL. There is a leaked prototype model for this phone. Here is the tweet that is from the leak of Google Pixel 5 XL and there is an attachment with it’s, and it is a live image of this phone, the link to that tweet: Click Here

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If you can see that the design of the camera is little different and it seems that it is fake, but the person had said that there were three prototypes of these phones and it is one of them, and this can be the possibility that there can be more designs of the camera section of the phone.

It can be said that in the camera slot, out of 3 cameras, one camera is for wide-angle, and one is for long-range purposes. On the front side of the phone, it is like the previous phone that is Google Pixel 4, which has a significant bezel, but on this phone, it has been reduced.

There is also a leak that there can be a new feature in this phone that is wireless reverse charging, which was recently found in the beta version of Android 11. Buy this feature; you can charge your other personal devices like your smartwatch, earbuds, or any other phone that also has the feature of wireless reverse charging in which your Google Pixel 5 will act as a charging mat.

A feature like this can have a power loss, but Google can have to fix this issue.

Another Leaked features:

Another feature that can become with this phone is the ultra low power mode, as seen in Google Pixel 4. This feature is the low power mode in which the system will turn off the extra things the which are not needed in that time, for example, it will turn off the location tracking in the auto-sync applications in your phone, so due to this your battery life would increase as compared to standard battery life.

If you want to know more leaked information or leaks about Google Pixel 5, then you can read the article another time, and also we are about reifying that how much information about the leak is true or false. Also, this scenario will change after Google starts its manufacturing of the new device that is Google Pixel 5.

In the previous year, Google itself had given some hints and some teasers of their phone and whereas Google Pixel4.a. So it is expected that there can be a possibility that Google can give some information out it’ as a new device that is Google Pixel5. If it happens as it is expected, then come back to us to check the article.

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Google should do these things in Google Pixel 5

Here are the things from the feedback of Google Pixel 5, and Google should keep this in mind before launching Google Pixel5.

There should be a comeback of a fingerprint scanner

Google Pixel 4, there was no fingerprint scanner. There was neither rear-mounted fingerprint scanner not the in-display fingerprint scanner. It had just the facial recognition system.

Google Pixel 5 should have a long battery life

the main demerit of Google Pixel 4 was that it has a short battery life. In Google Pixel 4, the capacity of the battery was only 2800 mAh, which was not so great as compared to 2019 standards, so the big complaint from the users is that the battery died before the ending of the day.

Pixel 5 should have a microSD card slot

Google Pixel 5 to be a blockbuster; it should have a wide range of storage memory. In Google Pixel 4, the range of storage memory was only 64 GB to 128 GB, and it also does not touch the 2019 standards. So Google had to work on this issue. If this issue gets fixed, then half of the user base directly gets attracted to Google Pixel5. The storage memory should be from 64 GB to at least 512 GB or 1 TB.

Google Pixel 5 should come with an ultra-wide angled camera

2019, almost all the phones in the ultra-wide-angle market come with the ultra-wide-angled camera in the flagship devices. But only one phone does not follow this legacy, and this was Google Pixel 4. But in 2020, Google must come up with an ultra full angle camera wide-angle happens this device would make a substantial impact on the smartphone market.


In this article, we discuss new upcoming smartphones from Google that is Google Pixel 4s, Google Pixel 3a, Google Pixel 5, and Google Pixlead5 XL and also about there prices, features and also the launch dates. Also, we discuss the outcomes of Google Pixel5 and also shared information about leaks about Google Pixel 5.

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