G portal

G portal

Recently, gaming has gone to a whole other level, and G portal has certainly had a strong role to play in it. But many people are unfamiliar with the G portal and even with gaming with servers as a whole. Don’t worry though. If you want to know about these things, then just read this post to the end. You will get a fair idea about this stuff. 

Basics: what is a server?

To put it simply, a server is the computer equivalent of a guy on a helpline. At a helpline, you get the answers to your requests. Similarly, a server deals with requests that may be made by different people over a network. Moreover, the Server may be software or hardware. 

The people who make these requests to the Server are called clients. Though there are different types of servers, the one you commonly heard is a computer system. It receives requests in the form of web documents from the internet and then sends the concerned data to the client.

Servers are usually used to handle resources needed across a network. Think of it as a cloud account for the entire community. Though there are servers that only a few people can access. Furthermore, you can say that servers are way more versatile than a cloud account. They have a lot of power under the hood to perform various tasks. But there are servers that only fulfill a single role, and they are called dedicated servers. And they never turn off, since they are constantly required for data transfer. Hence, when a server shuts down, it is usually quite a mess. 

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Why do you need servers for gaming?

Game servers help you to reach beyond the traditional gaming experience. With a little hand from them, you can play multiplayer games with your friends, explore games with larger landscapes, and join in on open source RPGs. So it is certain that the gamer inside you will naturally go seeking game servers at some point. The next question will be, what kind of Server? 

Dedicated vs. Shared hosting

There are game servers that people can use for gaming needs. Some companies tend to give away the entire rack of a server for a monthly or weekly fee. And this is what dedicated hosting is. In this type of hosting, the company will provide you with the exact specs of what you are buying. The price of dedicated hosting is much more than that of shared hosting, but it is more efficient in many ways. 

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On the other hand, shared hosting is not limited to a few racks of the Server. The user uses different racks of the Server at different points in time. Hence, the company won’t be able to pinpoint the specs of its offers. But the set up is cheaper when compared to dedicated sharing. Although, on the downside, there will be lagging problems and other issues when the Server is having a hard day. 

For beginners, it is better to start off with shared hosting. As you won’t have to deal with a big group or advanced configurations. Plus, you also get to save money. But once you reach a point where you need to get a better job done, go for dedicated hosting. 

G-portal servers

G-portal servers are mostly focused on dedicated servers. It provides its services online and lets you host and control servers for playing all the games that you love and have grown to care for. The site lets you have access to a lot of popular games, including Ark: Survival Evolved, Rust, Conan Exiles, Minecraft, 7 Days to die, and more. 

G Portal's site
G Portal’s site

The company pairing with hundreds of games isn’t the only thing that is awesome with this site. You also get tutorials that help you with various aspects of the game. There are several guides to install modes in different games, change players, customize features, become admin no the Server, and so on. 

Another great aspect of the G portal is that it is a lot cheaper when compared to a lot of other servers out there. Thousands of people have liked this about the G portal and come forward on many forums with this claim. But apart from the price and game quality, the other stunning feature of the company is their Support section. One thing is for sure. The G portal surely knows how to keep its customers happy. And their active and responsive support system is the reason behind it. In fact, its the thing that people like about the G portal the most after its cheap rates. 

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How useful is G-portal?

G-Portal clouds

Owning a cloud in G-portal can prove to be very beneficial to you. With the cloud, you can handle a whole bunch of games with the number of slots that you have purchased. You can assign a fraction of the slots for one game and another for some other game. Furthermore, you can also run two servers for the same game with a fixed number of slots for each. 

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What’s even better is that you can change the configuration of your racks at any time. You can delete or add the servers that you want. And hence accommodate the required number of games. 

Procedure to extend slots in your cloud: 

  1. Go to the G portal site.
  1. Give the necessary details and sign in to your account. 
  1. Choose the My Servers option.
  1. Next, select the Gamecloud Dashboard
  1. Now, you need to choose the number of slots that you need, so click on the Edit Gamecloud Dashboard option. 
  1. Decide upon the number of slots you need and set it up. 
  1. Finally, choose the Change option.

Steps for changing the cloud’s Runtime:

  1. Just like before, log in to your account. 
  1. Yet again, choose the My Servers option followed by the Gamecloud Dashboard.
  1. Go for the Edit Gamecloud option in this section. 
  1. Pay attention to the options under the Period section. And pick out a time that is best suitable for you. 
  1. To save the changes that you made, select the Change option.

Community development

G portal lets you expand your community not just through forums but also giving you the opportunity to show some warm gestures to your fellow gamers.


Helping out a buddy in struggle is basic human nature. And with the G portal, you can extend this to gaming as well so that your friend is able to extend his/her Server. You can do this with your account. 

  1. Login to your account. 
  1. Choose the Account option. 
  1. Now, select the Your Settings option. 
  1. Here you can get your buddy’s donation link. 
  1. You can either use your present balance or upload something. 
  1. Choose the amount that you intend to send and type in a message if you want. 
  1. Choose the Send option. 

Sharing server rights

G portal allows you to share your server rights with your fellow gamers as well. This comes in pretty handy when you face situations where you don’t get enough time in front of your computer. 

  1. Get the G portal running. 
  1. Log in to your account. 
  1. Go on ahead and then choose the Server. 
  1. Select the Administration option. 
  1. Click on the Rights option on the left pane. 
  1. Type in the G portal account name to which you want to share the rights. 
  1. Save your modifications after you are done. 
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Creating backups

Upon purchase of your server racks, you also get a lot of free storage space. And you can make good use of these by saving gameplays. You might want to remember that backs won’t be created automatically. You have to do it yourself. 

  1. Open the G portal website and log in to your account.
  1. There will be a menu on your left-hand side. Choose the My Server option from it. 
  1. Select the Server that is required for backup. 
  1. Again pay attention to the menu on the left. Select the Backup option under Administration
  1. Choose the Create Backup option. 
  1. The Server will turn off for a while and restart after the backup has been made. 

Please do note; there is a certain time during the day when you can’t save backups. Check the exact time on the site. 

Restoring backups

  1. Yet again, go to the G portal website and log into your account. 
  1. Choose the My Server option, which you will find on the left pane.
  1. Click on the required Server.
  1. Once again, select the Backup option from Administration.
  1. Finally, choose the Restore option.

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Tools and threats

G portal allows you to use some external tools. And these tools can help you in all sorts of things, from managing your servers to setting up mods on your games. And speaking of threats, the G portal has many systems intended to protect you from attacks and malicious spread. 


The post above covered several details about the G portal in an informative way. So, now you can decide if you want to go with it or not. Moreover, there was also some info about gaming servers in general. And this will surely help you out sooner or later.