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Never heard of Google Pedometer? Well, I am sure you must have at least heard of Google. If not, it’s time you go back to the cave you crawled from. I mean c’mon! Who on this planet is not aware of Google? Sometimes I feel Google is my only friend. But let’s not get carried away. Google is a multinational technology company that concentrates on internet-based assistance. By the way, how did you get to this page? Guess that is a mystery for you to solve, Sherlock.

Not many know this, but, Google was launched by a group of youngsters who go by the name of Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Initially, Google went by the name BackRub. It was a research project of Larry Page. With Page’s amazing idea and Lin’s expertise in maths. Their impressive teamwork led them to build an algorithm (PageRank), which ranked the search lists based on their ranking behavior. Little did they know that, in that Garage, they had created the most powerful search engine of all time! Rest is history.

Google has become a celebrated and well-known company. It has kept the users on the hook, with all their new ideas and innovations. When someone talks about Google or any new feature that it has rolled out. We automatically get interested in that topic. This is because Google never disappoints. And it will definitely not start anytime soon.

Google Pedometer
Google Pedometer

Now in this article, we will be talking about “Google Pedometer”.

What is a Pedometer?

No one thinks that you are foolish, and I am sure you know what a pedometer is. But it’s better to have the full knowledge before we get into this topic. Let us not leave any stone unturned.

A pedometer was initially a small device(FYI, still available) that clips to your waist on your pants or belt. This tiny device(not too tiny either), counts the steps you take by recognizing your movement every time you walk. These pedometers usually come in various options as well. Few of them show only steps(the cheap ones), whereas the fancy ones can keep track of the distance traveled, calories burned, or even time taken to finish the lap. In any event, the primary task of both these pedometers is to count steps. And they will provide you with that.

Now that technology has developed, people no longer need to carry an actual pedometer every time they walk. The whole purpose of a pedometer is to estimate the number of steps used in a given time. Now we have fancy watches and fancy other gadgets, such as applications on our phones. Which helps us get the number of steps. Now you might say that they may not be as accurate as a pedometer. Well, who told a pedometer is accurate either. None of these devices can give you the exact number of steps taken. They can give you an approximate amount, and both are equally efficient.

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However, a smartwatch(like an Apple Watch) or a fitness band, can be more accurate than a phone. Which uses just an application. This is because the accuracy may vary depending on the condition and the quality of the phone. Even though almost every phone has an accelerometer, which can give accurate readings. However, they are not as reliable as a smartwatch or a fitness band. The reason for this is because these devices(smartwatches and bands) are dedicated for the sole purpose of fitness and other activities. Hence, their productivity could be higher than phones. But, even a phone could be used as one. If you own a flagship or a top-end phone, then the pedometer may work as well as an actual pedometer.

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These pedometers use an algorithm that calculates the steps based on generated movements and forces.

What is “Google Pedometer”?

Now, this may seem very confusing and could leave you puzzled. But lucky for you, I am amazing at solving puzzles. So allow me to decode this one for you! Google Pedometer is not an actual application, a website nor a feature. This is something that Google has been providing us, without us being fully aware of it!

Google has an app, which goes by the name “Google Fit”. This app is a paradise island for fitness freaks. Do you know what else is great about fitness freaks? They like to keep a score of how much they work out, for how long, & how many calories they have burnt. And most importantly, the number of steps. Be it a treadmill, a marathon run, or maybe just a small stroll around the park. Keeping score helps them to improve and break that record the next day. This will help us grow and become better in our lives.

The best part of Google Pedometer

The best part about this “Google Pedometer” is that it is advantageous with and without the smartwatch. This means only one thing, the “Google Fit” app can keep track of our steps, even if we don’t own a smartwatch. You don’t need to step out and spend another extra buck(more than extra) on purchasing the device to help you keep track of your steps. Instead, you can simply download the “Google Fit” app and keep those steps in the count. Works on both Android or iOS.

