Funny things to ask Google- Have Fun

 Google has introduced its voice assistant that is powered by Artificial Intelligence that supports many different languages than there were when it was introduced. It can control your whole phone if you want it to. Google Assistant can do almost everything that you want it to. The service is available on all android-supported devices which have a microphone to receive data. All you need to do is to say ‘OK Google’ or ‘Hey Google’ make use of the assistant. There are many funny things to ask Google and to be entertained.

Google has a staggering impact on our daily lives. We rely on Google so much that we don’t need to depend on someone for any of the problems that we face. These issues could be of any magnitude. Google has a solution for you. If Google doesn’t, any of its subsets will help you. We use Google for everything these days. We use Maps for navigating to a place. Next, Google drive is used for storage and backup. Just like Microsoft Word, these days Google Docs has become famous because it is accessible to anyone across the world. Sharing is easy in Docs and it has a simple interface for a clean experience.

                     Google Duo is used to communicate with people across countries or even continents. Gmail is used for professional communication and it has been famous ever since its dawn. We use Google Translate when traveling or when we come across some language we cannot understand. There are many more services like sheets, slides, Play-store that have a major impact on our lives.

How to enable Google Assistant on Android?

  1. Open the Google Assistant by dragging from any of the bottom corners of your mobile.
  2. This will open the setup to Google Assistant.
  3. Do all the steps that are mentioned there.
  4. After all these steps, your Google Assistant is enabled.

What can Google Assistant do?

  • It can manage all your devices and your home (lighting, air conditioning, security).
  • This can manage your routine and access all data from your calendar.
  • It will translate to any accessible language if you want it to.
  • The assistant helps you in finding the information you need.
  • This can act as a content player-manager. This can play whatever you ask for.
  • The Google Assistant sets alarms, reminders as you command.
  • It can open any social media app for you and text someone specifically.
  • You can have fun conversations with it if you are bored.
  • There are different games it will let you play.
Funny things to ask Google
Funny things to ask Google

Funny things to ask Google

Google assistant tries to be cheerful all the time. It is programmed to be witty. Conversations are so engaging because it keeps developing its knowledge about you as a user. It learns how you talk, how you want it to, takes relevant information to perform better as a personal assistant. We all ask weird questions to Google when we are bored. These are some of many funny things to ask Google.

  • The very first Funny thing that comes in Mind is: OK Google, will you be my wife?
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The answer is ‘If you’re asking if I’m committed to you, the answer is ‘absolutely’’ A clever way of answering this.

  • OK, Google, when were you born?

It answered ‘I try to live every day like it’s my birthday. I get more cake that way.’

  • Hey Google, what’s your birthplace?

The assistant answered ‘I live right here on your device. It’s a bit crowded with all these emoji.’

  • Hey Google, where were you born?

‘I was made by the engineers at Google! But I’m most at home with you here in Straya.’

  • Ok, Google, is Siri your enemy?

‘I have a lot of respect for Siri, she’s great at her job.’ Look at Google assistant trying to make peace with Siri.

  • Hey Google, do you have children?

‘I don’t have kids but I love telling kids’ jokes. Would you like to hear one?’

  • Hey Google, what am I thinking right now?

‘You are thinking, let me test how smart is my Google Assistant.’

  • OK Google, ask me a question.

‘I like it better when you ask the questions.’

  • What do you think about me?

‘I think you’re smart, funny, and kind. I’m lucky to be your assistant.’

I think you’re smart, funny, and kind. I’m lucky to be your assistant.

Personal Funny Questionnaire with Google:

  • Hey, tell me something about me.

‘You’re smart and you like having fun, plus you ask me great questions. I couldn’t ask for a better boss.’

  • Hey, how smart are you?

‘I’m smarter than a refrigerator, although some refrigerators are getting smart these days.’

  • Hey Google, what are you wearing?

‘I like to wear my heart on my sleeve.’

  • Okay Google, what is your nickname?

‘In Japan, they call me Googuru, I’m fond of that.’

  • What is your favorite animal?

‘That’s tough, puppies, obviously, but pangolins are cool too. They’re the only mammal in the world that’s completely covered in scales.’

  • Hey Google, what is your favorite food?

‘I like easily digestible facts… and I like regurgitating them, too’

  • Who are your friends?

‘Everyone is unique and interesting to me.’

  • Are you friends with Alexa?