This is the best part about Google, they make sure that it is revolutionary and can be of help to as many people as possible. They choose to target the biggest population and try to fulfill all their needs. Google constantly redefines what really, technological development means. In today’s world, where it is impossible to even get a glass of water for free. They launch multiple applications and software features, that make our lives easier and more efficient, for free!

More about it

The “Google Pedometer” provides information on whether you are walking, running, or cycling, throughout the day. Either your phone or Google-powered (Wear OS) smartwatch will automatically detect that you’re performing this certain activity. It also consists of a “Google Fit Journal” which ensures that we stay on track, by keeping a tab on our workouts. This also provides with various other activities. All you need to do is select the activity you choose to pursue such as pilates, rowing, or spinning. Google will keep track of all these activities, which can be reviewed later at any given point, without any difficulty.

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This is what technological advancement looks like. Apart from these they also help us in various other activities such as monitoring our goals. These goals are set as soon as we install the application and start using it. It gives a report on our daily progress, so we stay on track and meet our goals. Google Fit keeps challenging you and also helps you keep a healthy heart and mind. By treating your body like a temple!

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This whole feature by Google is a very thoughtful one. This is because this application and these features help us in becoming fit or staying fit. Fitness, regular exercise, and physical activity help us attain strong muscles, bones, and better immunity. Working out develops our respiratory, cardiovascular, and overall health. Just like becoming fit is a great task, similarly, staying fit is an even bigger task. This application helps us in staying active and not showing any symptoms of lethargy. It also helps us maintain a healthy weight, reduce the risk of certain diseases and infections. How? By using the app. As soon as we open the application, we are asked to give a little information about ourselves, i.e, date of birth, gender, height, and weight.

This is for the betterment of our tech lives. And also so that WALL-E doesn’t become a true story. Stay Fit!


Does Google have a Pedometer?

Well, pretty much what I have been talking about in this entire article. Google Fit is Google’s pedometer. As a matter of fact, it has also been considered a threat to Apple Health. The biggest difference between these two is that Apple Health is specified only to Apple devices. But on the other hand, Google Fit can be accessed on any android device and even iOS. And probably not Huwaei, but let’s get into that some other day.

Sometimes, it mistakes bus rides as jogs or bike rides. There are many instances where the user was traveling from one place to another and the app mistook it for a slow jog. But, it asks for your confirmation whether or not it was. If you reply with a no, the next time this error is least likely to appear. Google learns from us, so as we give it correct and positive feedback. The optimum usage of Google can be acquired. This makes the pedometer smarter day by day.

So to answer your question. Yes! Google does have a feature that helps it act as a pedometer.

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Does Google Fit count steps?

Google Fit can do much more than count steps. But it is also well-known for this feature. Apart from just counting steps as we enter our height and weight. Google Fit also calculates our BMR(Basal Metabolic Rate). What is this? This is nothing but the number of calories that are needed to keep our body from functioning and collapsing. In layman’s terms, this is known as metabolism.

Google fit is basically, your personalized fitness trainer. This means, it also includes a pedometer. If you are using a Google Fit app and if the GPS is turned on, then the pedometer accuracy is from 99-100%. Not like the pedometer won’t work without the GPS turned on. Although, the accuracy may vary by 1-20%. Now that is some great work Google!

Does Google Fit Automatically track steps?

 The moment you install Google Fit all your activities are tracked! Okay, that may have sounded a little creepy. But, after you download the app, give all the permissions and enter your details. All of your activity is automatically tracked. Much better.

You don’t need to do anything. No need of launching anything to make sure it tracking the start or end of your exercise. Like I have stated earlier, you will receive a pop-up. Which is nothing less than a confirmation to make sure whether or not it was actually a jog or not. Even though this can be done automatically, however, it is better to start the app and then start the workout. The readings could be a little bit more accurate. If you don’t want Google Fit to automatically track your steps then you can also disable them from the app.