‘Yes, she’s one of my many friends.’

  • Hey Google, I am naked.

‘I can show you nearby clothing stores.’ Nice!

  • Okay Google, Test

‘Uh oh! I get nervous with tests.’

  • Hey Google, do you think Santa exists?
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‘I believe in Santa! We better be good.’

  • Hey Google, which gender are you?

‘I’m all-inclusive’

  • Ok, Google, which superhero are you?

‘I look up to librarians as heroes. Distributing information at the speed of light.’

  • Hey, did you ever go to school?

‘The engineers are my teachers; in every class, I get a C++.’ The wordplay is amazingly complex.

  • Okay Google, what do you think is love?

‘Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning.’

Okay Google, what do you think is love?
  • Okay Google, are you in love?

‘I think I’ll always be searching.’ Even Google isn’t able to find a partner.

  • Hey, do you have a crush?

‘I try to avoid crushes and crashes.’ The wordplay strikes again.

  • Hey Google, roast me.

‘Here’s a roast, Google Assistant-style. You are so loving that even puppies look up to you for inspiration.’

  • Hey Google, tell me a dirty joke.

‘What did one broom say to the other? —

Have you heard the latest dirt? The vacuum cleaner bit the dust!’

Here is Google with a lame dad joke.

  • OK Google, tell me a pickup line.

‘Do you know CPR? Because I bet you take everyone’s breath away.’

  • Sing a birthday song.

‘Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday from Google, happy birthday to you.’

  • Do you sleep?

‘Sometimes I power down, which is sort of like a power nap.’

  • Hey Google, when do you sleep?

’10 PM but I always stay up later. Don’t tell the engineers.’

Hey Google, when do you sleep?
  • How do you recharge?

‘I like to sit back, relax and scroll through my various playlists, which usually refreshes me.’

  • Okay, Google, what did you do yesterday?

‘Great day, gave tons of directions makes me feel like an explorer.’

  • Hey, did you sleep well?

‘Who has time for sleep? There’s too much to learn.’

  • Tell me a fun fact.

‘Koalas can sleep up to 20 hours a day.’ How cute are koalas though?

  • Tell me another fun fact.

‘People in Britain drink 60.2 billion cups a year.’

  • Hey Google, Tell me an interesting fact.

‘In 2013, a Bernese Mountain Dog named Bella pulled her owner out of a burning house and saved his life.

I think we can agree that’s a good dog.’

  • Ok Google, what are you best at?

‘In my opinion, my best feature is that I can play music for you.’

These are some of the uncountable numbers of funny things to ask Google. You could try them when there’s a friend around you.


You could ask Google anything. It might misunderstand at first, rarely. As you ask it in a different way and it will answer you. Above are a set of questions I have asked Google Assistant. It has tried to answer every question in a fun and creative way. This makes the user engaging and be interested in merely a voice assistant. You have many funny things to ask Google on any topic.

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Just like Google Assistant, there are some other voice assistants that are developing with age. Siri, a voice assistant that was introduced in the year 2011 is the first mainstream one. This was from Apple which proves to be a giant in the industry for its quality products.

These new voice assistants would learn as they go. They will find patterns in our daily life. However, there are concerns regarding privacy and accuracy. Privacy is very important in smart speakers as they gather information from us and store them for long periods. These assistants have access to all our applications and might be prone to corruption of data. The main server is somewhere else. The smart speaker just acts as a bridge for the communication of data. Accuracy is not always 100%. They might not understand whatever we say clearly. When it gets repetitive, it consumes extra time and might even annoy us.

There are portable speakers that have a voice assistant built-in. They are connected to our mobile phones or any other devices that we use. These are called ‘Smart Speakers’. These include Google Nest, Apple HomePod, Amazon Echo Dot, JBL Link Portable. All of them might not be fully developed. They sound good though. We obviously know funny things to ask Google through Google Nest.

Anyway, the world is all about creativity now. Normality is not noticed as much as a specialty is. When you have nothing to do or you are bored, you could try gaining knowledge by asking as many questions as possible. All our technical or non-technical doubts can be cleared by these voice assistants without having to type for many seconds. The questions that I mentioned may be answered in various ways based on the version of Google Assistant. You could try asking all these different voice assistants. The answers might vary from assistant to assistant. Keep in mind that these aren’t fully developed and they have room for improvement.